Jessica Sutta - Forever Lyrics

You make me feel high when I feel low
Take away my pain, make it no more
Make me feel good all over
Take over my body if you want to
You can change my life if I let you
Things ain't the same when I miss you
I go out of my way just to have you
Put it all on the line if I have to

Cause I, I, I love this feeling you give to me
And I, I, I want this feeling forever
Cause I, I, I love this feeling you give to me
And I, I, I want this feeling forever
I want this feeling forever

I want this feeling forever
I want this feeling forever

I love this feeling
I probably won't sleep 'til tomorrow evening
Fucking with you would be bad for my health
You make me happy when I'm out of breath
And I know, I should probably leave you
But I always run back cause I really need you
And if I lost it all, I'mma lose it, I love the way you do me

Cause I, I, I love this feeling you give to me
And I, I, I want this feeling forever
Cause I, I, I love this feeling you give to me
And I, I, I want this feeling forever
I want this feeling forever

I want this feeling forever
I want this feeling forever

(I want this feeling forever)
You make me feel high
You make me feel high
You make me feel high
You make me feel high
I want this feeling forever
You make me feel high
You make me feel high
You make me feel high
You make me feel high
I want this feeling forever

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Jessica Sutta Forever Comments
  1. LOUI J

    Her voice is amazing. I’ve been listening to her songs non stop after PCD reunion

  2. Manny Covers

    Just finished watching/listening to her “show me” that came out in 2011.

    This song is the second song I’ve heard from her outside of PCD and omg.. the GLOW-UP is REAL😍😍😍
    This song is so damn good! Like I have it on repeat. Don’t know why I’ve never heard it before.

  3. Kevin

    Go Jessica !!!!

  4. Dennisz Thomissen

    thank you netflix, thank you scream for finding this song ❤️

    Jessica Sutta MX

    Get ready, she's coming 😉


    Wow 🤩

  6. inthesilentplanet

    This is an amazing song ! How it didn't blow up is beyond me !

    luis jaco

    it hit number 1 in dancing chart billboard

  7. DcHumongous C

    She looks like Gwen Stefani here

  8. Luan Leão

    Now with the pcd comeback I hope people recognize more Jessica songs, they are one of the best songs

  9. Alonso Karel

    PCD reunion brought me here!!!
    Amazing Jess!

  10. Lukasz Minge


  11. 7ito The Gaymer

    Seriously all these women are talented. How was Nicole the only singer. Jessica Sutta was my fav doll from day 1

  12. Nate Sinclair

    stream I Say Yes album! 💘

  13. bari baroory

    is she talking about cocaine? "I should probably leave you, but I only come back cuz I really need you" "If I lost you all I'ma lose it cuz I love the way you do me"


  14. Natasha

    I think her voice and music has gotten way better after the years. This song is catchy and great dance production track.

    Nate Sinclair

    u r right! her whole album I Say Yes is amazing!

  15. Luis klove

    LOVE you 😍😍😍😍

  16. Axle Wavey

    She looks so familiar!!! ??

    T Hawkins

    Axle Wavey pussycat dolls

  17. Jessica Haynes


  18. ramiro Freak

    este tema tendría que haber sido viral, es excelente! ya quiero nuevo disco de ella!

  19. Jose Miguel UE


  20. Elías Benson


  21. paul bkk

    Pussycat dolls

  22. Luan Leão

    I want this feeling forever

  23. DJ Rodrigo Caric

    Queen ISY is everythingggg

  24. Carlos Roldan


  25. Ronald Blanchard

    I love it she has been making a name for herself hope she keeps up the terrific work

  26. Fernie Sanders

    there's a song with a similar beat to this one and i can't remember the name only the beat that's like this one kms

  27. Nicole Mar

    PCD 😍 forever

  28. Darrin A

    I love it

  29. Maryam Taimur

    Jessica is so pretty people need to see exactly like she is at the end of this video she looks better without makeup .... and some day light ....

  30. Clarice Travis

    Hi J Setta

  31. Demetrius Coleman

    Jessica is the only doll that actually made it in my eyes. Her music has evolved her sound her look I love it. She was always my fav pcd

  32. Tudor Profir 1984

    And Gush U Sooooooooooooo SEXXXY

  33. Tudor Profir 1984

    Jess. I BELIEVE I YOU...

  34. amanecerain

    *This is wonderful~*

    *And the Shawn Wasabi Remix too <3*

  35. Kate Houk

    she's so beautiful I can't get over how pretty she is like wow 😍

  36. 2cool2jool

    How is this song not popular?? I heard it last yr and thought it wud blow up wtf?!

    I Am Lost

    timkimy same

  37. sitti sabaria

    fuck this song

    scott cooper


    Fuck You.

  38. sushivelvet美的

    I love this. but I think Shawn Wasabi remix was a bit better

  39. Nilmar Silva

    I am falling in love with this music!

