Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath Lyrics

In the shuffling madness
Of the locomotive breath
Runs the all-time loser
Headlong to his death

Oh, he feels the piston scraping
Steam breaking on his brow
Old Charlie stole the handle
And the train—it won't stop going
No way to slow down

He sees his children jump off
At the stations one by one
His woman and his best friend
In bed and having fun

Oh, he's crawling down the corridor
On his hands and knees
Old Charlie stole the handle and
The train—it won't stop going
No way to slow down

He hears the silence howling
Catches angels as they fall
And the all-time winner
Has got him by the balls

Oh, he picks up Gideon's Bible
Open at page one
I thank God he stole the handle and
The train—it won't stop going
No way to slow down

No way to slow down
No way to slow down
No way to slow down
No way to slow down
No way to slow down
No way to slow down

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Jethro Tull Locomotive Breath Comments
  1. Maryann G

    I cannot even describe how great a song this is!

  2. SDPadresFan

    The cartoon Jabberjaw brought me here.

  3. imluiscarlos 22

    Relato de un Asesino?

  4. Catherine Leven

    Still here in 1/26/2020 and I still love it

  5. Larry Fields

    your dad has to be kool

  6. JDH

    Simply said, this is rock at its core .

  7. DKashman

    Peter Garret of Aussie Band Midnight Oil sang this song as his audition for the band, and the rest is history as they say.

  8. Necro Malice

    so i learned this on acoustic guitar... and met a guy one day when I was over at a friends house... I was playing this song... he said... " hold that note" came back 5 minutes later with a flute... and let me tell you he was GOOD...

  9. Marc Turk

    One of the most awsome jams ever!!!!!

  10. Shannon

    When Ian stops the flute for a micro-second to catch his breath is cute

  11. Gr33n_ Gh05t

    The only flute solo that rocks harder than 95% of guitar solos

  12. Amrita Prasad

    Love to listen to this full blast... unbeatable

  13. Jay Inglee

    Thank "God" for the reformation....
    Protest - ant to the core....
    Gnostic in his core....brilliant!!!!
    Ian Anderson...Thank God (so to speak)
    Gabby - Blazing Saddles

  14. Kestutis Brazauskas


  15. Nedenia Holm

    J. Tull 's album I was given as a present when I as 15. Come on! Great stuff

  16. Lefty Mason

    Rock and roll era music here forever. Unlike modern time sound.

  17. imPERFEKT

    When I was young, this was new, powerful and meaningful. While so much music from that time now seems stale, weak and trite, this and other music from JT feels like it has an enduring quality.

  18. Antonis Vamvoukas


  19. ryall

    I can almost hear Wolfman Jack announcing this song on the radio.

  20. Geoff Falcon

    Thats some bad ass flute.

  21. Jonathan Wright

    I remember having listened to this for the first time, talking to an old friend of mine in the Crown pub, the late Frank Knowles, being so blown away with it, our whole conversation was about how wonderful it was, happy memories, but still today nearly 50 years later, I remember those feelings. What magic music, wish someone would do such inspiring music today.

  22. Nedenia Holm

    instead of the clarinet ;(

  23. Nedenia Holm

    OMG This is insane. Wished I taken the flute

  24. Eduardo Rodríguez

    Obra maestra

  25. dennis bufa

    Very very very merd

  26. Do Or die


  27. Jonathan Gair

    What a great send off. Goodonya. Good son. Thinking you will succeed n really well. As you do I imagine how you.could not without your D n that positive song echoing in you head.

  28. Laura Guardiani

    the flute steals the scene..and it's pure magic..

  29. Snuffy Ballparks

    Ian was great. Ray Thomas was first.

  30. Sofi Sofia

    A Fernanda no le gusta ésta canción.

  31. Felix Norman

    Ian would do a whole concert dancing on one leg!

  32. Herbert Resch

    Einfach nur geil 😎😎😎

  33. 坂巻洋


  34. Marsio Oisram

    Listening in 2020 and enjoying

  35. John Flynn

    2020 motherfuckers.

