Jessie James Decker - Lights Down Low Lyrics

You and me we're sitting in the kitchen
6 PM, should I make a reservation?
No, let's stay home
'Cause I'm good with pancakes for dinner
I'm in your t-shirt and we're playing Lynyrd Skynyrd
Oh, let's stay home

Baby turn the lights down low
We ain't got no place to go
Turn on the stereo
Barefoot, dance with me now, dance with me now
Turn on the disco ball
Kiss me up against the wall
Laughing so hard we fall
Cause this is our night
Gonna turn all the lights down low
Take it real, take it real, take it real slow
'Cause this is our night
Gonna turn all the lights down low

Run a bath and pop a little champagne
I, I love the way we celebrate
Oh, 'cause you know
That I'm good with watching old movies
Playing footsie, ah under new sheets
Oh, let's go!


No need to take me downtown
When we're having this fun and no one's around
We know what happens here
When the lights go down, the lights go down
Lights go down, the lights go down


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Jessie James Decker Lights Down Low Comments
  1. KGS 1925

    This woman is vile. So is her mother. They both disowned her brother John and his wife Ali, not to mention their newborn baby girl. All John wanted is his biological father to be part of his baby girl's life. The evil mama raised them to hate their biological father because she wanted to be married to another man. The two daughters fell for her lies,but John was very young when she destroyed their family, so he was trying to have a relationship with his real father. Apparently, Jessie and her mother are straight up bitches.

  2. Mary Espinoza

    Love her voice and her and Eric’s love for each other ❤️

  3. MissHolly60

    Great song👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Avon Mass

    I'm from Say yes to the dress !! I'm starting to love her.

  5. Rod Ward

    Gorgeous....beautiful....stunning. And the song isn't bad either.

  6. Phoebe James

    Love this song

  7. Elvis Da Silva Q.R.A SAFADÃO

    Parabéns 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾ficou muito BAO ❤😘😻😍

  8. Jay rose

    He is so hot

  9. Sheila Russell

    This is great. Love her and her family. Good people. Love her voice!!!!!😇

    KGS 1925

    She's not "good people". She and her mama disowned her brother John and his wife Ali, not to mention their newborn baby girl. Why? Because he wanted his biological father to be part of his baby girl's life. How, petty, selfish and bitchy are they? I'll answer that question.....they are both totally controlling, self centered assholes.

  10. R. Margarita

    Couple goals! ❤🙏

  11. john knowing

    DAM she is SUPER HOT!!! Great singer also

  12. cbxade

    Oooh i think Jessie is my new love

  13. rebornmommy2030

    i this song is for my boyfriend

  14. sutita streeter

    The best song.

  15. Rachel Hizar

    Baby let's turn the lights down low..🎶

  16. Philip Lee

    There is every reason to go "downtown" after all that touching and cuddling.

  17. Vince Gedeon

    She's 🔥 but too bad the music is total shit garbage and she cant sing lol

    Isabella Wieczorkiewicz

    Vince Gedeon Keep your opinions to yourself please and thank you

    KGS 1925

    @Isabella Wieczorkiewicz STFU. Please and thank you.

  18. Katsi Natsi

    I don't know if anyone in this comment section read the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day but they're like. . . the real-life versions of Gideon and Eva!

  19. vida Soto

    I miss this show so much

  20. Chelly Diaz

    Love this song

  21. Mrs Morrison

    Love this. Can't wait for your next album x

  22. Candy Apple

    Why are you so beautiful???

  23. Il Valentino

    Happy retirement to Eric Decker!!!

  24. Nancy Loyal

    Dammmm! He is fine!

  25. Darin Price

    She is the sexiest woman in country music. Reminds me of Shania Twain in the early years.

  26. Alex McCormack

    Great song Jessie 👍👍👍 🤟🤟🤟

  27. Monica Flores

    My favorite strong marriage couple!

  28. Aven turine

    ❤ lovely couple !

  29. casheia marcciana


  30. Oceane Ramsamy


  31. Nijia Johnson

    How did this not hit number 1

  32. marisa parra

    Marriage goals!! I love watching y’all on tv I miss it

  33. Keenan K

    The guy is hotter then her.

  34. Humble World

    This is a very beautiful married couple. Jesse have no other man, but her husband who is my favorite receiver in the NFL. 💯

  35. Tuca - Angélica Schreiber

    Meu Deus! Ela lembra muito a Simone da dupla Simone e Simaria!/ OMG! she recalls a Brazilian singer named Simone! o.O

  36. bryant estes

    I love there TV show

  37. bryant estes

    I love her and there almost 3 baby's

  38. Ashley Alvarez

    blah I love them ! #goals

  39. Dead Space

    Love it. And you have my last name Decker! Your the best.

  40. LW Ma2K9

    Her husband is super hot! I was sad to hear he left the Broncos.

  41. Angelyn Malone

    Eric looks like my crush Alex from my school

  42. Angelyn Malone

    You guys are such a cute couple

  43. Shawn Hawkins

    This is horrible, boring, predictable drivel. Wow, a country bitch singing about how horny she is, how original.

