Jesus And Mary Chain, The - Something I Can't Have Lyrics

You're in my house you're in my face
You made me hate the human race
I got it good I got it strong
I got it down where it belongs
Aw it's sick and oh it's sad
I think you're something I can't have
Penetrate the happy place you got me crawling on my face
Come fly with me come lie with me come die with me
And we could kiss with tongues
I've got no place to go you've got no place to go
Aw it's sick and oh it's sad
I think you're something I can't have
To my head you're going to my head
All the things you said
All the things you swore
Are going to my head

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The Something I Can't Have Comments
  1. Eduardo bracamonte alvarez

    stoned and dethroned

  2. harrydean bentzel

    What album is this on

    Vincent Trellu

    This song , I d say this masterpiece is on THE SOUND OF SPEED compilation of B Sides ans covers.
    This album is full of jewels like the covers of Little red Rooster, Tower of Song, My girl....and Many more.
    Buy it
    JAMC are the soundtrack of my life. God bless the Reid Brothers.

  3. Erin McGuire

    Seriously takes me to somewhere else

  4. alterdestiny

    One of the greatest bands in Rock and roll his story

  5. Nicola Acoust


  6. Scott Deckman

    Favorite of theirs.

  7. Peter

    What a great anti-video for another great anti-song from one of the great anti-bands. Love JAMC even more than I did 30 years ago.

  8. John Llewellyn-Jones

    Hey yo Rumsfeld!

  9. Mewt

    loved their lyrics during this period

  10. tommy nowak

    this should ave been in the top ten

  11. go watanabe

    best wrangler denim jacket !!!

  12. Wyleyne

    Acabando de me apaixonar 😍😍
    Virando fã em 3... 2... 1... 🎶💜

  13. Ezra Engler

    Why is this not on Spotify?

  14. Inês Guimarães

    love this band

  15. Pepe Rodriguez

    Grandiosa Cancion ¡¡

  16. rob zambrano


  17. John Batcheller

    It's been 30 years since I was enthralled by The JAMC and they won't let me free, but I'm not complaining. Their songs start at full speed and don't take their foot off the gas, ever.

  18. Olaf Schmidt

    Grand! :-)

  19. strictlynorton

    Reid Brothers = Rock Gods

  20. comrade hermit

    Sometimes I feel like I could live off this band alone. Fuck oxygen.

    My Little Underground TV

    US to Comrade Hermit, JAMC are fav band ever and cant wait for the new album out this month and the tour as well. Thanks for the comment and support

  21. wildenfree1

    whats this from ?

    Sérgio Costa

    The Sound of Speed ep


    ta mate


    @Sérgio Costa Also re-issued on "Hate Rock 'n' Roll" compilation cd

  22. Jim Hinkley

    Just beautiful. Thanks for share
    Man, i wish i could play guitar like William, he's seriously under-rated just like the band. Such a beautiful guitar he plays too; worth $5000-10000 these days. one day i might buy one

    Brandon Gee

    Jim Hinkley a Gibson ES-330 would be around the £3000 mark.

  23. Nicky Zappone

    exudes effortless underrated

  24. Aryo Taheri

    zero dislikes... that's what I like to see on an awesome video like this

    Rory Kennedy

    as good as it gets !

    Rory Kennedy

    there'e always one.. booo !


    now 7, none of em are mine btw I LOVE this band and song sm!!

  25. red drib

    oh man, just the right amount of noisy

  26. Kimberly Simpson

    Feeling distant from the world..

  27. bjonas0725

    God I miss being a stupid teenager, moping around thinking about all the girls that wouldn't go out with me, hanging out with my weirdo friend and listening to nothing but the JAMC.

  28. Tom Nihiski

    "You're in my house you're in my face ... You made me hate the human race" :-) thanks for uploading.

  29. realitychk69

    i miss this band

    wildenfree1 album out in 2017 ...what's to miss ?

    Choco Manger

    How do you miss something that is right here now?

  30. REIK

    Oh yeah great upload thx