Jethro Tull - Dharma For One Lyrics

She's really turned on by the television, and vice versa.
Here's a song called, ??. Yes, right. Rearranged though,
nevertheless. A new lease on life. In other words, it's just a bit
louder. ``Dharma For One''.

Dharma, seek and you will find
truth within your mind, Dharma.

Dharma, each to his own we say,
together we'll end astray, Dharma.

Truth is like freedom, it doesn't fool me.
Be true to yourself, never think that you're free.
Dharma will come eventually.

Thank you! ??

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Jethro Tull Dharma For One Comments
  1. Chango Fett

    Tull playing live NEVER let you down!

  2. hoffer54

    Well that was quite a disappointment didn't even sing the song. Anderson's singing voice is not quite what is used to be, just a guess. Not like the old days, was fortunate enough to have seen early tours of several of the early Albums. When he actually sang Dharma for one, amazing times indeed!

  3. mac the drummer

    I was wondering where Ian Anderson went until @6:10 :-)

  4. Mary Sweeney

    I enjoyed hearing this, but the sound is a little too refined, if that is the right word, compared to the early recording and the early live versions. Too jazzy or something. Can't quite put my finger on what bothers me about it.

  5. George Rusch

    I once shot a Clag, only ate the meat didn't bother with the horn? did I make a mistake?

  6. Will G.

    Song starts at 1:28 Enjoy!

  7. Paulo Crevacore


  8. Paulo Crevacore

    fuck off

  9. Scarab Kovaire

    I can't be the only one that kinda wants a claghorn. It's probably expensive to make, but I think it would be well worth it.

  10. Travis Crutchley

    The last incarnation of Jethro Tull. I knew everything was going to shit when I didn't recognize the bass player or drummer...yep..yep.. either way pretty good rendition, Doanne sounds great on the drums, and Martin's little play is awesome, kinda wished it had kept going.

  11. John SwedishPride

    These drummers must be the happiest people in the world........

  12. arancione grigio

    Waahh!!! Mamma mia!!!!!!!!!! Perfect! If qualcuno ask me what is the perfection i rispondo to see this!

  13. A. Randolph

    He's got an electric pickup on that flute! Nice! Those are fun!

  14. Green Peacemst

    Ian´s drum solo comment kind of rolled over everybody there in Basel. He could have supplied them with a "No drum solos? I think that deserves a boo, don´t you?!"

  15. R Kranz

    loved the flute player in breaking bad

  16. Sascha Rottmann

    clive bunker is the best tull drummer!!

    Sandro Kovalev

    Bunker was great, no doubt...but for me Barrie Barlow was the best drummer Tull ever had

    Tom Dobie

    Bunker had to leave cause he couldn't play the sophisticated stuff after Aqualung.

    Sandro Kovalev

    @Tom Dobie Well Bunker supposedly left to spend more time with his new wife and to start a family, but you're right that Bunker wasn't really comfortable with the weird time signatures, but Barlow was. So once Barlow came onboard it allowed for the band to do trickier material. Don't get me wrong, Bunker was an excellent drummer, he was just more of a hard blues rock drummer whereas Barlow was more along the lines of a Bill Bruford or Carl Palmer, able to play really tricky material but also act as a percussionist with marimbas, gongs, glockenspiels, etc. Barlow greatly expanded the repertoire of Tull.

    Tom Dobie

    @Sandro Kovalev Couldn't agree more Sandro. Merry Christmas from Germany!

    Sandro Kovalev

    @Tom Dobie Merry Christmas to you too...mine doesn't happen until January 6 though :D

  17. Kenneth Anderson

    I saw them in Minneapolis in 1977 during the heavy horses concerts! UNFORGETTABLE!

  18. Gabriel Ashkar

    Unique sound, unique band, unique rock. The Jethro Tull sound stands out amongst them all. Simply brilliant!

  19. juan carlos ballesteros gomez

    dharma for everybody

  20. Ray Neubauer

    Not a bad try, now check out the real deal with Clive Bunker and hear how it's done. No mm other drummer can do it quite so well

  21. gherkamum

    Great tune, love this.