  44. Paul S. Kearns

    Music and artist I can appreciate. Aspire to inspire before you expire exudes her music, believable passion...😎

  45. Donna Walther

    Another great song

  46. Alejandra Pozos

    Relationship #GOALS 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. BloozeDaddy

    it's not every day you hear "pancakes" in a song....probably for a good reason

  48. Michelle Grasby

    She is such a good singer, love their show. Eric Decker is super good looking, lucky lady!

  49. אפרת אהרונוביץ

    So beautiful couple, So beautiful song!!! Love ya 💟🙂

  50. gunfighter46

    How is this called country? It's pop rock!

  51. David V

    Shes boy crazy 😜

  52. Josh Meadows

    Eric is the luckiest man a wife like her and plays for the titans

  53. Alicia Salas

    Looooooove the song lights down low

  54. Edna obenschain

    I just love jessie and eric aint to bad himself. But its her personality, her charm, her love, opassion. She always puts everybody before her and thats why we as the ppl need to support her and jessie

  55. cloudzinmyize

    Lights Down Low but it's 9am , doesn't make sense. Theme would have been better at sunset or something to where they could turn the lights down. smh

  56. Jennifer Florero

    You guys are goals af

  57. Maria

    They are a perfect couple!

  58. Linda Lam

    Jessie and Eric are the most two lovely couple! I watch their show! They are really relationship goals! The way she looks at her husband and the way he looks at her makes my heart melt, It just reminds me of how much I love my boyfriend! Because I love to just turn the lights down low with him!

  59. stacey dylewsky

    cutest couple ever

  60. Jennifer Martinez

    husband and marriage goals af

  61. shashauno


  62. Meagen Reyes

    Why do I feel like she's the vocally better  version of Taylor Swift lol I think it's this song it gave me a lil taylor swift vibe hahaha not hating on Tay tay, I love her too, I just compared them thru their technicality as singers hihi

  63. Joan of arc 1

    They are so sweet together

  64. Dylaan McEwen

    Beautiful song

  65. Kimberly Amely

    She reminds me so much of Jessica Simpson (in a good way )

  66. Amy T.

    I love them. So happy their show is coming back!

  67. xoxo, Adriana

    they are so adorable

  68. M F

    She's strong...

  69. Bill Cenne

    her husband signed with the Tennessee Titans. he turned down a chance to play in his home state of minnesota for the vikings because they think they are too good for minnesota, being big stars and all...........

    Elway Moran

    Bill Cenne or is it cause they already have a house in Nashville

  70. Vanessa Flury

    love the butt slap at 2:06

  71. Krysta

    Does this remind anyone else of "With You" by Jessica Simpson?

  72. justin asuao

    am i the only one that thinks she looks like celine dion? lol


    You're the only one.

    Sybarite Sphynx

    Lol no.

    Haley Kaitlyn

    D'Ascoyne lol 😂


    Literally all I want in life..

  74. johnNYgoesLA

    this video makes me feel like a creeper

  75. Trevor Pierce

    not really a country fan but this is a pretty good song.

  76. Sil

    I love youuuuuuu

  77. Fantazia Jeruski

    This video is so sexy

  78. laineymariebeauty

    WHY is this not on the radio? So good!! Love her songs.

  79. Ashley Miller

    they are relationship goals!

  80. martha haludilu

    this video is just awesome. makes me smile every time

  81. Sav Masters

    if I EVER wanted a couple to stay together, it's them, more than anybody! perfection 😍😍

  82. Cynthia Atchoukeu

    Wow the way she and her husband love and look at each other is mesmerizing.

  83. lori sherman

    I love this song

  84. Kelly Icke

    I am a huge fan of Jessie, this past week or two was so hard for me because I had a break up right before Valentine's Day. I found myself with a desire to avoid social media (seeing happy couples together would bring flashbacks of guilt and pain to me for feeling like I lost the love of my life.) But no matter what amount of hurt I am in, when I see these two bouncing around and giggling about who knows what, it reminds me of the love I had with him. The realest moments of life between two people, pure bliss. Even if it wasn't meant to be for me, it warms my heart that Jessie shows us how special her family is and enjoys spending time just so full of love with them. She is so blessed and an amazing wife and mother. Jessie, if you ever read this you are my inspiration.

  85. Bebe Ayompe

    Éric and Jessie game on!!!

  86. Ana Sofia Gonzalez


  87. shontapl

    such a cute couple

  88. Silly Mee

    Loved it! Even better knowing they're married in real life!

  89. Sandy Battles

    Wow!! These two are relationship goals, I love this song <3

  90. Tense Sence

    what a beautiful music video ♡ so unique and REAL! xoxo

  91. Tiffany Alvarado

    Omg the ending ❤️❤️🤗

  92. OMG - Oh My Guide!

    wow-From Bangladesh!

  93. Chris M

    This song should be called, "I look so good (with you)"


    lol that's so true and funny at the same time :D

  94. Skeeter Peeter


  95. Jasmineeee22

    Literally couple goals

  96. Ingrida Buskeviciene

    u look nice į likę the Sony lights down low

  97. Krissy Normano

    thr sweet lvv thm