Jessica Simpson - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Lyrics

Are you ready boots?
Start walkin
Yee haw
Let’s go

You keep saying you got something for me (uh)
Well officer I don’t mind to say you do
Now your looking right where I thought you’d be looking
Legs come handy when laws in front of you

These boots are made for walkin
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

You believe you’ve stopped me for a reason (uh)
Now I’m pretending my bendings just for fun
You keep playing where I got you playing (yeah)
These double 'D’ initials work to run

These boots are made for walkin
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

I’m the girl with the good boys who don’t mean you no harm
This gotten way with Hazzard County charm
There ain't no crime in havin' a little fun

Swerve my stride
Bat my sexy eyes
Where my boots at (haha)
Strut ya stuff come on

Hey ya’ll
Wanna come and see something (uh uh, uh uh)
Can’t touch, can I get a hand clap for the way I work my back
Tick tock all around the clock drop it
Push ya tush, like that
Can I get a sueee
Can I get a yee haw

You keep thinking what you shouldn’t be thinking
Another to far is down till you kissing ground
I’m a gonna send you back home as you crying
But Uncle Jesse he sure is gonna be proud

These boots are made for walkin
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

These boots are made for walkin
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

Come on boots
Start walking
Come on ladies

Hey ya’ll
Wanna come and see something (uh uh, uh uh)
Can’t touch, can I get a hand clap for the way I work my back
Tick tock all around the clock drop it
Push ya tush, like that
Can I get a sueee
Can I get a yee haw

Come on Willie (ohh yeah, owww)
Yeee haw
Willie Nelson everybody (uh)
Let’s go home now

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Jessica Simpson These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Comments
  1. Mike Anderson

    Put the volume at zero. You will enjoy this video so much more.

  2. fef88

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    pornhub is down
    jessica simpson will do

  3. Sandy Naylor


  4. lella leer

    Hat sie nichts mehr gegessen wegen dem video? Magersucht ???

  5. Bryon Gilmore

    everyone on the streets can just chill ! and watch the magic happen on the justice system ! time to put the boots on the system we rely on !

  6. John Velasquez

    She is sexy

  7. John Velasquez

    jajaajajaj so funny

  8. Kyle Iannuccillo

    This sucks Nancy is so much better

  9. Nicollete Langdon

    No body can wash a car better than Eddie Brit from Desperate Housewives

  10. Ramble On

    this just proves that men have not changed one bit...still are dogs that would make this slutty, albeit beautiful, woman an icon of their unbridled lust. This is not to the standard that Nancy SInatra's subtle sensuality set for this song. This is not envy speaking...30 years ago I had a body like Jessica's and could dance it well, but geez! I would never have publicly behaved like this. The millions that support her have some soul searching to do...

  11. BeautyPage ByKyla

    What in the hell is she trying to move? Her back? Or her nonexistent butt?🤣



    Jose Araujo

    No, this is a better voice ;)

  13. P S

    I wacked to this allot

  14. akın alan

    mmm very beateaful

  15. Yugvijay

    Babest girl ever xd

  16. zadius100

    This is so...white

  17. Gastón.J

    When the music was good

  18. James Pharris

    Saltine heaven.

  19. Reinier Burgemeester

    Has nothing to do with music

  20. Tengku Hazniza Tengku Arriffin

    hai jessica, im from the feature 2020.. your MV look good...

  21. Xavier Alex

    What made her do this??? She didn’t even attempt the class Nancy had

    Richard Dixon

    Money and a manager who happens to be her father.

  22. Duane Douglas

    The only talent she has is a sexy body .

  23. The Sparkle

    Gonna tell my kids this was Britney Spears

  24. Yağmur Berkk


  25. Firuz Serdest Kaya

    Next: Pink - Stupid Girls. YouTube being shady :D

  26. NightRayne Raven

    The original twerking

  27. Ian Fan

    I still prefer Megadeth’s version

  28. Hank Hamern

    She's definitely a hottie.

  29. susan529

    She is beautiful but acts as though she is jacked up on speed the whole time. Cringe.

  30. RobbyIsFromTheShire

    You’ve gotta be kidding this is the worst cover I’ve seen

  31. KatWoman

    1:31 scary Gary off Fred???