  36. Alyssa Call

    I remember my sister and I driving with my grandma. She was playing this song and when the flute solo hit we all laughed cuz we didnt think it was going to drop like that.... I miss you so much grandma

  37. Clarence Erickson

    Smells worse than diesel🦄😎🦄✌👍💙it

  38. Carlos Martinez

    ... Still badass 👌

  39. Marco Tito Fortunati

    631 UNLIKE ??? 631 IDIOTS

  40. P.Lambert Artist Germany

    How much ian you pay for me ??

  41. Jon Kline

    In my 60’s brings back my youth just a g f b. They were just so different “has got him by the balls”


    It's time to steel the handle

    🍀. 19 🌹.

  43. Ivan B. Carmo

    I saw this show back in 1969 in San Francisco, Cal. I was 18 bytes then...unforgetable!!!!

  44. sandra burns

    beats Led Zep,s Stairway To Heaven,......

  45. Craig Page

    Never saw this band live. That does SUCK. but some of my freinds and i knew the band was playing outside at BALBOA STADIUM in our hometowm. We all gathered up our cash & stash bought a whole shitload of brews. Went across the street to balboa park. We twisted up a bunch of commercial. If u know what i mean. And got twisted iur own selves. That was a cocert for THICK AS A BRICK. Original crew. Barre cornick hammond hammond anderson etc. The band rendered all excerpts from THE BRICK. I guess they weren't finished on account of after an extended epilog of the affore mentioned album there was INTENSE cheering from those lucky people that were in attendance. Maybe 4 or five minutes later. That WODERFUL! little piano fiff rang out. And me an my freinds started cheering with that crowd a half mile away. It wa aqualung and it was good. The band did cross eyed mary wondring aloud my god and wind up as thyer'e final song. They weren't alone. Robin trower rory gallagher and star castle were theyre also. That show had a 40 foot screen called tullavision. I FUCKING WISH I COULD HAVE SEEN THAT SHIT.the whole show on jumbo tron. Like live & giant ass TV at the same time. But even from around 6000 feet away. It sounded real good. Im glad im from san diego. Ir that would just be another miss. Fucking great( 1976)

  46. Amar Prakash

    I have been listening to Jethro Tull since I was in my teens. I love this song and now I am 72 years old. Long live Jethro Tull. The song I’m talking about is locomotive breath


    Wondering aloud
    How we feel today
    Last night sipped the sunset
    My hand in her hair
    We are our own saviours
    As we start both our hearts beating life
    Into each other
    Wondering aloud
    Will the years treat us well
    As she floats in the kitchen,
    I'm tasting the smell
    Of toast as the butter runs
    Then she comes, spilling crumbs on the bed
    And I shake my head
    And it's only the giving
    That makes you what you are

    Ms. Gutsy Mummy

    Rock on, Amar. ✌🤘

    Jivesh Rajput

    Rock on old man! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    Hans Hartfiel

    Compared to you I'm only a youngster at 70 but, like you, I've been a fan of Jethro Tull since my youth. Unfortunately, I never managed to see them live...that's one of the few regrets I have.

  47. Jose Pinedo Hernandez

    El 21 de marzo de 2020, estará Martín Barre, guitarrista de Jethro Tull, en ciudad de Guadalajara, México ...aya nos vemos !!!!!

  48. Mark Langbein

    Today’s music has got nothing on this !!

  49. Beatrice Duewell

    Love it!!

  50. Gregory Reese

    That's what I call funky.

  51. Stuart Walsh

    Oh, I hope he don't slow love this fantastic music

    Heidi Clark

    They actually say " no way to slow down" but it annoys me because it should sound like to not ta slow down.

    Stuart Walsh

    @Heidi Clark It was meant to be a comment not an accurate song translation. Words.....

    Heidi Clark

    @Stuart Walsh I'm terribly sorry. I thought maybe you thought those were the actual words so I was just telling you because I didn't know at first either....

  52. Sqeeky Kleen

    This is great music, and the lyrics seem to describe a past chapter in my life. Watching everything you built up come crashing down.

    Heidi Clark

    This is one badass song with one the best intros that it's worth a few seconds of waiting for. I don't like Aqualung because of the pedophictic lyrics.

  53. 55 57


  54. Roberta Toby

    This band defined my teenage years...I still remember every word to Aqualung and I crank up the music whenever I hear it. I'm 61 yrs young and these songs still invoke memories that r cherished and provide fodder for mental videos of some of the best times in my life.

