Jethro Tull - Sealion II Lyrics

Would you like to see my lion
My friend Cecil is damp and smooth
A damp smooth sea lion
Yes, Cecil is a sea lion

(Cecil is a sea lion)

Cecil is a clever sea lion
Cecil sometimes swims
And often sits
(And balances multicolored striped balls?)
Yes, balances multicolored striped balls
Clever Cecil

(Cecil is a sea lion)

Cecil the sea lion is serene
He doesn't wear spectacles or a scarf
(No central heating or cement)
Well (But?) the whole ocean is Cecil's home

(Cecil is a sea lion)

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Jethro Tull Sealion II Comments
  1. Ray Velez

    Loved my Youth...

  2. eribaldo Yes

    Tull at it´s best.

  3. Mr Grey

    Bit of a corny joke tune from Tull but has some menacing riffs from Martin Barre.

  4. tymime

    This is as creepy as a song about a sea lion can get, probably.

  5. Brandon Buchner

    Wait...Cecil is a sea lion? Isn't that the name of the Lion that was shot by that dentist last year? What are the odds...

  6. Phil Sheppard

    Thanks #JT   I wish I'd found this last week before making my own video to get it on the web. Lol :) There's not enough people appreciate what's probably the greatest rock/folk/jazz band ever! Us Tullions gotta stick together eh? :)

    Philip Racuel

    I agree. I loved the band before I had pubic hair and I am 53 now! I can truly say I am a long time fan!

    Philip Racuel

    Us Phil's got to stick together too LOL...nice meeting you on here!