  22. fer Sibón

    Después de 1 minuto 33 segundos podrá usted disfrutar de uno de los mejores grupos y una de sus mejores canciones . Antes de eso, el ego de su líder, es una pena.

  23. Anders Hafsmo

    Sick & tired of this Clive Bunker auphoria- Doane Perry equall`s who ever it may be :)

    Marc K

    Love em all but BB is my favorite.

    Tom Dobie

    Anders Hafsmo
    You don't know too much about drumming, do you?

  24. justgivemethetruth

    Argh ... I used to hate drum solos at concerts, but I have to admit that the two main Jethro Tull solos, Dharma For One and Thick As A Brick were really great and I actually liked them a lot!

  25. J D

    WOW c'mon ....WOW !!

  26. Peter Hare

    That can duplicate you. God bless your pointy little head always the best Ian. Peter j hare

  27. Peter Hare

    Ian I am one of 5 on this planet that only took me 40 years thanks a lot for my instruments of torture

  28. Peter Greeñ

    Erudite and witty. Some very special music, here!

  29. Marti Grant

    Jethro is the dad I always wanted.

  30. Pa Gol

    Your thhunder and your fluite thats great

  31. Jellybeantiger

    Imagine a band today writing a song for their drummer,wouldn’t happen.

  32. billyjoeboomboom

    Tull (along with every incarnation of King Crimson and Yes) has always had awesome drummers.

  33. space progger

    just so good!

  34. patrick farley

    I think Doane did a great homage of Clive's 1970 Isle of Whight solo, highlighting all of Clive's best fills of that solo including the "head-bend" on the snare at the end! Very tastey! But then again, Jethro Tull has always been a class act regardless of the lineup!

  35. Jaime sorlí

    doan is one of the best drummers ever, the only usa musician played in tull, his didactic vhs is from other world, what a sound this premier and this paiste, amazing

    ray brettman

    Not entirely true Jaime. Mark Craney, who did such splendid work on the A album and tour and a very dear friend of Doane's was also American. Passed away a few years back from a long time.....congenital kidney ailment I think it was.

    Tom Dobie

    Lol - Perry sounds like a beginner compared to Barriemore Barlow.

  36. Joe Crawford

    These old dudes rock! And his voice hasn't changed a bit, Ian Anderson must be immortal!

  37. MrRictusGrin

    How can a band be around so long, be so consistently excellent, and be so underrated?


    As a respected musician friend of mine says "flute has no place in rock music" although I wholeheartedly disagree. That, and Tull's music has always been way above most people's ability to understand and enjoy. In others words, genius is not always appreciated.

  38. justgivemethetruth

    2:46 - the claghorn

  39. Dino Zanetti

    Questa musiea è senza tempo!

  40. Beth Blood

    Just amazing. Beautiful sound mix and dynamic. I am so surprised to enjoy Tull as much as I did when I saw him back in the 70s. GREAT musicians !!!

  41. RoadKingRyder

    Best Jethro Tull Drummer ever was Clive Bunker. Barriemore was good,this guy is good. Clive was Great!

    Sandro Kovalev

    Disagree, Barlow was the best drummer Tull ever had. Barlow joining the band was what allowed Tull to start playing more complex stuff. According to Ian, Clive had some trouble keeping time in odd meters and didn't feel comfortable playing them, so Barlow joining opened up more possibilities in terms of what kind of material they could write.

    Tom Dobie

    @Sandro Kovalev Agree 100%! Barlow was a monster! According to John Bonham, the best Rock Drummer England ever produced!

    Martin Hayward

    Love Clive, but Barry was the best, one of the greatest ever I have heard live.

  42. Alfréd Szép

    He is crazy

  43. Alessandro F

    LOL. Ian looks like Neal Peart in this video...

  44. Ronald Isenberg

    Clive bunker the best of the bunch

    Tom Dobie

    Just behind Barriemore Barlow!

    Martin Hayward

    @Tom Dobie In all honesty, safely behind Barriemore Barlow.