  32. KatWoman

    Kinda confused. You walk around like that dancing and shit and when someone spanks u u hit the same time she didn't ask to be spanked but then u walk around dancing and shit like that.i hate the ppl that r like u asked for it when ur wearing a certain thing but at the same time this is where it is iffy.i understand this is a music video I'm just curious lmaoo

  33. Kako Karma

    i have played it cos her but cant do it more cos the music....

  34. sabbboy

    I can't understand A WORD this chick is saying.

  35. S. H.

    Never came for the music xD

  36. J J


  37. Nicole B

    i remember as a kid i used to watch this on repeat. i now know that was when i knew i was very much so gay lmao.

  38. Chase Myers

    I enjoyed this 🤣 and i mean it i did not hate it

  39. Beverly Davis

    Kudos to Nancy Sinatra
    kudos to Jessica for being in Dukes of Hazzard movie

  40. Ashley Styles

    Wow the confederate flag at 3:25 😗

  41. Lianne Litzenberger

    I wonder if her dad Joe was on the set......

  42. jonthan1985 howell

    OMG a classic ruined with a striptease

  43. ًYour Fovorite

    Welcome to a confederate nation

  44. F.M.R. 143

    I like Jessica, but she totally wrecks Nancy's great song. Cringe, cringe, cringe!

  45. Beach Boys

    I only came here just to see the hate comments!!

  46. Jason Jerome

    She was 100/10 with this body

  47. Broski

    This wants to make me scrape out my eardrums

  48. Andrew Hoggett

    how to stop a bar fight hahahahahahaha

  49. Paolo Celentano

    I Don't Like this Version 👎🏻

  50. Vladimir Batroni

    I can't believe that Nancy Sinatra let that blond bimbo made a parody of her beloved classic.

  51. Remy Buxaplenty

    i think the bottle is glued to the plate

  52. Victoria Bonna

    Barbika jessika

  53. lotty

    the confederate flag car i CANT

  54. Atash Hudson

    To all of you even Nancy Sinatra's version is a cover.The original Version is from Dora Hall

  55. Liya Sarge

    If you think this is hot, you've never been with a REAL thicc girl.... 🤣

  56. Steev Rawjers

    the original is still better lol

  57. SRW 96

    her foundation lips and racoon eyes are freaking me out

  58. Purple_Fire_99

    i used to think she was related to britney spears

  59. Montiero December

    760 Burns E7 think they have something

  60. Alisha Archuleta

    I'm glad Jessica embraced her curves. That's her healthy, beautiful size. She was way too thin at this point, and as a naturally curvy girl myself, I can honestly say it didn't look like her healthy, happy, place. Some of us are better bigger.

  61. Baby Bold

    No singer in the world can sing this song as good as Nancy sinatra

  62. Dana Edwards

    Please forward to Jessica, my x worked for W and I am a German jew who grew up in the met opera. We picked her as prettiest white pop star last decade. I was almost as pretty as you when I attended Columbia grammar. Listen to me singing sir Elton. 39 bank hacked years ago, he was an econ advisor.

  63. xXGalaxykidXx

    This is not acceptable to steal a 51 or 53 yr old song

  64. Lia PO

    Kkk a garrafa colada na bandeja

  65. Wesley Cheek

    I dont have a home and they hacked all my pch and loto and they took everything that came in from gremany and russia and 23 debt cards and stoled all my stuff and left me nothing at all

  66. tinkerbellmae

    Hip hop girl love her love candy song

  67. 4444444е

    Fucking body goals.

  68. Anonymous Q

    100% PURE TRASH

  69. cesar garces

    The only version i know and i will ever recognize

  70. IndyMode

    Sometimes when I need motivation to stick to my diet I’ll come to this video just to check out Jessica’s abs.

  71. Anuj prajapati

    Wow!!! This is shit.

  72. Thanh Le

    When she was “twerking” LMAO

  73. Manny Covers

    Was this considered her rebel era

  74. Joana Barbosa

    Brasil te ama ❤

  75. Juneau Estrella

    Never watched this until now. Pink was right! Stupid girls selling their bodies not their talents. Sad! And now JS’s boobs just keep getting porn star bigger. I don’t know what she’s thinking.

  76. