Jesus And Mary Chain, The - Save Me Lyrics

I feel sick and unholy
My should don't want to know me
I've been living like dirt

Hey lover
I've been touched by another
I guess I'm blowing my cover
I guess I'm blowing my life
Oh save me
Nothing right for me lately
I was wrong but don't hate me
I've been doing it for myself

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The Save Me Comments
  1. phoebe caulfield

    this song should've been in shrek

    phoebe caulfield

    has that sound, please lmk if u feel

  2. Fernando Valcarenghi

    Sound powerful

  3. Snigdhajyoti Das

    Underrated as fuck. One of the best of the dream pop genre.

  4. Luciano H. Bovo

    Awesome super dope!!!

  5. Lena Liljeström

    This is absolutely great

  6. fwaddar