Jessica Sutta - Candy Lyrics

Ain't nobody watching us when the lights are off
You know I know,
You know I love it when you dirty talk

Ready for you now, just close this space
Yeah, let's get to it, baby, face to face

Whatever's clever, I'm down
Let's make this some night to remember
Get down
Then come and push upon it
You got the green light,
So, here's your chance
Body to body, we'll dance

When I hear my song tonight
I'ma give my life,
I'ma work, I'ma strut
Disbelieve your eyes, oh yeah
Tastes like candy, (la-ti-la-ti)
Tastes like candy

'Cause when the music's loud
And I hear that sound
Feel the bass in my chest
I'ma break it down,
And it tastes like candy, (la-ti-la-ti)
Tastes like candy (la-ti-la-ti)

Wanna make your heart pump
Gonna make you sweat
You're in for a big surprise
I look better wet
I'm ready for you now to leave your mark
In the dark, baby no holds barred

Whatever's clever, I'm down
Let's make this some night to remember
Get down
Then come and push upon it
You got the green light,
So, here's your chance
Body to body, we'll dance

When I hear my song tonight
I'ma give my life,
I'ma work, I'ma strut
Disbelieve your eyes, oh yeah
Tastes like candy, (la-ti-la-ti)
Tastes like candy

'Cause when the music's loud
And I hear that sound
Feel the bass in my chest
I'ma break it down,
And it tastes like candy, (la-ti-la-ti)
Tastes like candy (la-ti-la-ti)

Once we stop there'll be no interruptions (la-ti-la-ti)
Take your time, 'cause there's no need for rushin' (la-la-ti)
Ooh, (la-ti-la-ti)
Ooh, (la-ti-la-ti)

When I hear my song tonight
I'ma give my life,
I'ma work, I'ma strut
Disbelieve your eyes, oh yeah
Tastes like candy, (la-ti-la-ti)
Tastes like candy

'Cause when the music's loud
And I hear that sound
Feel the bass in my chest
I'ma break it down,
And it tastes like candy, (la-ti-la-ti)
Tastes like candy (la-ti-la-ti)

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Jessica Sutta Candy Comments
  1. L H

    Beautiful and cool.

  2. Tyler Kochman

    I don't know why, but I am getting some Dannii Minogue vibes


    Brasil te ama Jessica <3 <3

  4. Daniel Porter

    Another good song by Jessica sutta

  5. Carlos Manoel

    2019 e eu ainda ouvindo esse hino 😍❤❤

  6. Sanja Savic

    2019 💖💖💖

  7. Tudor Profir 1984

    bad boy....... hhhh

  8. Nicoly Barbosa

    Hino ❤

  9. DJ. B.


  10. Thays Matos


  11. Max Madmax

    Yep, she's always been my favorite

  12. Nick32723

    You are amazing! Will you release Cry Wolf? Thanks!!

  13. John Bryan

    Awful music!!

  14. Derrick Edgar

    Jessica Sutta and Ashley Roberts my favourite Pussy cat dolls.

  15. god563616

    Sounds good

  16. Lucky Blacky

    You are so amazing J, keep up the good work!

  17. creepy boners

    she just released an album so I just took time to listen to all of her s*** and it's garbage literally everything is terrible that she's come out with and I like pop music and I like dance music and generally I like this thing that she's trying to go with but she's awful her voice is good but the lyrics are God awful they are basic as f*** the music is basic as f*** everything is just basic or below garbage

    scott cooper

    You are deaf?
    You def are offensively ugly and wear enough make up but still don't hide your likeness to an ugga version of Miss Piggy.
    Pathetic opinion on this album. Lyrics are amazing. Voice is amazing. You are below garbage and should take yourself out on Tuesday when the garbage man picks you up. No one else will!

  18. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Guys! Her album "I SAY YES" is finally coming! Support J! Out March 3rd! :D

  19. Daniel Kanthak

    she is fucking hot...tastes like candy? it better does

  20. edgy princess

    she makes me question my sexuality

  21. Harish Kumar

    i somehow feel like i am watching miley cyrus

  22. Cristiane Prado

    muitas lembranças com essa musica *--* .. BR AQUI

  23. amonyy

    so freakin sexy

  24. TheKinOri

    wow she can sing

  25. Vinícius Martinho

    Melhor música Jessica 💗💗💝💟💙💜💛💚

  26. Lyna Pulkrabek

    o.o anyone else see that MAYBE Miley Cyrus might of seen this video? just curious or is this just me thinking the song though

  27. GGG

    what's the bass?

  28. Rock N

    Great talent and I love her songs also, can't say that about everybody.

  29. sopraltenass13

    Me parece hermosa Jessica. Creo que le caería muy bien a Jenny y a Sexilia. #WetCandy

  30. Walk in. Fuck shit up. Walk out

    She's so sexy but she wears too much. Down with those panties!

