Jesus And Mary Chain, The - Fall Lyrics

Fall to my bended knees
Shoving up till I freeze
Falling on down to you
Down down down
So choked up in the dust
Hand held holy lust
Dragging me to her cross
Fall fall fall
So I dragged you down
C'mon drag me down
So it seems to be
So it seems to me
That I just can't fail to see
Falling on down to you
Down down down
Everybody's falling on me
And I'm as dead as a Christmas tree

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The Fall Comments
  1. M4d H4tter

    better than studio version


    i THOUGHT they made this!

  3. DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    This version is best

  4. Sophia Maguire

    Canny believe I've just found out they are a Scottish band, from EK!😂 Love this song too.

  5. Wayne Williams

    This is the John Peel session version

  6. sam bana

    i hope theres a non drum machine version

  7. Ninotchka Antonella

    19 july a ferrara italy!!

  8. Evelien

    Love it ! 

  9. Greg

    "I am as dead as a Christmas tree" love this song.

  10. hexgirlfriend

    love this version

  11. freezerburnt1


  12. svenlittlecross

    i also really like the studio version, if i remember it correctly it has that cool acoustic guitar backing

    this one really kicks ass.. apocalypse on city night x)

  13. pandora craufurd

    "Dragging me to her cross" favourite line in this song

  14. helen4garage

    cadere cadere cadere........down down down

  15. filibertoa85


  16. Michael Urmston

    @auraltube Oh I know, great isn't it. I know some people slag off Darklands but I lovei it...They couldn't be a one trick pony with the feedback but this could go on Psychocandy easily.

    DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    Seven years after your comment and more than 25 since I last played Darklands thru, I still think its their best album.

  17. Supersonic Mark

    beautiful fuzz

  18. Michael Urmston

    Is this a live version? heavier than usual. Great

  19. MusicalXpress

    JAMC - Class act. Never dates.Superb.