Jesus And Mary Chain, The - Cherry Came Too Lyrics

When she walks towards me
I feel something
Crawl beneath my skin
And all the electric stars are shining
Beneath my skin and
Cherry takes me to the place above
With barbed wire kisses and her love
We're going where the oceans blue
Kick the dust and you can come too
In the light of all my darkest mornings
Things fall into place
And all the soft orange coloured dawnings
Fall into place and
Cherry's scratching like a grain of sand
The trigger itch in the killer's hand
Me and cherry are so extreme
Making love to the sound of a scream
Oh cherry honey you got me stuck on a rope
You got me running around
With the fear in my head for you
And I want you
And I'll give you my head
And all the things it said
And I'll give you my thoughts
If those things weren't lost
And I'll give you my soul
To beat it with your pole
I'm going to give you my head
You could kick it dead
And I'll give you my head
Come on and kick me dead
Come on and push me down
Come on and drag me down
Oh cherry be bad
Come on and kiss my head

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Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cherry Came Too Comments
  1. Eduardo bracamonte alvarez

    Scarlett J. ¡¡¡SUCK AND FUCK OFFF¡¡¡

  2. Fabiana Mellado

    Which is the origin of this video, i've seen it also in Bleed from smashing pumpkins?

  3. JJ J

    I can't stop watching this video, best beach boys meet andy warhol flick ever !

  4. M4d H4tter

    the more I listen to this song, the more I love it

  5. L V

    The mary chain to listen to and Scarlett to look at, could life get any better🙂💋♥️👍

  6. Pepe Rodriguez

    Hermosa cancion, como Cherry Hermosa

  7. 雅雷卡阁楼


  8. wic nong

    this video makes my heart warm

  9. Sean Rhind

    I've seen the jmc 4 times now, good night out, good crack, never seen this lass at the gigs.. Is this Scarlet Johansonn? What a bonny lassie eh?? I'd cut off my pinky to say hello to her .. oh darklands good album too.. pretty out the game here so ignore my comment....unless you're the lass in the video

  10. Egle Pocito


  11. diego sosa

    Gran grupo !!!!!

  12. Johnny Trash

    Warhol montage-Velvets inspired Jesus and Mary's son..ave maria


    Ave Maria.

  13. Nicholas Carlton

    Cherry is my Apple Pie

  14. genki2genki

    Fuck the feedback. This is the one.

  15. li5andr0

    album: Darklands (1987)


    and a bloody good album it is too