Jessica Sutta - Distortion Lyrics

Feel the distortion
Cut through your veins
Fuck it up, fuck it up now
Crush me with the 808's
Ceilings are breaking
So high we could fly
Make it rough, make it rough now
Forget about a reason why

We are one and the same
Dancing close to the edge
Feel the hit your brain
Take it right to the head

We do what we want, turn that shit on
Cause I wanna feel more than I ever felt before
We do what we love, turn that shit up
Cause I wanna feel more, more, more
(Make, make, make, make, make it rough now)

Now that we're moving
Cut to the chase
Fuck it up, fuck it up now
Let the rhythm penetrate
Just what we needed
So sweet to the taste
Make it rough, make it rough now
Let's blow it away

We are one and the same
Dancing close to the edge
Feel the hit your brain
Take it right to the head

We do what we want, turn that shit on
Cause I wanna feel more than I ever felt before
We do what we love, turn that shit up
Cause I wanna feel more than I ever felt before
We do what we want (distortion), turn that shit on
Cause I wanna feel more (distortion) than I ever felt before
We do what we love, turn that shit up
Cause I wanna feel more, more, more
(Make, make, make, make it rough now)

Cause I wanna feel more than I ever felt before

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Jessica Sutta Distortion Comments
  1. Kassem Moghraby

    Ur version sucks 🤮🤮🤮

  2. Kassem Moghraby


  3. Luan Leão

    Man this is a BOP the song is so aesthetic style! If this was release this year is gonna be really more famous because this style is now famous with the people !

  4. Maria Evangelista

    Ótima música!

  5. ramiro Freak

    jamas me canso de este tema!

  6. theuncanspan

    Crush me with the anal waves

    Alonso Karel

    hahahahahah it's with the 808!

  7. Queen Doll

    After that disaster they did to this song, I had to come here and listen to it, to try to purify my ears.

  8. Famooousfacts

    Jess 😍

  9. DataInFacts

    I love it 💖

  10. DJ Rodrigo Caric

    Need new music from her💗

  11. Matheus Agostinho

    2:56 the same actress from Damn I wish I was your lover

  12. Jaimze Stacy

    she so beautiful still

  13. Allen Picazo

    My favorite song from your album

  14. Rafael Pfaff

    love this

  15. Dannilodias

    Eu amo essa música, mas não consigo gostar do clipe :(

  16. Wim De Blieck

    She should try to perform another type of music, that would be a big break trough for her carreer.

    Nate Sinclair

    Wim De Blieck listen to her album I Say Yes and you will see! Plus her album Feline Resurrection is different from this but too good. She can do everything.

  17. ragbforever

    one of her best songs along with forever

    J Sutta Latinoamérica

    ragbforever Yes! Totally!

  18. downtown82

    Some parts are really nice but where's the explosion of music?

  19. Daniel Paro

    This is truly a great song and video. Keep coming back to it everytime. Your album is amazing ;)

  20. Melba Bryant

    Such a babe

  21. Fajar Muchtar

    ma favorite single from j sutta this should be #1

  22. Alexander Baker

    I just decided to look you back up and I'm so glad I did! This is my new favorite song!!

  23. Marcello Del Santo

    Que macho lindo tem nesse clipe 🌝

  24. Elyzza Louise

    reminds me of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

  25. Famooousfacts

    I love it 💖

  26. Gabriel Flores

    The Best Pussycat Dolls, I love her forever

    Jaimze Stacy

    I always loved her and Ashley

  27. Velitchka Nikolova

    Що за артйска е тазй мароканка тя е много непохватна

  28. Matty RM

    By the replay rate I'm at, I'll get this to 1m views single handledly 😂

  29. Alejandraneri818

    Omg I love this !!!!

  30. Troy Nall

    nice cross popping, you are making good stuff. call me and lets do lunch.

  31. Alejandro Germanotta

    Who wants Reign and Pushed Me to be singles 🖐🖐🖐🖐

    Nate Sinclair

    ME!!! :D

    Alejandro Germanotta

    @Nate Sinclair Yeah especially Pushed Me 😊❤

  32. Jazzy Chaz

    wow! This girl is amazing!!!

  33. Selena Gomez Topic


  34. Rosselly Dourado

    Jess, meu amor por você só aumenta, eu sinto tanto carinho e admiração por você, estou amando suas músicas, seus videos e sua garra, sou seu fã do Brasil, e te amo muito, sonho em conhecer você! Beijos te amo @rossellydourado

    Jess, my love for you only increases, I feel so much affection and admiration for you, I am loving your songs, your videos and your claw, I am your fan of Brazil, and I love you very much, I dream of meeting you! Kisses I love you @rossellydourado

  35. Rubem Lima

    gostei da track...👌

  36. Matty RM

    Damn J 😍😍😍 this is banging

  37. finn jake

    make a collab with Ashley Roberts pleaseee

  38. Vinicius Marconi Personal

    amazing song J! The best you ever made and i'm addicted...keep going, you have a good taste in your productions! Love U!