  31. Walk in. Fuck shit up. Walk out

    That's what Nicole Scherzinger knows but doesn't want to play along with. To be big in the music industry it's not so important that you can sing, you gotta be willing to take your clothes off, be slutty and feed the headlines with all kinds of stupid shit. That's what the vast majority of people want. Nicole's classical songs like Don't Cry For Me Argentina, which are beautiful, have at most 2M views while shitty 5H songs like I'm Worth It have 700M view on Youtube.

  32. Owen

    I researched each and every pussycat doll i understand why nicole was lead singer but ALL the other PCDs could sing ....the could have distrubuted the parts a bit more whilst still keeping nicole as the lead

    Angela Mnz

    Melody Thornton is better than Nicole.

    Lorena Floyhar

    Wrong nobody can not sing the way Nicole can.She was the better Pussycat Doll and always will be.That's why Nicole is still notice today.You don't hear about the other PCD do you? So everyone knows Nicole is always and forever be number 1Nicole is still famous for doing the voice over of the new movie Moana.So there you have it Nicole is still a BIG star.

    Claw Klaus

    Lorena Floyhar Wrong. Melody Thorton was hired as singer, not a dancer. It was just all focus to Nicole and she started to decide the screentime for the other girls (based from one of the members on an interview. I just forgot who was it as it has been long ago) which is very sad.

  33. Star Fanatic4

    Taste like Candy Perfect.

  34. bkfinest006

    I think this is the best I've heard her sound. She's improved so much, i'm so proud.

  35. Sid Thomson

    That is an over rated nothing. She can't sing, her voice is nothing unique.  She has no class , no originality and looks like a man.

  36. cradizky

    is she also "good girl went bad"? Like miley cyrus??

    Marie Bellucci

    +cradizky No, more like... RIHANNA.

  37. Sophie Irene


  38. Yuri Santos

    Vicia ❤

  39. Felice

    Love this 💖

  40. lalo pena

    she got an exotic beauty. beyond that, i see a lotta reasons to pic up her from the crowd. J'Sta don t forget to work out the abs a litter harder next time. no big deal.

    Under Boi

    +lalo pena she got a perfect body dude, what do u mean?

  41. Александр Кураленко

    Поющие трусы

  42. Cris tian

    I love this song. Not sure about the image tho...seems like its not REALLY her.

  43. Sonny Baez

    Music industry logic; "I'm loosing fame... take of your clothes for your videos"

    Sei Wot Naoh

    i mean... the pcd never wore much to begin with ... lol

    Walk in. Fuck shit up. Walk out

    She wore more in PCD than in this video.

    finn jake

    +Walk in. Fuck shit up. Walk out yeah she wear in pcd more. i wish pcd will reunite then make another album which all is singers Nicole.meldoy carmit jessica Ashley Kimberly and i wish robin kaya kasey and cyia back to pcd

    Ikki Koko

    And she still managed to fail 😂

  44. Nate Sinclair

    Hey Jess, on VEVO all videos have the name "J Sutta" now, can you change it here on YouTube too? :3

  45. Aureo Escobar

    2016 and I love this song and her

  46. JJ Rodriguez

    tbh this is acually a really good song, from i wanna be bad to this ....good job jessica! :)

  47. Empress Lighthouse

    she's sexy for sure, but I'm having those moments where I'm concerned for her body being objectified... *tries to dress her with my eyes*

    L H

    It isn't soo bad if some guys perv at her. It's human nature. No-one being hurt by being looked at ;)

  48. Jessica2 Suttadj

    let it b love pussycat

  49. Jessica2 Suttadj

    your drdjdebusa wants to taste your candy.....

  50. Jessica2 Suttadj

    time to get this pussycat wet

  51. Stefen James

    This song needs a really really gooooood remix.

  52. SGT Williams

    I love her voice.

  53. Runa Belbin

    Jessica you are too hot!! Love your style! <3

    Cod34 Team

    so are you

  54. Nami Romero

    Nicole Scherzinger is more beautiful

    Fuck This Shit

    +Nami Romero Hi Nicole! How are you!

  55. ecwinste

    Oh, is this a stripper?

    Fuck This Shit

    +ecwinste No

  56. karlito junior

    candy candy candy hoooooooooooo jessica

  57. karlito junior

    she's perfect i loved this video congratulations girl #go go go, jessica sutta

  58. Aaron

    she should stop getting her lyrics from kids in second grade.

  59. Under Boi

    I want this song on your album J!!! At least on a deluxe edition! :)

  60. Linidarni Gurumayum

    Jessica is sexy but her face is look like a gay i miss her Red blonde hair

    Paolo Passalacqua

    you look like a train wreck, gay doesn't have a look.


    Looking like "a gay" isn't a bad thing..

