Jessica Sutta - Let It Be Love Lyrics

(Turn the lights on)

Is it you, the love that I've been waitin' for?
Call my name, say it loud and clear
Is it true that I don't have to wait no more?
Cause until I hear your voice, I'll be here
I swear I ain't go other way

Someone's knocking at the door right now
Dear God, please let it be love
So long I've been waiting for right now
Oh God, please let it be love
Let it be love (let it, let it, let it be love, love, love)
Dear God, let it be love (let it, let it, let it be love, love, love)
Dear God, why can't you let it be love?

Can you please, give me a sign tell me you real
A part of me, thinks I'm hearin' things
Wanna believe, I swear it's like I can almost feel, almost feel
But if I open up my heart then I reveal
Wounds that only love can heal

Someone's knocking at the door right now
Dear God, please let it be love
So long I've been waiting for right now
Oh God, please let it be love
Let it be love (let it, let it, let it be love, love, love)
Dear God, let it be love (let it, let it, let it be love, love, love)
Dear God, why can't you let it be love?

It's alright, don't keep me hittin' and results may vary
All I need is you, me and a stereo
Someone's knocking at the door right now
Someone's close to be all on the floor right now
Can you guess who?
Yes you, you should be so blissful
And I ain't even met you but I already miss you
I guess Cupid be on that bullshit
You need to get a pistol
A grenade or a missile
Can't wait til I get you
We can make it official

Someone's knocking at the door right now
Dear God, please let it be love
So long I've been waiting for right now
Oh God, please let it be love
Let it be love (let it, let it, let it be love, love, love)
Dear God, let it be love (let it, let it, let it be love, love, love)
Dear God, why can't you let it be love?

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Jessica Sutta Let It Be Love Comments
  1. Belinda Stallard

    I love this song and Jessica's voice

  2. Oliver Paul

    Amo demais, tocava muito aqui nas boates de Fortaleza! ❤️

  3. Alonso Karel

    PCD reunion brought me here!!!
    Amazing Jess!

  4. Ixmael Vicente


  5. Findrs Keeprs

    Bring the song back on Itunes and Spotify I need to buy and listen to it!!!!! Plz 😭😭😭

  6. Vy Vy

    This is beautiful!


    The song at the origin of "Praying".

  8. warnerr100

    а почему у них ребёнок - мулат?

  9. Lucky Blacky

    I sooo loveee it! You are such a TALENT Jess!

  10. Gabriel Flores

    WOW I love the song and MV WOW, I like it

  11. MusicLove3000x

    so underrated 💟

  12. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Guys! "I SAY YES" album is finally coming! Support J! Out March 3rd! :)

  13. Broken Dreams

    I don't understand the music video.

  14. Ashal Rowland

    Jessica love you so much 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  15. Ravi Bajaj

    I like smoke

  16. Aitana 28

    I love you Jessica

  17. BrunoByoe

    beautiful message. Love so much...😊😊😊😊😊💓💓💓💓

  18. Alvin Del Rey

    Everyone, Lady Red is in the remix music video of this song but I love both versions ❤️

  19. distortion300

    big up SX on prodution


    trust me

  20. bola

    I just came here for the video star thing

  21. Blink Freud

    lovely and beautiful!

  22. Reckless Savage

    The little girl in the video is so cute!

  23. Isabella Lino

    This needs to be more popular, omg

  24. aintnobodygottimefadat

    wait the bumm married them?

  25. Diana fayyumi

    This song is beautiful, her voice is beautiful !! Jessica is really talented!!

  26. Andres Salvatore

    These lyrics are everything ♥

  27. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Sharin it to reach 100K! Let's go! ♥

  28. LPSFriends Rose [dead]

    THIS Made Me Cry OMG I LOVE IT

  29. Under Boi

    Hey Jess! You should change this name to J Sutta too cuz it will be in the album ♥

  30. Я Хулиганка

    so cute puppy

  31. Ferny

    what the hell is up with dad? why is he following her???

