Jesus Culture - Miracles Lyrics

The One who made the blind to see
Is moving here in front of me, moving here in front of me
The One who made the deaf to hear
Is silencing my every fear, silencing my every fear

I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles
I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles

The One who does impossible is
Reaching out to make me whole
Reaching out to make me whole
The One who put death in its place
His life is flowing through my veins
His life is flowing through my veins

[Chorus x2:]
I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles
I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles

The God who was and is to come
The power of the Risen One
The God who brings the dead to life
You're the God of miracles!
You're the God of miracles!

I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles
I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles

The God who was and is to come
The power of the Risen One
The God who brings the dead to life
You're the God of miracles!
You're the God of miracles!

I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles
I believe in You, I believe in You
You're the God of miracles

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Jesus Culture Miracles Comments
  1. Andrea Esbach


  2. Andrea Esbach


  3. Dede Tudor

    You DO exist!

  4. Big Guy Reviews

    Anyone 12/21/2019???

  5. Vato Gang_Za

    Powerful song, listening in 2019 December... Will still be worshipping God with this song January 2020,thank you Lord jesus!

  6. Vm M

    Wish this song wouldn’t end 🕊

  7. 보머전쁘러빈

    Amz songs 😭
    Hallelujah GLORY TO GOD 🙌💕💙

  8. Akumla Imchen

    God is Great
    Jesus is good in all the situation of mine.. now I know his plans is beautiful so amazing Jesus I believe in you 🙏 You are the God of Miracle

  9. Nadia G

    Addicted to this powerful!! Praise my God!!!

  10. Tau Rian

    I believe in the almighty that he will heal my keloids, n i shall testify the same. Please uphold in your prayers as well... thankyou

  11. Svkenlapse

    Im an Atheist but this is a great track.

  12. Natasha Chembe

    I believe you Lord God Almighty...

  13. Giuseppe Piscioneri

    My journey begins. I BELIEVE IN YOU,YOU'RE THE GOD OF MIRACLES. <3

  14. James Evans

    God let my wife walk through fire to avoid being burnt alive ..I believe in you...

  15. Gustavo Adolfo Alvare

    Hola soy de colombia no se hablar inglés pero me gustan mucho sus canciones,antes de ser cristiano escuchaba las baladas americanas de los años 80 y 90s,ahora escucho el rock cristiano sus voces son excelentes y la manera como los toca el espiritu santo es hermoso, traduzco las canciones para entenderlas y me aprendo la pronunciación en igles porque se que Dios las escucha cuando lo hago,espero que algún día vengan a Colombia a mi ciudad Medellin, que el Señor Jesús los guarde siempre

  16. Renacer Faith

    Miracles en español en el lik

  17. Victoria Semenyuk

    such a powerful song!!!!

  18. Justin Silomba

    Am thrilled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Valdecir Campos

    Amor tão grande o deus maravilhoso !!!

  20. Valdecir Campos


  21. Danny Hudson

    A blatant rip off of fix you, by Coldplay.

  22. star fil

    I love Jesus culture 😍

  23. Sasa Nodlesh

    In 2017, I applied to a university and grad school in a different country where I believed God sent me.

    Even though I knew that the previous 2 years were full of miracles, I struggled with faith and doubt that I could go live there and that I would be accepted to this program.
    This song lifted me into the realm of peace that passes understanding.

    God gave me a supernatural strength when listening to this song to hope and believe God could do anything, and if it was truly His will, I would go.

    Now 2 years later, admitted to the program and almost finished, it is a song of praise unto my God.

    Every time I listen to this, I remember my struggle and God's gift of faith and peace. Hallelujah!

    Christienne Durbin

    Yes! Hallelujah!

  24. Adriana Leuelu


  25. Allêh Santos

    Q voz mano Deus te abençoe

  26. Noe Potopa


  27. Kelvin Lormand

    I sit here in my room listening to this song, praising him for what he is doing in my life and I read all the stories of you all and how he effects the lives of those who reach out to him. It really lifts your spirit. Our trials have meaning and purpose, count it all joy. Love you my brothers and sisters.

  28. Priscila Da Silva


  29. Sharon Kerketta


  30. Sheryl Woleslagle

    May your song get out there and help everyone believe in his beautiful word, before its too late. Praise God and his everlasting word. I love him with my whole heart. Praise your beautiful music. Amen.

  31. Ascension Ministries - Post Falls

    Unintentional (by me) miraculous healing 7 years ago, intentional miraculous healing 2 years ago. He is active all around us and desires more! we have a critical role to play in more miracles being done by Holy Spirit through us!

  32. Knight 777

    god please heal me from rage passed on to me from my grandfather, i don't want my children to be like this when i get older

  33. Derick malata

    This song really make me cry whenever I listen to it ,thinking of what God has done in my life with his miracle working .....

  34. fab ash

    so beautiful!

