Jesus And Mary Chain, The - Come On Lyrics

We've got nothing but that's alright
Nothing could be something if the feelings right
Holding onto something doesn't make it mine
Got to get to heaven but we don't have time

So come on

Bright light city set my soul on fire
Couldn't get me worried couldn't get me higher
Scream for me baby 'cause I'm going down
Got to get to heaven when the sun goes down

So come on

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The Come On Comments
  1. David Cox

    These guys suck! This music is boring and stupid.

  2. Kei Naarr

    This version is so much better and sexier than the album version. Why the heck isn't it on the album?

  3. 1888gp

    great tune ,william always makes simple guitar playing sound amazing

  4. Diego Garcia

    Yeah baby come on'

  5. Zachary Crowe

    Mary walked 100 miles Prego so they could vote if she could not kill her baby born out of wedlock. I think Mary sometimes doesn't get enough acclaim for her part. And what about Joseph? Could you imagine keeping the family together. Being the earthly dad not father of God? That you didn't even get to concieve? The whole family had seemingly impossible odds for their part. I Love and look up to the whole family

  6. Danny Campbell

    So come on and tell me this is not fucking cool...

  7. Onkel Offdose

    The best of the best

  8. SerialGothQueens

    Jim Reid's voice is still so damned sexy.

  9. Buck Jones

    Awesome band!😎😎😎

  10. andy forsythe

    Boring utter shite. Like most of their songs.


    andy forsythe don’t take it so personally

    andy forsythe

    True. Jimmy Reid owes me twety quid from 1985. They were exciting back then. Respect.

  11. Elly Hafwen

    How sooo bliiiime is this! !

  12. mysterytrain14


  13. Lisa P

    sooo Velvet Underground. love it


    Like so many groups... the velvets were true inspiring to many acts that followed :) This is awesome

  14. Toilet Feast

    Some interesting directorial decisions in this video.

  15. Nicky Lamps

    Doesn't get any better than this.

  16. Lynch Stan

    Is it me or does the bass in the video sound a bit deeper than it does on the album?


    the bass was reworked a bit and there is an extended section around 2:18+ that's not on the original album version

    Lynch Stan

    Huh...That's odd. Either way, I prefer this version over the one on the album


    @Lynch Stan same, you could find this one on the 2 singles they put out (orange/blue) for it

    Eric Crawford

    More distortion, nothing else. The Mary Chain love pedantic arse kissers. X

  17. Delsin Reid

    Don't need religion, we can work it out.

  18. mysterytrain14

    Beautiful song !!!!

  19. Public Image Live

    I fucking love JAMC and I love this song but this video is horrible. It's a shame because the shots of JAMC are nice but the cut-aways make me cringe.

  20. yiannis panteleou

    "Scream for me baby,cause I'm going down-got to get to heaven when the sun goes down".

  21. Deanna Dalton

    I fucking love The Jesus and Mary Chain! Seriously fucking love their music!

  22. jockadoobee

    Just remember the lyrics: "Holding onto something doesn't make it mine." Those are words to live by.

    dinmukhamed daurenbek

    what a coincidence, cause I've been deeply reflecting about this lyrics, lol

    Zachary Crowe

    Obviously you're out of your element. Haven't you seen the good dinosaur? I name it I keep it

  23. jakelocker38

    wtf happened to this version on spotify?

  24. sgetti_nbutter

    Nothing can be something if the feelings right

  25. 西牧豊


  26. Nitron DSP

    3 thumbs up XXDDDDDDD

  27. Crashoverall

    this is as good as it gets. 

  28. Tim Robinson

    This is one of my favourite albums of all time. I am marychain.


    Yeah, this album caught me off guard at first as well, but easily one of my favorite albums of theirs next to automatic.


    I didn't know what to think about this album either, but yea, definitely right up there next to automatic.

  29. ministeroffashion

    @Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka - Gaming Garbage

  30. MrNickb1964

    Full blast in the car, ain't no better tune. Love this band. One of the greatest ever.

  31. captaindaring

    Time to refresh the comments. It's too bad that I'm the first in 10 months to proclaim what an awesome song this is. Scotland produced two of my favorite things: Laphroaig and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

  32. smecking

    Being badass, low-key front men? I don't know.

  33. Shoegazer

    Started what?

  34. SerialGothQueens

    Still one of my top 2 all time favorite bands.
    Taught myself to play bass by playing along to their records.

  35. musicismyfuckinlife

    the jesus started it, oasis made it big, they are different, both fucking great

  36. tommy nowak

    just listened to this in traffic fin blastin
    this album is just perfect

  37. tommy nowak

    you can say that again

  38. darkmantis


  39. darkmantis

    This is a great album. I prefer Jamc rocking out, but I also love their slower melodic stuff. Great gems in this album! Most underrated band ever!!

  40. Lawrence Frauens

    Yeah, Stoned and Dethroned is great.

  41. Lightbox

    All the wannabe fans talk of Pscyho Candy over and over and over, Stoned and Dethroned easily rivals that record. Their best song writing and strongest production start to finish.


    I've never heard such crap in my life. Stoned and Dethroned was the sound of the Mary Chain running on empty. This was one of the few passable songs on the fucking thing.


    Mrpublicimagelimited that's like, your opinion, man.. :)

  42. Voyou

    Merveilleux, les filles, les gars, Come on is my top 5 song of JAMC, and Stoned and Dethroned my top five album.
    Gives me strength. Though it is restrained, this song's got underlying strengh, and an absolutely good melody.
    JAMC could have make me believe in Jesus again... if Jim was the new messia.
    Avec un bon feeling, rien peut devenir quelque chose.

  43. pipper titty

    Yeah baby come on. Aw yeah baby cmon. Quality!

  44. emile235

    Jim showing Noel Gallagher how it's REALLY done

  45. Jason Maier

    @RapFanatic4ever yeah . . that was funny . . . "Get in ON! Bang your schlong! with your dong!"

  46. LRjohn65

    Got to love the respect to Elvis....bright light city get set my soul on :53
    Freaking song to jam to.

  47. LRjohn65

    Dhaise.....freaking Stoned and Dethroned is one of the best CD ever. Always in my top 10. I am with ya!

  48. Dom Sansotta

    upload it with the Beavus and Butthead commentarry

  49. M V

    Always nice to see Stoned and Dethroned represented.

  50. nogomet66

    Great quality vid. Love it when the guitar kicks in at 2:15. Keep expecting some howling feedback.

  51. strictlynorton

    Fabulous vid and even better album.