Jethro Tull - Just Trying To Be Lyrics

There was a time when you were so young and walked in their way.
They made you feel they loved you all-seeing they say.
You're going wrong if their game you don't play
And that the song I sing will leave you astray.

Unfeeling, feel lonely rejection,
unknowing, know you're going wrong.
And they can't see that we're just trying to be,
and not what we seem,
and even now believe that it's not real and only a dream.

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Jethro Tull Just Trying To Be Comments
  1. Sandro Kovalev

    Tull always had these really short little acoustic ditties like this one, Wondring Aloud, Nursie, Grace, and Cheap Day Return

  2. Evelyn Martimez

    Absolutely love Jethro Tull , one of my all time favorites back in early 70’s saw them concert twice, great memories,

  3. john thonig

    I dream Tull songs as I sleep ! Am I normal?


    Oh yes John. You are ok 😊

    john thonig

    Atul. Thanks, Atul.

    Rick Lee

    'Course you are. You'd be insane if you didn't.

  4. Andrew Rudkin

    I used to pick up the needle and play this song on again over and over...

  5. georgina Blundell

    Reminds me of my first love, just the way he walked.

  6. ChuckPalomo

    I think this might just be my favourite Tull song. I'm just a sucker for xylophones, or is it a glockenspiel? whatever, it's a great tune.

    Rich Rolwing

    It's a keyboard instrument called a celesta, where instead of the hammers hitting strings like in a piano, they strike metal...

  7. 阿A

    what a beautiful song and it's a little pity for too short

  8. Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    to see this played in concert in 71 at Seattle was intense ripped on hashish.....gods what days they were......hooooorah

    Patrick Truchon

    Glen Cornik danced up and down the stage,marching, blew me away! Ian fantastic. All were great at the Atheneum opera hall in Hartford!

  9. Bliss Tew

    Been on my radar for 40 years.

  10. CinBjarne

    How do gems like this slip under the radar for so many years?

  11. Count Blastula

    cute little song from the mighty Tull

  12. noodledwarf

    this song gets so stuck in my head it's crazy i can't stop listening to it i love it!

  13. Carlos Pereira

    gostei da música, após ouvi uma apresentação da banda no canal fechado e pesquisei na internet sobre o grupo e gostei.

  14. willicat441

    This is about all the angst of acceptance as we grow into adulthood, he's talking about you..
    Will rock and roll lead you astray? You're kids trying to become someone/something...just trying to BE, and not the disaffected generation that they think you are...

    Yonca Temizkan

    willicat441 forda koyayım

  15. TheTherese3

    The compact pieces of Living In the Past always make me think of Christmas 72,maybe because the album was under the tree for me.I was 16 and also got Close to The Edge under the tree.Thanks Santa!

    joe mer

    2 of da best tull & YES

    Žarko Kohucz

    ".....and Santa, pass this bottle....will you?"
    Greetings from same generation!

    Sandro Kovalev

    Man that must've been a great christmas!

  16. willicat441

    the first song of Ian's that I taught myself on guitar, in 1972................... sounds great on acoustic in an empty room.

    Please, all people, pass on Jethro Tulls music to inspire future generations,tell your sons and daughters, no virtuoso's here, just role models for hard work, quest to explore musicality , and love of where simple major and minor chords, combined with passion, can produce timeless, meaningful

  17. mbear14

    wow, i honestly thought i heard every tull song, how did i miss this one all these years?

  18. Blakkheim16

    Damn...that xylophone or whatever puts me to the best way possible. \\m//