  35. Rosa Sousa

    " l know is true, You're the same, yesterday, today and forever the God Who was and is to come "🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 waiting for miracle, I believe in You

  36. Andréia Luz

    Meu Deus... como demorei tanto para conhecer essa música?! Apaixonada 😍

  37. Paula Cardoso Da Silva Lima

    Linda simplesmente eu creio em te

  38. Ana Fernandez-Castro

    everything sounds so fake :(

  39. adolescente em 1 minuto


  40. Kevin Munene

    Lost my parents when I was just a child, my sister and I were separated, I got sick, and many thought I was gone, my sister also got sick, she is now better, I felt as if I was cursed or something...everything that could go wrong went wrong, no job even after campus, it felt bad, but I kept serving, I am a masters student in Norway, I have work, and I haven't been sick once for the past over three years, Jesus healed me, set me free and gave me purpose....I believe in you, God of miracles....

  41. Gdomce


    Вернувший зрение слепым.
    Тебя я вижу пред собой.
    Тебя я вижу пред собой.

    Ты тот, кто слух вернул глухим
    Мой страх смолкает пред Тобой.
    Мой страх смолкает пред Тобой.

    Верю я в Тебя. Верю я в Тебя,
    Бог творящий чудеса.

    Лишь для Тебя возможно все.
    Ты жизнь мою восстановил.
    Ты жизнь мою восстановил.

    Побеждена Тобою смерть.
    И жизнь Твоя течет во мне.
    И жизнь Твоя течет во мне!

    Ты вновь грядешь и был всегда.
    Ты - Сила воскресения.
    Ты мертвым возвращаешь жизнь.
    Бог творящий чудеса.

  42. Moisés Souza


  43. Wellington Roberto

    Top top vcs são demais show

  44. Nima someh

    Jesus has saved me once from eternal death and 10 000x from accidents ! I believe in you ! you are the god of miracles ! I should be dead or paralyzed by now if it wast because of him saving me every time !

  45. Павал Сітнік

    Thank you for singing! Miracles of God happen in my heart, when I listen to it! This is amazing!

  46. Tiago Domingos

    Alguém do Brasil?

  47. Diogo Santos

    Very Good!!! My simplified version of this song on guitar

  48. Nik

    Hello from Germany at all! :) this song make me cry. God bless everyone! GOD IS GOOD! ♥

  49. Christ' Offer

    Mrs .Kim...Mr. Chris thank you for Jesus Culture ...I can't reach where I'm going without your willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit..Jesus is the God of gods!!!!!

  50. Danielle Ferreira

    Music always ! 😍❤🙏

  51. Estefany Pacheco

    Beautiful song

  52. Fabia Leite

    Linda música!!!

  53. Kelly Crenshaw

    I hope the following encourages you. Yes! Jesus is still alive and well. Yes, Jesus still heals. Nothing is impossible.
    Check out just one of our testimonies. From a little church in a little town in Texas with a great big God!! Subscribe to our channel and hear more.

  54. Bianca Schneider

    Deus tu és magnífico 😊❤🙏

  55. Ludmilla Gabriela

    Aquele que fez o cego ver
    Está se movendo aqui na minha frente
    Movendo-se aqui na minha frente
    Aquele que fez o surdo ouvir
    Está silenciando todo meu medo
    Silenciando todo meu medo

    Eu creio em Ti
    Eu creio em você
    És o Deus de milagres
    Eu creio em Ti
    Eu creio em Ti
    És o Deus de milagres

    Aquele que faz o impossível está
    Estendendo a mão para me fazer inteiro
    Estendendo a mão para me fazer inteiro
    Aquele que colocou a morte em seu lugar
    Tua vida está fluindo em minhas veias
    Tua vida está fluindo em minhas veias

    O Deus que era e que há de vir
    O poder do Ressurreto
    O Deus que traz os mortos à vida
    Tu és o Deus de milagres!
    Tu és o Deus de milagres!

  56. Lidiane Vida

    Eu creio em ti, Deus de milagres.

  57. Lidiane Vida

    Ao ouvir pela 1° vez na novela Jesus, disse eu, que forte, de imediato pensei essas vozes não me é estranha só pode ser da banda de Jesus Culture.😍👏👏👏👏💞

    Bianca Queiroz

    Eu também...mas a versão da novela é cantada por Alisa Turner 😊

    Lidiane Vida

    Pensei que era Kim Walker Smith cantando....

  58. Renz Michael 😊

  59. Samuka drum

    Powerful song

  60. Izadora Marques

    I Love my Jesus! !!!!! !!!!!

  61. antonio sarroca

    God bles you Jesus Culture band your music & Lyric so profound it touch my soul & my heart I feel the presency of the Lord Jesus Christ the God of miracles I believe in you Lord . . Dios los bendiga banda Jesus Culture su mu'sica y letras toca mi alma y mi corazo'n siento la presencia del Se~nor Jesus Cristo Dios de los milagros .yo creo en ti .

  62. doyin abiola

    For am about to receive my healing and miracle, for I am set free from all distress and any form of prison

  63. doyin abiola

    God of miracle i believe in you

  64. doyin abiola

    i believe in God

  65. Rachele Bernardi

  66. Ruthie Madison

    Lord, move in my life! You're the God of miracles!

  67. Francis Omondi

    God of miracles

  68. march

    This song brings me to tears because our God is alive and Jesus is the name that is above every other name!

  69. Bradford Cole


  70. Lawrence Oden

    What kind of guitar is Chris playing?

  71. Raphael Silva

    Jesus culture, é incrível como suas letras e melodias inspiram milhões de corações! Glória a Deus...

  72. Kristy Stewart

    Thank you for this worship song. At this point in my life this is my prayer closet cry.

  73. leyla google

    support please the difference! the best gospel of this year

  74. Matthew Brent Garcia

    i have a riomatic fever then now i believe i'm healed
    "Your the God of miacles"

  75. Harry Kim

    And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
    Hebrews 11:6 NIV

  76. Abraham Johnson

    I can feel his presence, God help with this issue of breakthroughs which I dearly desire right now.

  77. Sergey Kaverin

    Шикарно! Эпично!

  78. Crystal Ann

    The testimony behind this song makes me cry. Chris and his wife lost their baby at birth. He was born stillborn at 33 weeks. He wrote this song declaring who God is despite of our situations. I cry every time I hear Chris sing this.

  79. Karabo Masoeu

    I need a miracle right now 🙌🏾

  80. Gfmf1093 1093gfmf

    What I would like is to look at you, Jesus son of God, to know what you are saying, but no longer that fire in my heart, the flame died in my heart.

  81. Singo Vision

    I believe in You....Your The God Of Miracles👏👏👏👏

  82. Fiona Muoki

    God is so awesome. I love worship, it's the best high

  83. Sergio Ocampo

    Yo creo en ti eres milagroso Dios

  84. Ryan Austin Dean

    Our 3-month-old was in the hospital, struggles due to a virus that attacked his body. His doctor told us he had a 50/50 shot of surviving. We cried and prayed along with this song, believing that God would show up. It lifted our faith when we needed something, anything to pick us up.

    Two years later, our son is healthy and happy, but I still return to this song every week. It still moves me to God.

    Jason and Chelsea

    That's so awesome Ryan!!


    Hallelujah!! By the way, Jesus healed 65% of the time he was ministering to the people, he heals all, are you part of all? Yes we are! So, I would say to you by the power of the kingdom invested in me, be you and yours healed! If you believe this, than Jesus healed you. If you are a nay sayer you will not be healed. By your faith you are made whole, or by no faith you are less sick, but if I could stir up a little faith in you, God the creator would heal everything, your marriage, your relationship with your children, your relationship with your enemies, most of all your relationship with him. What we have done, we give God an hour a week, but we give the ball game the weekend, we give hunting, fishing or hobbies our lives. Seek ye first, translated: he is first in all things, if he's not the sick will die, those that think they are saved are unsaved. Scripture says we reject the love from the savior. God will not be last in anything. He is and he always will be the rule by how we live our lives. He doesn't suggest that you stop making mistakes, we are under a mandate, scripture says after we have met him and he has placed his spirit in us, we are not to continue in sin, God forbid. Not allowed. You strain at a gnat and you swallow a camel, this means you believe man's religion but you do not believe God. We must be born from above, Christ in us. Jesus is kind, and gentle and inhabits the love of God. God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Ghost the spirit or the nature that has never failed. If these three things which are one are not found in you, well you understand. Praying will not save you, throwing scriptures at God will not save you, you must know the savior. That word know means him in you, without that we are lost.

  85. Malik Antoine

    What is good for you to learn about God and Jesus in Christ the lord

  86. Eliseo Rosario

    Estee Grupo Me Encanta Aunq Estee Al Ingles Igual Mee Gustaaa

  87. Thaís Cristina


  88. nitrinho

    Nice banglow!

  89. Yolande van Heerden

    This amazing song just touches my soul and heart every time I listen to it

  90. валера

    Hi! I don't know English!
    I will write only this: good

  91. Joshua Wenceslaus

    the one who puted death in its place...whoooooh JESUS

  92. W Andrew

    Thank you Jesus Culture for this wonderful song. Praise the Lord our God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. God bless you All team... and all his children who listen to this song now. I ask my God, the one who is faithful even to the unfaithful, to do a miracle to all those who are in need of a miracle today. The God of all miracles, the God who raised the dead to life is going to do a miracle in your lives. Praise God. Amen

  93. Keziah Bermudez

    only i will say "God is powerful"

  94. Justin Lim

    I hope for that people who believe that beyond all that fleeting miracles that is possible, the biggest one and the only miracle that matters is a transformed life from sin and shame to an eternal hope beyond our present sufferings, disabilities and despair.

  95. Michael Pritchett

    Chris Quilala looks so much like Barry Williams when he was younger as Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch.

  96. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God

    Mrs.Rose in Jesus name AMEN

  97. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God

    Stephen Cerio I AM WELL it's okay in JESUS name AMEN I LOVE YOU father in heaven forever I will praise God in Jesus name in the power of the holy spirit AMEN