    Reckless Savage

    to see what his daughter is up too since he probably would disappear whenever they would argue


    @. But she's like 16 or 17 (when he follows her) I'm pretty sure she can take care of herself. Why didn't he follow her when she was 7 and leaving the house???

    Reckless Savage

    +Ferny Fernz because that's when he actually saw her cry after he was arguing with her step mom, he got worried and followed her to see if she was okay. Her biological mom most likely died and the dad took his anger out on his current wife for years, often neglecting his own daughter in the process. The little girl saw that and grew up feeling alone so she found kindness in strangers and shared love when she was not given any since she didn't want anyone to feel same way she did. The video also shows later on her kindness was rewarded when the homeless man goes on to marry her and the blonde girl who helped her when she was being bullied as a little girl. The reason why I think that's her real dad is because he went out looking for her instead of the mom doing it. Plus she looks more like him then the step mom. If the step mom was her biological mom most likely she would have been the one to go out looking for her. Her father was way more in tune with her feelings then the step mom which makes sense. One of them has to be her biological parent since its obvious she is half black.

  32. hklaurent

    how can Jessica get more explosure that she deserves? what a waste if no one cares about her amazing music

    Nate Sinclair

    +hklaurent she deserves everything! so talented! Her album is coming and Feline Resurrection song is getting a lot of attention! It would help to new fans to discover her old songs too! She's amazing! :) WE care about her music ♥

  33. Michelle Hammerle

    Their lesbian but how is it like that I don't get it and the dog is a fantastic actor so was the girl

  34. Under Boi

    Everything u do is amazing! Love wins ♥ Always

  35. CrystleGaming

    I love the music vid! I can sing it right now: Let it be love! let it be love! can't you let it be love? kk If I did not sing it right then I'm sorry... but I love it where the little girl Helps people around the city

  36. MusicBlue22

    she should've just stuck with this instead of that feline resurrection bullshit

  37. Linidarni Gurumayum

    wow little girl and their family was so great

  38. dolphinguy32

    hey qween brought me here, wow I am very impressed!

  39. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Fans que hablen español! Sigannos, fans club de Jessica para latinoamerica! :)

  40. MOSTAZZAmusic

    I listen to this song almost 100 times a day. So beautiful. I Love the beat and lyrics! Go Jess, this is your year!

  41. Ruben de Groot

    wheres lady red?

    Nate Sinclair

    in the remix version! ;)

  42. Soochz Kookoo

    This is beautiful! Real Music!

  43. Jenifer Muniz

    Always be fair the whole or any form of love.
    Jess inspires me <3

  44. pascal durieux

    I really like your voice and perfect echos and play with the male voice.Lovely melody, though I personally don't like the continuous voice in the back ground which seems synthetic ,it might be symbolic of the everlasting background love in our life.,or does it.All the same,it  does not stop me from liking it very much,Well done, Jessica.

  45. Bruh95

    Brasil o/

  46. rafasuxx

    SOO beautiful <3

  47. Lumi Bustamante

    This was amazing! Beautiful.

  48. Hellnogizmo

    We need more of this in the world.. :)

  49. Leonardo Calinni

    Jess Brazil love u <3 <3

  50. Alicia Renee

    So did not expect the end! But either way this video was absolutely beautiful, as was the song!! Wow...well done Jessica!! <3

    Broken Dreams

    Alicia Simpkins I didn't understand the video.

  51. fabius tube

    really cool song and video jessica <3

  52. Brandon Paredes

    Jessica omfg this video is amazing

  53. FuckThisShitOfficial

    Please Jess put the Dave Aude remix here too!! Amazing song!!!

  54. art1ej

    also jessicas music is the best solo material from the pcd's....

  55. art1ej

    i like that the little girl went out & did things for people due to her situation at home...i hate how always the man is the abusive one when women are just as violent...

  56. Carol M

    I love this song <3 The video is great and has a beautiful message. I can't wait to see what's coming next. Go Jess! #FelineResurrection #LetItBeLove

  57. Lil Retsiz

    Love it.You deserve more viewers..