  45. mrk65


  46. James McMenemie

    Who said you are to old for one leg, rock on old timers.

    James McMenemie

    Sorry maybe I'm just living in the past.

  47. Lear Drum

    His sense of humor has always had a little cringe factor to it....

    Doctor Ferdinand

    Ian's always felt the need to address his audience as if they were children.

  48. William VanVelson

    long instrumental break

  49. RetroOne

    At least this version doesn't have the horrendous improve vocals

  50. Luis Venosa

    Impresionante versión!!!

  51. re-store music circus bergamo vinile e cd

    Anche il flauto traverso è Rock!!!!!!

  52. Guilherme Silvestre

    A musicalidade desses caras me emociona, do caralho Jethro Tull!

  53. Roberto

    maravilloso; parece imposible que haya tanta sensibilidad en estos músicos. Jethro Tull por siempre.

  54. Experimental Music Fun!

    i swear myself i'm gonna learn to play my new flute like you master yours Ian!

  55. Barbara Ricordy


  56. achtsieben87

    Refer to The St Cleve Chronicle page 7, Weekend Radio, Radio Three (8.0),
    History of the Claghorn

  57. Lana McClory

    great drum solo

  58. rob s


  59. Quique Romano

    muy bueno!

  60. Knut Midtgård

    Disse gutta kan spille. Prog rocken er best

  61. Shu'aib Jamaal ud Din

    Tull as 'mad' as ever... Tull fan since 1969

    Nqobizwe Nyide

    Sunrise flute reminds me of Osibisa.

  62. Nicoletta Casati


  63. Richard Bryan

    Does Ian Andersen play in any key other than d minor....ever?


    +Richard Bryan out of 300 or so songs I should think the answer to that is.... yes. Whatever else he is doing, he be dealin. As he so often has. Sorry if you don't like it or find his musical vision or prowess limited.

  64. Erick Arias

    this is definetely a great song and of course this perfomance was absolutely brilliant

  65. random things

    after 40 years....

    brilliant performance

  66. nick robinson

    I have to watch this at least once a month.


    I love this song ... it is one of my early faves. There are also quite a few covers of this song online and on CD.

    George Rusch

    @justgivemethetruth they even made a TV Series about it, Dharma & Greg

  67. maria del valle herrador


  68. Cecilia Af Skägge


  69. Jorge Simoes

    I'm always amazed at how good Ian is - him and his band, of course. I usually see people their age really slowly (or quickly) getting old and these guys are always just the same, meaning always excellent energy and perfect quality.


    That is because he is always working, always playing and composing. He has got a hell of a lot of wind for an old geezer, but you can tell that from his prattle! ;-)

    Kenneth Anderson

    Jorge Simoes it’s their gift to society

  70. C C

    Even though this was 6 years ago, I bet the level of performance is still close/same/better now! Simply superior musicians. The American equivalent of Jethro Tull is (IMHO), Kansas. Vastly different (Violin vs. Flute, etc.), but the level of sheer musicianship is on the same plateau that hardly any major "Classic/Prog Rock" band plays at live, except a very small cadre of bands.

    Mary Moran

    CD I totally agree! U are right on about that

    Travis Crutchley

    Better musicians now my ass

  71. Angel OTERO PAZOS

    disfruta co que che gusta, un saudo

  72. Carole Pagan

    They still have it!

  73. Justgivemethetruth

    This is one of my favorite Tull songs ... but they did away with the John Evan introduction in favor of that shrill piercing flute intro ... 


    Fo sho. This version feels a lot more bland than the original.


    What are you talking about? There is no keyboard introduction in the original studio version. There is also no John Evan on the entire album.


    They might be referring to the modified version that was done in the Isle of Wight performance

    ray brettman

    @Dillbob1 Yep. This is based on the original version. Opened side 2 of their breakout record in 1968, This Was. Named not for the religious discipline but for their original drummer from back before Jethro Tull, a guy named Richie Dharma. Notable in particular be cause it was Dharma's mother who initiated Ian's now life long fascination with Indian food, curry and the like. Among the things he does his homework on before going out on tour. Where the good curry houses are in this or that town. The one they did a couple years later, 1970, entirely different song save for the Clive Bunker drum solo. Somewhat remarkable that it even maintained the same title.

  74. Egli Dorantes

    Magistral, indeleble.

  75. unknownkingdom

    Man, he talks like four times faster than he did in the 70s. He must be drinking a lot of coffee or something.

  76. cane zaklina


  77. Don H

    Only IA could cook this one up...please don't stop now.

  78. Burt472

    I love Ian.

  79. neubb

    We'd love for you to play us a song on the jazz flute.
    This is embarrassing... I'm totally unprepared.

  80. Jean-Louis Stiefer

    When Jethro Tull formed in December 1967, I was just 12 - Ian Anderson will be 66 in August 2013. Simply amazing this Musician.

  81. Prestonboy

    He's on guitar!

  82. Johannes Stephan

    Quality really sucks on AKG K 271 MKII

  83. raggabass

    I'm confuse which guy is Jethro Tull?

  84. Terry Barrett

    EXCELLENT ~~~~ MUST SEE!!!!!

  85. achtsieben87

    jethro tull best drummer ever? Clive Bunker.
    Barlow was good, but couldn't stick to a beat for very long

    Sandro Kovalev

    Barrie Barlow was much more experimental as a drummer, and was known to overplay (almost like a proto-Neil Peart in that regard). However according to Ian Anderson, it was Barlow's arrival that allowed Tull's music to start getting really complex. Ian says Clive had some trouble keeping time in odd meters, so when Barrie came onboard it allowed Ian to start writing much more progressive stuff. Nothing against Clive, he was great for the earlier more straightforward Tull material. But I don't think he would have been able to handle the drumming on TAAB, Passion Play, or Minstrel in the Gallery.

    Tom Dobie

    @Sandro Kovalev couldn't agree more!!!

  86. stan leisenring

    He is right there! Looks WAY different.

  87. badger500

    I never thought I'd hear the claghorn on a live recording, let alone see it played live, let alone have Ian introduce it. Clag on! Apparently Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond invented it? Also, what a particularly good and crisp recording job for this.

  88. Marco Caschili

    Where's Martin?

    Marc K

    He's the guy playing guitar.

  89. CorePathway

    wow, still an incredible showman.

  90. Le Dragon Slayah

    I was watching the Basel gig on a cultural channel on TV last night. I never listened to Jethro Tull until that point and then I got entranced by this oriental-inspired piece. Simply put it, this is a wonderful song!

  91. hjaltitth1

    best drummer in history

    Tom Dobie

    You don't know too much about drumming, do you?

  92. BRC

    OK, Barriemore Barlow is the best Tull drummer ever, hands down, but Doane Perry is F* great too!


    BB was the best drummer in the studio, but listening to this performance amongst others, it dawns on me that DP might have been the better live drummer.


    While BB is a really good drummer,he couldn't touch Clive Bunker. Clive was a madman on the drums,playing with speed,power and finesse. He was almost as technically proficient as Carl Palmer. I saw them both in 71. This guy did a great job,but he was definitely no Clive Bunker....

    Shaun Kelly

    No, he isn't, Doane is very, very good, but Barlowe is in a league of his own - and the stuff he played is far more difficult than Tull's current playlist. BB is the best drummer this country has ever produced.

    Ozzpocket Productions

    Bunker and Barlow are my votes.....Both were great and perfect for the material they were playing...guys that have come and gone since MAY have been "technically" more proficient....but the energy that those two guys had, as well as their own proficiency simply make them the two best, (Of course, that's simply my subjective opinion, and if others disagree...well, that's what makes music so great :-) ).

  93. BRC


  94. andrewrbat

    mi favourite !!, a genious of the flute!!

  95. WrathchildNH

    @nordicoooo Several drummers of the day said Barrie Barlow was the best drummer ...period... not just Tull's...including John Bonham

  96. IwshIcldstrtover

    @nordicoooo Was definitely Clive Bunker