Jesus And Mary Chain, The - She Lyrics

She comes undone
Got no fix she had no fun
Tries to shoot holes in the sun
It's got her running
She comes complete
With a switchblade and her speed
But she can't take all this heat
It's got her hiding
But I just don't get her
No I just don't get her at all
She wants to break my fall
She doesn't speak at all

She spends her day
on her knees she likes to pray
You can always hear her say
That life means something
She spends her time
Out of space and out of line
Planning some unholy crime
That comes to nothing

She said
How do you think it feels

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The She Comments
  1. Mark Chase

    One of the best JAMC songs nobody has heard.


    Ah, but those of us who have, keep coming back; just as it has been for the past quarter-century, for some of us.

  2. Bogdan Jaliu


  3. A.M. Azali

    I think of all those cute girls I would see riding the public bus out of downtown to nowhere.

  4. ken sims

    My bird goes nuts whenever I play this song...strange...

  5. Marc Domicello


  6. Jose Cesamildo Cruz Magalhães

    I love this song and this album. Simply unforgettable.

  7. Brice Parow

    superb album!