Jesus And Mary Chain, The - Hole Lyrics

This has been my prison
Got no high got no low
This has been religion
Took my heart killed my soul
All I want is a dream
Give me something to dream
Got myself in a scene
Don't know where I've been
All I want is a dream
Something naked and clean
Somebody give me a call
I'm climbing up on the wall
And I want it all
And I need it all
I can't get it
Took my heart and soul
Give them back to me

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The Hole Comments
  1. Christopher Matson

    Sexiest song

  2. Sergej Lovrekovic

    as time goes by this is becoming my favorite album by them, it's like a cool son to darklands. beautiful, gentle, yet full of punk rock attitude <3

  3. Antreas Tripoz


  4. vad64shelby3500

    best band ever

  5. shaxan

    I was always wondering about the straight forward rock'n'rollness of this song, like how the hell can that be achieved?! and by the way, chords sequence is from a Joy Division's song.

  6. Anti Saint

    recycled teenage lust. im not complaining. this song is pretty great too

  7. lele ferrari

    coolest song of JAMC

  8. thoughtcircles

    why is this not longer

  9. yiannis panteleou

    Amazing song about the downward spiral caused by drug addiction.

  10. Pierre Chang

    I have a dream. One day this song will be my country's anthem

  11. arcadiaflorida

    nicely done

  12. Eli Zabloski

    good stuff

  13. AlleyCatChum

    this about sums everything up.