    Donald mac nevin

    I know I'm almost 60 this reminds me of going to the Boston Garden in the winter in a snowstorm taking microdot acid with my friends life was such an exciting and wonderful place to be in such comradery not a care in the world I wish I was back

  55. JLT0087

    I AM the all time loser.

  56. Bob Schneider

    I always liked the intro best, piano with background guitar in a tiled train station restroom


    The intro is magic, I totally agree.

  57. DIRTYBOB59

    Lord, when I die send me back to the 70's, please... (AND PLEASE LET THIS BE PLAYING ON THE STEREO WHEN I GET THERE!...)

    Sausage Finger

    DIRTYBOB59 yes yes dirty bob, the land where Amplifiers were Amplifiers and speakers were fucking terrified

  58. Sherlock24jp

    Jumanji brought me here :v

  59. daniel carrier

    Its a Break! Black bird anew, roam!

  60. iBiana Doubt

    Who's crieing ?!
    I'm not crying !
    You're crying !
    I've just got something in my eye...


    who's chopping onions?

  61. Darren Cottam

    Family guy season14 episode 14 brought me here ,thanks Seth .

  62. Otaku Bullfrog

    I heard somebody try to sing this as a karaoke song at the bar this week. They did an okay job, but I needed to hear the real thing.

  63. Jim Thomas

    So cool.

  64. Alexus Freer

    Good song no effence on anyone but I like this kind of music wag better than that modern rap #yuck

  65. Montgomery Denzer

    not a big fan of "tull" but I dug this

  66. Will Plymon

    Remember the first time I saw him use that flute. I was shocked. I didn't expect that from him. Band was fucking amazing!!

  67. rex mundi

    Ok, kids, this is what artists sound like

  68. Kat F

    who would ever think of a flute being the star of a rock song!!!

  69. Kat F

    Rock on forever Ian Anderson!

  70. Lavio Dwipa Zulian

    Dad wants us to pick up where he left off. Saving people, hunting things, the family business.

  71. D Debruler

    Music is the meaning to life.

  72. Robert Ragonese

    awesome I would have done the same thing

  73. thomasahughes

    It's 2019 and Ian Anderson is still the greatest flautist to have ever lived.

    Vincent Fisher

    +Is there someone else in rock?

    Will Shank

    @Vincent Fisher Jerry Eubanks

    Rob Davis

    Dave Muse

  74. Linda Röth

    oh wow, that flute, its super super - it wont slow down - locomotive breath.

  75. Bebee Moses

    1991 playing my life out the songs great but wrote my life and it was very hard to watch and live

  76. gehtdich garnixan

    Wir durften den Meister live in der Golan-werft erleben. Er kann s noch, nur sein Gesang ist nicht mehr so geschmeidig. Aber er hüpft immer noch auf der Bühne herum. Leider hat er ausgerechnet dieses Meisterwerk total verschnörkelt. Ich habe den tollen schiebenden Rhythmus vermisst, dabei hatten wir uns alle natürlich auf dieses Stück gefreut

  77. rosa michelin

    so many memories ... many moons ago. was so young then.

  78. Jefg Lemonds

    Love that Ian put himself on the album cover

  79. Samara sieg

    Good music beautiful

  80. WD Dub

    1972 was familiar w this album, had seen them in concert. One night was taking first trip on mescaline, middle of the night, my best friend Frankie (RIP) puts this song on the record player and turns the lights off. The piano starts and colors in that room became incredible, then that rhythm guitar grabbed my gut and wouldn’t let go, until the flute kicked in and took me buzzing thru all those colors. Laughing the whole time. So trippy.

  81. Richard Mattrella

    Oh how I know the train that Twisted Metal Menace that racks my brain so fills me full of pain the train which is insane I can't escape it I can't forget it for the brake is lost and I do regret it over the train of pain so dark and twisted turning burning but yet I'm yearning to be set free of the train but I cannot be for it is destined to go down the track of pain and misery tormented torture the fiery death Locomotive Breath it's like a scorcher upon my soul the train I have to board the train that does no longer make me whole is the train of my death Locomotive Breath Locomotive Breath fry I want to find the break to stop you to drop you from going down this Twisted track of Torment from the painful dreams I must endure for so long I want to wake Locomotive Breath Locomotive Breath I want to find the break the only thing that sets me free that will put you to death

  82. Leanne Zobole


  83. Rodillo Rododendro

    if you like Jethro Tull you may like this

  84. Jordan Garcia

    I always thought this was the rolling stones.

