Jesus And Mary Chain, The - God Help Me Lyrics

God help me through this day
God please help me through this day
I'm blind can't see the way
God please help me through this day

I can't take it
I just can't take it anymore

God help me through this day
God please help me through this day
I'm blind can't see the way
God illuminate this day

I can't take it
I just can't take it anymore

I've been waiting longtime
I've been waiting longtime
I've been waiting too long
To see the light

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The God Help Me Comments
  1. Distant Sun

    Personal tribute to the Reid brothers imagined as an outtake from Automatic

  2. simon richardson

    This album is so Sunday morning, lovely. Cheers

  3. Caligula Would Have Blushed

    Love a good collaboration. Shane's particularly good with them.

  4. Phillip H George

    Well Done Bravo!

  5. Cyrus Budd

    this silly,corny images are no less than blasphemy against no one else, but the jesus and mary chain personally...repent,before it's too late....

  6. Joshua McLaughlin

    ya might like the hd video how much is it by joshua michael mclaughlin on youtube similar kinda feel ;) similar kinda content

  7. BrokenBard

    I've also liked them since around 1989-1990, right before Automatic came out (which is their best album, hands down) and I have to disagree...I think this song is amazing but Stoned and Dethroned is one of their worst albums, along with Honey's Dead (which also has only one or two good songs on it).

  8. jamsee1

    Amazing video that belongs well with this song.

  9. Lightbox

    @harlekin0263 nope.

  10. moonpookie

    I love music that sticks like oatmeal in the mornings. This song is stuck in my head and it sounds great everytime! thanks!!!


    @lien0569 Thank you very much

  12. neil dawson

    this is one of shanes best sing songs!

  13. joanofarc666

    THANK YOU for posting this.

  14. Justin

    Great song!

  15. Supersonic Mark

    a little help from JAMC to get ya through the day

  16. theCOOP

    I bought this album back in the day because of the video for Sometimes Always. So I'm listening to it and I hear this voice, this very familiar voice. I think to myself HOLY SHIT!! THIS IS SHANE!!! HE LIVES!! This was the first I heard of him since he left the Pogues and before releasing The Snake (Shane MacGowan & The Popes).


    Thank you very much MamboDogFaceOne ,appreciate that

  18. RothK Wilson

    It's my favorite album and it's so underrated when it's compared to others.

  19. MamboDogFaceOne

    I am flinging stars to you for this beautiful video rendering! I love the visuals you put to this gorgeous haunting song.

  20. stoopidryan8

    @SUNSHINEandSPIRIT i hope it does. :)

  21. paul leys



    No problem Mistymygale79,music heals

  23. Mistymygale79

    I googled exactly what I was thinking, and I got a link to this. Thank you for posting it. I needed it very much.

  24. jekke1980

    I'm going to buy their album. So beautiful....

  25. pboo94

    Things won't always go right for you in life whatever you do but you will always get through it. This song reminds me of so much of myself when I was younger and didn't want to listen to it cos I felt so alone but I never really was. Always hits a nerve but that's music. 'I've been waiting too long
    to see the light' Keep the Faith

  26. I've been feeling very bovine

    They did not lose the edge. I hate Rock N roll was mid 90's. It's got a hell of a lot of edge and this song you are enjoying here has as much edge emotionally as the great, great songs of the almighty Psychocandy.

  27. John Meowzer

    Yeah by this time they sounded like vintage *Stones* like stuff I *love*, "Dead Flowerz", "Moonlight Mile", "Sister Morphene"...brilliant


    sounds like sacrilege to say so.. seeing as how psychocandy is such a wonderful album, but these guys actually got BETTER, by the 90's they'd "lost their edge" maybe , but for christ sake their music actually got "better" for what's that's worth great stuff!


    Thanks pboo,glad you enjoyed the video,great album

  30. pboo94

    Great song,have been a fan of jamc for 20yrs. I think stoned and dethroned is one of their best albums and this a great song.Delighted to see it on YouTube-great video


    Thank you,glad you enjoyed the video

  32. Marcia Cardoso

    Wonderful video; sensitive and strong :-)


    Thank you odinmp5,it is a great album

  34. odinmp5

    great video..
    this comes from one of my favorite albums of all time.
    we have all been there..thanks for uploading.


    No problem,glad you liked it

  36. Victor Von Doom

    I greatly appreciate you posting this song. I have yet to find a song that hits me as hard as this one.....


    thank you,no problem,good luck


    Thank you for those kind words my friend,i appreciate that


    Thanks lenny,its a great song,appreciate your comment.


    Cheers buddy,glad you liked this one :)

  41. 4846steven

    classic george classic... love this video man this is an art on its own merit with these pics you really got it going on here brilliant and a big 5 stars


    So sweet marissa,very complimentary,you are very observant :)


    Thank you kindly suuzzeeglad you liked both song and video:)

  44. suuzzee5

    Awesome video... awesome song!
    Beautifully done... 5*****