  39. Nate Sinclair

    People!!! Order J Album I SAY YES! Out March 3rd😎😎😎😎

  40. Alejandro Germanotta

    How much do you think the album will sell in its first week in the USA ? And will it reach the Billboard top 200 albums chart ?

    Harnoor kaur

    Alejandro Germanotta I badly want this album to chart within Top 40 of billboard But there's no promotion...Now I'm a lil' bit worried. ...What do u think whether it would be able to cracking Top 200?

    Alejandro Germanotta

    Unbreakable Angel I think she's somehow known like Forever charted on the Radio top hits of Billboard chart while Distortion charted at no.1 on Billboard hot dance songs. there is no good promotion yeah but I really want the album to chart in the USA.

    Under Boi

    I don't know, may be it could be growing time, get some label attention and release ISY through them. It had happened to some indie artists. I know this will be a masterpiece!

    Harnoor kaur

    Alejandro Germanotta Do u know that how many copies an album need to sell in order to chart on billboard 200

    Alejandro Germanotta

    Unbreakable Angel It's not a stable number it's the best selling 200 albums that week like sometime the no.1 album sell 100K and so the 199 ones under it all chart on the rest of the chart and sometimes the no.1 sell 50K copies let's hope the albums sales won't be high that week and if she sell at least 15K copies she has a chance for a top 40 album 😊😊

  41. Jonathan Domingues

    REALLY AMAZE!!!!! <3

  42. aubrey Aubrey

    Not a mean question because I really like her, but is she famous? Like does she have hits? I've never heard this song, but it's good and sounds like it would be on the radio.....

    Harnoor kaur

    aubrey Aubrey Well she is an underground artist...She needs more recognition

    Chloe Ellison

    aubrey Aubrey this song is her 5th number 1 on the billboard dance charts 😊 she's an independent artist, if you need info on her music etc hit me up and I'd be happy to help, her album is coming #ISayYes

  43. Woa Bro

    What's sad is she'll never get out of Nicole's shadow

    Sam Posner

    Nonsense! Nicole has never had the taste to make music this good.

  44. Nate Sinclair

    Queen of dance charts😎

  45. Jerry Monroe

    #1 at Billboard Dance Club Charts ❤ Felicidades hermosa!

  46. Luis Felipe Silva

    #1 on Billboard Dance Charts (:

  47. Thao vo

    Way too much auto tune

  48. Alejandro Germanotta

    The album is coming March 3 2017 be ready.

  49. Chloe Ellison

    Number 2 on the billboard dance chart!

  50. Nicolás Jofré

    great song

  51. Nate Sinclair

    #4 on Billboard Dance club! Go J!
    I Say Yes will slaaaay us all!

  52. Tiago Ronci

    Since my friend showed me her music I can't stop listening to her! I'm a fan now :)

  53. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    You're close to the #1 again on Billboard Jess! :D
    GO Suters share share and stream! <3

  54. Alejandro Germanotta

    This song rose to no.8 this week on the US Dance Club Chart congratulations Sutters she's getting close to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

  55. toot otot

    need to be more famous

  56. Maria Evangelista

    linda música

  57. André Menezes

    Que musica linda! Parabens! Love this song! Amazing!

  58. Luis Felipe Silva

    It's just another number one!

  59. Sky Light

    Great song J!!!! 😆😆😆

  60. ramiro Freak

    This girl deserves everything! This song should be #1 all over the world! Cmon, her label, she slays!!!

  61. whatev

    yessss girl, always my favorite pussycat doll. now doing something even better than ever before.

  62. Alejandro Germanotta

    Go watch Lady Gaga - Million Reasons video ❤ #LittleMonsterSutter

    Jessica Sutta MX

    Yeeeeahhhh !!!

  63. Shannon Smith

    seen her at pride. she kissed me and held my daughter.

  64. Saúl Villarruel

    I love you, I adore your music since Mexico muack

    Jessica Sutta MX

    Yeah Sutters mexicanos!! Síguenos en fb & twitter como J Sutta MX ;)

  65. BrunoByoe

    Cadê os fãs clubes arrasando nas playlists? Cadê os views bora povo , deixem de preguiça!!!

