Jesus Culture - Surrender All (Give You Everything) Lyrics

All to Jesus I, I surrender all
All to Him I freely give
I will ever love, and trust Him with my heart
In His presence daily live

I surrender all, to Jesus Christ my King
I surrender everything
Oh, I surrender all, my hopes and all my dreams
I surrender all, and give You everything

All to Jesus I, I surrender all
Humbly at His feet I bow
Pleasures of this world, I would gladly trade
Take it all Lord, take me now

All to Jesus I, I surrender all
Oh to feel thy sacred flame
Love’s salvation born, filling us with joy
Glory, glory to His Name!

All to Jesus, I surrender
All to Jesus, I surrender all

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Jesus Culture Surrender All (Give You Everything) Comments
  1. Angelica May Roncesvalles

    I surrender all my things

  2. Rebecca Nishimwe

    I surrender everything to you my Lord

  3. Loving Jesus

    Dear Heavenly Father I pray salvation and safety for ALL. You told me you are going to destroy everything. Giving All a chance to turn to your son (Jesus) before he returns. God you have begun. Holy Spirit deal with every souls their is. Wake them up. Take off the blinders. In Jesus Wonderful Beautiful Name I Pray Amen. Please Repent of Your sins. God is mad of all the sins we have all done. In order to get into the kingdom of heaven you Must repent to Jesus and ask for forgiveness of sins, turn away from sin, invite him into your heart
    If you would like to ask Jesus to forgive you and have him your personal savior. Here is The Prayer 🙏 For you. It will be the best decision you have ever made in your life. The Holy Bible is the only instructions there is. Don’t believe anything else. If it’s not in the Holy Bible. It from man. Man is not going to get you into the kingdom of heaven. Religion will take people to Hell. God talks about that in the Holy Bible. He want everyone to have a personal relationship with his son Jesus. That’s the only way to enter heaven. Here is the Prayer:Dear Lord Jesus
    I know that I am a sinner and need Your forgiveness. I believe that You died for my sins. I want to turn from my sins. I now invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as Lord and savior
    In Jesus Name I Pray Amen 🙏

  4. Carlos Kombo

    JESUS, meu REI 💗✨📖👣

  5. Angelica Shipps

    This song! I first listened to it 3 years ago! I never took the words as seriously as I do now! I can’t believe how truly powerful it is to surrender to God! Anxious thoughts and fear can come in like a flood but as soon as I decide to Surrender in all things the peace of God comes in ! It’s crazy ! I just desire to rest in trusting God! And rest in surrender! ☺️

  6. Leandro Rodrigues Freire

    CRIS é muito iluminado, te amamos cris.

  7. lerato tshoni

    All to Jesus I surrender all !

  8. Christ living church of all nations CLCOAN

    I love you jesus

  9. Jafy Boy


  10. Jafy Boy


  11. Celso Silva

    Lindo louvor de entrega à Deus!!!

  12. Kristan Rae Stops


  13. Marcela Sousa

    Jesus thank you give may live.

  14. Israel McCray

    All to you Jesus, I surrender !! Amen !

  15. Keerthana Rudrapati

    I surrender everything. Amen.

  16. cristiano costa

    Jesus thank you for give me life.

  17. Dalton Lease

    hallelujah this song's just gives me peace! I surrender everything to Jesus please take me over lord God let this be our prayers

  18. Debbie C

    Give Praise to Yeshua!!
    Glory Hallelujah!!!

  19. Philipcraft


  20. Natalie Andrea


    Kelvin Aleff

    +Natalie Andrea We live in constancy , our king soon again! Comming back!.


  21. iAmNing #Iamning

    Amen 🙇

  22. Paulo Henrique Lima

    i surrender all to you Jesus...don't give up brothers and sisters, Jesus can do everything in your life just belive don't lose your faith in him

  23. Kelvin Tshuma

    i love this song,i surrender.thank you jesus

  24. La Coraza de Justicia

    I love this Song, What a beautiful song for Our Lord, Praise Him!

  25. Joézer Valvassori

    The original music is much better than this one.

    Nathaniel Forsey

    +Joézer Valvassori May I say respectfully, my friend this is missing the point. A heart that seeks to love God is welcomed by him even if every note is mono-toned. Our worship is music to his ears. The instruments are just bonus! I believe in giving our best to God. We are all at different levels. God sees beyond style & ability - Man's Focus is Outward Appearance. God's Focus is Inward Appearance (who we really are without the props). He has always paid attention to the heart that longs to know him. A surrenderd heart IMPRESSES God. Be blessed.

    Joézer Valvassori

    +Nathaniel Forsey Respectfully, my friend, I am not God. I am just a human being and consequently I have ears and brain, so I hear to the music (melody, harmony, rythm) and I note that the original hymn (I Surrender All) is richer and more interesting than this pop version. But if you like this one, great! Go for it!

  26. Estrellita Damian

    qué hermosa canción
    god bless you

  27. Estrellita Damian

    qué hermosa canción
    god bless you

  28. Susana Queiroz

    Linda canção!!! Beautiful song!!! God bless you.

    Angel Salguero


  29. Lexii Carvalho

    Amo amo amo! I surrender all my hopes and my dreams <3

    Angel Salguero

    eu espero que foi uma bênção pra você assim como foi pra mim! Feliz Ano Novo!

    Leandro Santos

    +Lexii Carvalho Love it. Praise Him!

  30. jackie soprano

    Great song but stay away from bethel. It's a cult and they use jesus name to get away with their hypocrisy. They brain wash people and keep them away from their families. thank the Lord I got out.

    kezia kurien

    Is it true?

  31. Judi Harbin

    “In the spiritual realm, victory is won, not by fighting, but by SURRENDER.”  - Oswald Chambers

    Leandro Santos

    +Judi Harbin Realmente. "Buscai ao Senhor enquanto se pode achar, invocai-o enquanto Ele esta perto."

    Israel McCray

    Judi Harbin Amen !! This encourages me !

  32. Jully Veiga

    Essa musica ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Israel McCray

    Jully Felix Aren't Jesus Culture so amazing !! The praise and worship my touches my spirit so much !!

  33. Ruben Bedon

    Thank you Jesus Christ! My hopes and all my dreams I surrender everything.

  34. Mark Havens


  35. Benjamin Pamacheche

    Amen! I surrender all!!! What a blessing your music is #JesusCulture... To God be the glory!!!

  36. eezz1963

    Awesome Song Love It

  37. adamlavina botha

    This song is awesome. It doesn't matter how many versions of I surrender. We must surrender our lives to Jesus everyday. This statement cannot become outdated. I do love Jesus Culture ,these guys carry an anointing because they are daily seeking the kingdom of God.

  38. Paula Montofre

    I like the original song much better than this

  39. Melisa Winer

    Praise him

  40. matis511

    cudowna pieśń <3

  41. Rapharez

    I love the music. There are powerful, passionate lyrics in every song! Thank you Jesus Culture and thank you Lord for this latest album.

  42. Edna Mercado

    Love it!

    Israel McCray

    Edna Mercado Me too lol. This might be my favourite now !

  43. XxKnightFlamesxX

    Thanks team #JesusCulture :D Keep up the good work. For God's Glory Amen!

  44. XxKnightFlamesxX

    Thanks team #JesusCulture :D Keep up the good work. For God's Glory Amen!