    Linidarni Gurumayum

    Oh course but I really miss her Red blonde hair

  61. J Sutta Latinoamérica

    Thank you for all the grat job you're doing Jess! Now we're so close to your album!!! i just... can't be happier right now! SALUDOS Te amamos!

  62. Adeola Oluwaseun Adeyemi

    Great song. Always been a fan of her sine her PCD days - Thot she was the hottest

  63. Ches Abing

    whoa! candy galore

  64. Emily Robertson

    I adored the old her. The lights out and her other old songs. This happens to every great artist. Now she just seems... Fake.

  65. cookie man

    i liked her best in Suga Suga

  66. Morgan Norman

    Jessica is hotter than all the Pussycat dolls. And the new hair really makes her happen.

    Walk in. Fuck shit up. Walk out

    For sure she is sluttier!

    Luis Vara

    +Walk in. Fuck shit up. Walk out sexual

  67. Lion Green

    So SeXy My LiL Doll.... KISS

  68. Caitlin Vesper

    what is this shit? she turned into a stripper after pcd? shit.

  69. Juan Alberto Celi Zambrano

    Cool song

  70. Sakuems

    she deserves so much more views and more songs !
    if the same song was made by some katy perry or rihanna, it would have 50millions views

    Aaliyah Cotton

    @Sakuems not the same kind

    Aaliyah Cotton

    @Terrance Prescott Barnes to much information second so WHAT is wrong with them and i don't know any of those people i know worthy people but i really like j sutta

    Terrance Prescott Barnes

    @Aaliyah Cotton
    Look up the following songs by them...
    Jill Scott "Cross My Mind"
    Amerie "Make Me Believe"
    Erykah Badu "I Want You"
    Che'Nelle "Headphones"
    J Davey "Kill 4 Fun"

    Judge how ever you judge, I just hope you listen to music for the sake of music & not performances...


    @Aaliyah Cotton
    you are right it's not the same kind of songs, this is better, but it's still classified as pop by most people.

    scott cooper

    +Terrance Prescott Barnes You do know your music.

  71. Виталий Кузьменко

    Фигура стала хуже. Нужно немного жирка убрать ( а так лучшая из кошек.

  72. Bev Carr

    I love it Jess! ur sound,the wardrobe,the makeup,hair & that body is on fleek boo

  73. madondspond stica

    Anni di lotte femministe buttate nel cesso...

  74. DrDjDeb Bond

    Sexy Jessica Sutta Dr.Dj.Deb.Usa says hello. Great new video candy. Light n Love I can Show u love! HAPPY GAY PRIDE TO ALL JUNE 2015! SEE U THERE I HOPE. MISS U MUCH! KISSES N HUGS.6/6/2015

  75. Carlos Manoel

    Essa musica <3

  76. Hana Dambi

    Fun song. I like.

  77. FuckThisShitOfficial

    Jess put this and Bottle Bitch on the album! they're amazing! I listen to those every day! Let it be Love is amazing too!!! Can't wait for the album!!!

  78. Giota Argirou

    I love Jess and ALL the PCD girls.. but if she wants to succeed in the music industry she needs to be more creative. She keeps releasing average songs about "lights out" "dirty talking" etc. I feel like I've heard these lyrics in her songs a thousand times! She has potential and a good voice. Hoping for a better song next time! :)

  79. BrunoByoe

    Great. I like this song...

  80. Stef Dems

    Omg she is very different when she left the pussycat dolls
    I want pussycats back

  81. Ryan Manalo

    TRASH !!!

  82. Ossama Harchi

    i think u got more clothes u should take off, WEAK TUNE but shout out my boy S-Xbeats for this dope beat

  83. Bob Katter


  84. Modelfanatik4

    Oh my God! This song is perfect Jessica.

  85. raveoni926

    I LOVE this Jessica!! My favorite doll and love all your electro work keep it up preciosa!! Love the new look especially! Edgy!

  86. Simona Lazareva

    She is a singer not a model. What the fu*k are you talking about her body? She is singing, not modelling. By the way i like the song!

  87. Yerkinbek Yerkinbek

    she was good when she was in Pussycat Dolls

  88. Jigglypuff

    this makes me feel better about my body.

  89. karasawa21797

    Softcore porn as a substitute for good music?  Lame.

  90. Patrick Bruno Sena e Silva

    Real BAD SONG Jessica, do you have good songs like show me, again and Lights out but this one, hell to the no.

  91. Jean-Francois Boivin

    Worst song that I've heard probably in the last 10 years. WTF is that?

  92. Cezar Augusto Ferreira

    Brazil loves you Jess, this song is amazing and you are so beautiful, love u 4 ever !!!
    It's Jess Power !!!

  93. Kyee Rahman

    The only part that I like 0:00 - 0:14

  94. annoianoid

    She's no Brook Candy.

  95. annoianoid

    "I love your singing prostitutes"   -   Borat.

  96. Lucas John

    I don't know why she's getting so munch hate. She's just having fun what's wrong with that.