  85. Iain Cook

    Supertramp listened to this a few times, I'm betting.

  86. Andre,Manfred Lösel

    Verry good Music ,thank youfor Music

  87. Harry Flashman

    About 2/3rds in there's a buzzing, I always thought that was my hi fi haha

  88. Peter Maguire

    I,m gonna get in trouble for mentioning the Trump Train. Yeah Yeah Yeah

  89. Peter Maguire

    imagine putting your thump down to this, oh i get it , they live in australia

  90. Jeffrey Richardson

    chocolate cookie
    caramel crispy nookie
    twix for aunt snookie

  91. Billy Walkabout

    I’m just digging myself man just digging myself to this tune goddamnit

  92. Billy Walkabout

    I just got out of water read army hospital when this song came out I was there for almost 2 years what a tune man hey somebody please pass me a bone

  93. RideFar

    Environmental degradation, rising overpopulation, dwindling water supplies... humanity is on a collision course with disaster. And it's virtually inexorable. I'm not sure that's what Tull had in mind with Locomotive Breath, but the lyrics are spot-on with humanity's course: "The train it won't stop going
    ... No way to slow down."

    Hey_ Joe

    Aw shut the hell up and enjoy the music snowflake.

  94. Neal Fry

    In One of The Hottest June's of 1988
    Ever Recorded in Weather,
    I, Neal Patrick Fry a.k.a. High Priest Tattooed on my Left and Right Biceps Behind *( Left to Right )* , " I saw Another Mighty Angel Come Down from Heaven Above ... " Left Upper
    Righ Arm, Right Upper Arm is "A"
    Viking Warlord as I Drove my 1988
    Lincoln LSC that I Bought off the
    Showroom Floor to Lovingly Faithfully and Lovingly Meaningfully Drive my Dad to Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in
    Ann Arbor, Michigan for Dad's Radiation Treatments. My Most Beloved Preciously Perfectly Wonderful
    Father, Mr. Harry L. Fry from Westland, Michigan was Dying of Lung Cancer.
    As All of The Doctors, Nurses and
    Security Officers Knew that I was my
    Most Beloved Loyal Loving Caregiver,
    I " Choose " After Watching Children with Cancer to Sit in my Car Smoking
    The Premo Grass or Weed to Feed my
    Mind " With Hopes & Prayers " that The
    Lord Would Take my Hero Dad Swiftly and As Painlessly As Possible. I Humbly ask The Lord for my Most Beloved Precious Dad's " Last Breath. "
    With Dad's Most Meaningful Faithful Sincerest Precious Wife, Mrs. Lorna G.
    Fry and myself, Neal Patrick Fry at Dad's Death Bed I Received my Hero's
    Father's " Last Breath, " Brutally Angry
    At our Lord Only for a Brief Moment of
    my Beloved Father Dying Unmercifully in Agony, 'till "A" Nice Warm Loving
    Feeling Reminded me, " My Father,
    My Father Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me
    Entering my Feelings, " amen.
    A DAKOTA Watch with A Locomotive
    Engine was Lovingly Affectionately Faithfully and Lovingly Meaningfully
    Give to Another DAKOTA Pocket Watch
    With The Hopes & Prayers for Many
    " Dreams " Come True, amen.
    Sea ya Later Dad & Mom Always and Forever Your's Forever and Forevermore Your's Always Lovingly,
    Neal Patrick Fry a.k.a. High Priest a.k.a. Sundown from The " Sunrise Studios " in Livonia, Michigan U.S.A.

  95. Craig Martin

    must have gone through at least 3 copies of this on vinyl from overplay, spilled beer, scratches from rocking parties

    Steve Robinson

    Only 3?

  96. chrisb1953

    what did Ian Anderson think about the bum on the cover bearing quite a resemblance?

  97. Karen Cox

    My favorite Tull song♥️