Jesus And Mary Chain, The - Kill Surf City Lyrics

I love baby and she loves me
I lost my baby in the deep blue sea
I'm gonna turn my trick
Gonna blow your head
Till I'm almost dead

I'm gonna kill surf city with a loaded gun
Got to [?] surf city like a nuclear bomb
I'm gonna fight surf city, got to get it down
I'm gonna kill kill get it down
I got to get, get, surf city

I hate honey and she hates me
But that's the way it's supposed to be
I'm gonna run, gonna run till I hit the sun
Some evil cunt's gonna get my gun

I'm gonna kill surf city, got to get me a gun
Got to fry surf city with a nuclear bomb
Got to get them all day
I'm gonna [?]
Surf city

Here she comes now


Down to the back where the [?] came from

I've gotta sit that mother down

Somebody knows me and I know them

Fuck fuck


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Jesus And Mary Chain, The Kill Surf City Comments
  1. BrekanArts

    @zigCARNIVOROUS The Raveonettes admit the JAMC and the Velvet Underground as major influences and their producer even hired Alan Moulder (who engineered three JAMC records) for the Raveonettes first studio album.

  2. petshopboy75

    I have been into the JAMC for over 20 yrs and personally i think the Raveonettes deserve more credit for their music then you're giving them. RAVE ON!

  3. Leningrad100

    ...when hipsters realize their bands do actually suck.


    This was way before hipsters, stupid.

  4. tommy nowak

    thiis song always reminds me of the ramones

  5. Luis Zavan

    "I hate honey and shw hates me!
    thats the way its suppose to be!"

    fucking brilliant guitar tone