  66. Randy Torgerson

    You need a clean version if you want it on the radio :)

    J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Yes, there is a clean version on iTunes :D

  67. Charles XI The Holy

    Oh, Jessica! For me Pussycat Dolls - are goddess! But this is too another. Not, this is not that what I loved in you!

    Charles XI The Holy

    I know english not bad. Do you know russian? I think not.


    Do you loved in her when she just danced at the back of a group wasting all her talent ?

    Charles XI The Holy

    Here I can't see talent. And yes, I love how she is dancing. Pussycat Dolls - in first is dances, and after - singing. Jessica and other girls just dreaming for reunion, because no one couldn't create carrier better than was in group.

    scott cooper

    HAHAHAHA You are such a blind fucking hater. You can't see talent? Does that include hearing...because you must be fucking deaf too you illiterate swamp monster!! Do you not hear her tone and vocal range? She is fucking amazing!!

    Charles XI The Holy

    Ещё один далбОЙОб нашёлся. Песня конченная, Джессика - безголосая, а Вы (кто пишет что она шикарна) - ебануSHки тупые! Не нравится как пишу на английском - читайте на русском и сосNте!

  68. DjDeb bond

    DjDebUsa still loves Jessica Sutta, my sexy Pussycat doll.


  69. Mark Hudson

    does any of her stuff chart?

    Nate Sinclair

    Mark Hudson Yes at Billboard dance chart! she is indie now. Music industry is so unfair. :/ she got hits in her hands

    Mark Hudson

    I think she is great! I'm from UK and be fab if she could get big over here.

  70. zuniiiiiii


  71. timdfbb

    Wtf this song deserves to be sent to radio stations

    The Ghost Of Youtube


    Ariadna Lara

    The Ghost Of Youtube Did this song blow up? Omg I can't believe I missed it on the radios 😭

    Jia Pia

    I think it did well! It was number one on the billboard dance chart. She has a string of number ones. Whole "show me" was number one, Nicole scherzinger was number 2 work "don't hold your breath". She was probably pissed. I never knew that.

  72. scott cooper

    Always makes me feel good watching this and playing loud!

  73. love for sale

    Forever and Distortion should be #1 on all the charts of the world! cmon!

    Daniel Paro

    indeed they should

  74. Alejandro Germanotta

    Hope this will be a hit ❤

  75. Christian Rysi

    Best Best Best 😍 ❤️❤️

  76. BrunoByoe

    Bora povo !!!!!! Cadê os views? Reclam, Reclam, a J nos presenteia com essa obra de arte e muitos não ajudam nos views Meu Deus. Triste com isso.

    gabriel carneiro

    BrunoByoe vdd

    Claudionor Pitanga

    gabriel carneiro a música é fantástica mais o clipe deixou muito a desejar... os fãs estão desapontados até o lyrics ficou melhor que isso.
    A música é fodastica mais o clipe é péssimo 😕

    Igor Fernando

    fale por vc!

  77. Luis Felipe Silva

    we are one in the same.... <3

  78. Andreia Guerrero

    I love what you are doing with your career girl!
    I just saw your video. I started with the Show Me then til your other recent releases. Wow!
    More success and power!

  79. Jeferson Ferreira

    Maravilhosa ❤

  80. IcedCoffee

    I like the song. But shoving it on an ad? No thank you

  81. Tina Sciglitano

    love the natural look. well done Jessica 😄😄

  82. Warley Gandra

    Cause I wanna feel more than I've ever felt before! <3

  83. Bittersweettblood

    I love it ♥

  84. VMilshake-Dubs

    Esta genial :)

  85. fabricio lopes

    Amei o clip tá maravilhoso

  86. Donnie Hatfield

    love it!!!!

  87. Bruh95

    Brazil :D

  88. Babs Spears Payne

    this reminds me INNA

  89. Odd Lauzza

    Loooove this

  90. Justin Poirier

    You're crazy underrated.

  91. Steve Wilson

    You're coming back j!

  92. josalasro

    I wish you could bring your dance to Mexico and face to your rythme

    Jessica Sutta MX

    Sutters mexicanos sigamos en fb & Twitter "J Sutta MX" hagamos lo posible para traerla pronto a México!

  93. romashkovs

    Lovely Sutta!

  94. Famooousfacts

    I love it ♥

  95. Ferrer Jau

    Você é foda J

  96. C Ma

    Love this song. Jessica need more recognition. She is a great artist that does not get much credit.

  97. UlissesSutta

    Me encanta... esta eres tu!

  98. Igor Fernando

    I'm in love with this video! I love to feel your love in all you do. And I could not feel more proud. I felt the freedom listening to music, and watching you be free from stereotypes, brands, hate... just being yourself!

  99. MOSTAZZAmusic

    Amor eterno a Jessica! LA AMO!