  40. Julio Hernandez

    she's so fucking good, so underrated

  41. leah green

    I had such a good time meeting this cutie at her album release party last week. Great job finally hearing your music and i LOVE it:) yaaaaay!!

  42. Gabriel Flores

    I love this song

  43. Troy Nall

    i really like your UV makeup at 1:06. caught my mind's eye. nice.

  44. SeaJura

    Her DEBUT ALBUMS is out this freaking FRIDAY!!!! Don't forget to check that!

  45. Emilio Ceja

    Shawn wasabi (sssshawnnnn) anyone?

  46. Nate Sinclair

    Everyone!!! Order J Album I SAY YES! Out March 3rd😎 are you READY?!!!!!!

  47. Under Boi

    Waiting for I SAY YES!!! 3.3 come fast please!

  48. Rick Rock

    My diva! You are a perfect girl!

  49. Jazmin Lawson

    I want your style forever

  50. Jeremy Ceniza

    I am now obsessed with this song haha

  51. Eirini Papagianni

    Yo, suga how you get so fly? xD

  52. Vinícius Martinho


  53. Charles XI The Holy

    So... Good song, but not as cool as songs of Pussycat Dolls!

    Under Boi

    Do you work for Pussycat dolls?

    Charles XI The Holy

    Not, unfortunately!

  54. DjDeb bond

    DjDebUsa would go out if my way to have u 2 Jessica.xoxo
    As always great job on music video!!

  55. Anur Anur


  56. Bloo2u

    try this in 1.25 speed

  57. Alan Gabriel Galvan

    quien vino por shawn wasabi?

  58. Marlo Alvarez

    Love this song. The beat is so hot!

  59. arseniy

    Winamp forever!

  60. Nicolas Magana

    gosh I fell in love with her in the pussy cat dolls

  61. J wolfe

    we got this but they still like chainsmokers closer...

  62. MOSTAZZAmusic

    I want your music FOREVER ♥

  63. toontownlegomaster

    she looks scary

  64. timdfbb

    She's underrated asf

  65. Monique Ellison

    i love the lyrics

  66. RickySals

    I wish this song was everywhere

    J wolfe

    Well i heard it in tv shows n clubs

  67. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Pre-order "Distortion" the new single guys! ♥ We're so close to I Say Yes!!!*-*

  68. Midnightroar

    oh my gosh i love this song too much

  69. Arif

    2 million views?? I'm very ready for her to be relevant again!!

  70. Shady Fungus

    Caution! Video my cause you to jump up out your seat and dance! Or have a seizure.

    Darriel Louie Catungal

    I danced to it...then I realised that I was in class.

  71. *_Another Introvert_*

    Edmpire brought me here

  72. João Riky

    otima musica

  73. Ruby Castillo

    Really miss the pussycat dolls:(

  74. hey stop that

    Shawn Wasabi ☺️

  75. Bruno Lopes

    Jess ❤

  76. KTBEverlasting

    I'm glad she's consistent with music. The others besides Nicole seem almost non existent.

    Victoria Mork

    check out melody thornton

    Andrés ss

    check ashley roberts too she release an album and amazing singles


    Ashley is big in the UK

  77. BrunoByoe

    2milhões babys.

  78. What Kent Wears

    where is she when pcd on top

  79. Ismael Gadelha

    o premio de melhor pessoa merecido apenas por este video clipe

  80. Leilani C

    wasn't this a snapchat filter?

  81. Ankedo Hindi

    Who is here from Scream Tv-series?

  82. seventhseance

    Saw her performing this at SF pride today! Amazing set and I'm obsessed with her music.

  83. justin south

    literally saw her today love her!! we talked in person

  84. Nate Sinclair

    2M here we gooooo!

  85. Victor Chidera

    Who came here from mtv scream

    Victor Chidera

    +Pixel Prince episode 4 in the Begining

    Shane Wicher

    Hd Da Obvious stupid troll is stupidly obvious. Be more clever.

    Alexander Evans

    Hd Da you are a discharge stain
    off you fuck little one !!! 😂😂

  86. Canal Excluido

    Aqui e brazil DNZ porraaaaaa

  87. Santi

    Feline Resurrection best album of 2015! I Say Yes will be the best of 2016!

  88. She-Ra Princess of Power

    Sutta this is good!

  89. Dailibeth A. Mellado

    I'm here from the Instagram of Cristine/Simply Nailogical.
    I'm the only one?

  90. Famous Dezi

    My Favorite Song Now In 2016 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💕💓💓💍💍💜💜💚❤❤💄💄💄

  91. Igor Fernando

    2 millions views! Yessss.

  92. Charles Sevigny

    What not 2 Million Views yet!!??


    JESSICA LUV YA !!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Ronwaldo Laciste

    She deserve all of these
    Good luck

  95. Raul Garza

    I keep hitting replay lol!