  58. Jonas Almeida

    Gennnte! Que vídeo lindo de se ver! *--*
    Família GLS 💙

  59. Daniel Costa

    Beautiful video. <3

  60. Mario Vision

    Nice song & beautiful inspiring videoclip with meaning.. <3
    #LetItBeLove <3

  61. Igor Fernando

    Dear God, please Let it be love <3

  62. Feeh Henriq

    Oh boy, i'm crying, that's so beautiful

    Alessia Asturaro

    Feeh Henriq I agree😭😭😭😭 it's so freaking beautiful😭😭❤

  63. BrunoByoe

    Amo esse vídeo, gente vamos levantar as tags #JessicaSutta #LetItBeLove no Twitter, para dar mais força ao single, conto com vocês! A Jess merece isso!

    faeco social

    @BrunoByoe verdade se fizessem isso, seria muito bom para ela!

  64. Carlos Manoel

    Linda musica e lindo clipe!
    Jessica Sutta maravilhosa <3

  65. ariana tordjman

    That sweet little girl became a lesbian

    Daniel Paro

    @Seri Debby that sweet little girl who always spread love became a happy woman who found the love she deserved.

    ariana tordjman

    Thats cute but the only reason it happened because of her parents


    @Seri Debby no can can just become a lesbian...i can't believe people still think like this in 2015...

    ariana tordjman

    Oh shut up ppl can become lesbians like u know gosh some ppl are stupid

  66. Gabriel Ragiuk

    Lindo ❤

  67. David Norris

    Let it be love ;)! <3 xo

  68. חן שמלאשוילי ויצמן

    שיר טוב

  69. Daniel Paro

    #LoveWins   #LetitBeLove

  70. vodkapcd1

    Where r u Jess? 
    <3 <3 <3

  71. UlissesSutta

    Sólo faltaste tu, para que fuera perfecto!
    aún así lo amo!

  72. Andrey Duarte

    beautiful! You really deserved more space at the Pussycat Dolls! I rather listen to your vocal than Nicole . Xoxo Jess


    I agree with you!! 👍

  73. Nick Davis

    Nice :)

  74. Alessio Caiaffa

    Love this video!

  75. Fabricio Lopes

    Amei o clipe a musica a historia amei tudo parabens jessica você e uma rainha

  76. Sandro Lucio

    Chorei que linduh!!

  77. Angel Diablo

    Very good song!! Well done Jessica.

  78. Jillboard100

    The little dog is an awesome actor...


    Thats Starr. Jessica's dog.

    Igor Fernando

    @Jillboard100 hahah I totally agree! <3 Starr

    Woody Tran

    @windlife omg u just woke me up. thats starr

    Manal Cali

    Agreed. 😍😽😽😽

  79. Fredd Wyatt

    Excelente vídeo Jess, te amo 💜

  80. Octavio Villa

    Where is Jessica ? =_=


    She will be on the mv remix versions.

  81. Branko Toledo

    Love it! :D

  82. Sue Santos

    Oh God, almost crying here...

  83. luisreloade16

    Amazing job Jessica

  84. Mariano O'hara

    I follow you for so many years :') 
    so proud & u getting girl ♥

  85. Heidi Rumpf

    That was so fucking beautiful

  86. Jose Rodriguez

    At least Jessica should have played the mom...

    Nate Sinclair

    @Jose Rodriguez remix videos are coming and she wil be on those versions!


    Jessica I fucking love it!

  88. Nate Sinclair

    What a message! What a video and song!! Go Jess!! Thanks for your music!! <3 I'll share it with every1!

  89. Mi Mundo Sims

    I love it <3

  90. Daniel Paro

    love it <3

  91. georgiamjpcdbsb

    i love it!so proud of you Jess!love from Greece!<333


    WOW What a awesome song and amazing beautiful video! 
    I share it with pleasure.
    Ron ~ _Youtubesingers_

  93. Igor Fernando

    My idol <3 So proud! Love u. #LetItBeLove