Jesus And Mary Chain, The - On The Wall Lyrics

Unlike the mole
I'm not in a hole
And I can't see anyway
Just like a doll
I am one foot tall
But dolls can't see anyway
The frozen stare
The clothes and hair
These make me taste like a man
Tied to a door
Chained to a floor
An hour glass grain of sand
Life in a sack is coming back
I'm like the clock on the wall
Swim in the sea
Swim inside me
But you can't swim far away
I never grew
Covered up by you
And nothing grows anyway
Life in a sack is coming back
I'm like the clock on the wall

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The On The Wall Comments
  1. Carlos Dominguez

    The Jesus And Mary Chain Brought Me Here.

  2. linda from ga

    So stoned

    Carlos Dominguez

    linda from ga are you from Georgia or General Admission?

  3. Rob graham

    I absolutely love this song.

  4. Idiot Who Edits

    Heroin by The Velvet Underground

    linda from ga

    Idiot Who Edits , yep , it is what it is. Don't you hate that saying?

  5. Andrew Lazin

    The meloncoly 1980's riffs, dark intelligent lyrics, this is their best album and one of the best albums of all time! A masterpiece from start to finish!

    linda from ga

    Andrew Lazin , I agree ! Groovy music! Peace

    linda from ga

    Andrew Lazin , are you in weed legal state? I'm not , but I'm stoned

    Nashima H

    Can't agree that this is their best LP...seems over produced though some good songs including this one. Psychocandy LP for me any day

  6. dibs0equiped

    Chromatics brought me here

    DAKof theOTA

    dibs0equiped Same, never knew that was a cover until I looked into it. I was thrilled to discover the original, I love JAMC

  7. Ayana J

    They really remind me of Mazzy Star and dream pop with this album.

    Lehlila Devandria

    Well Jim Reid did marry Hope Sandoval.

    Andrew Lazin

    I think it is the other way around they were first.

  8. Ayana J

    So sweet.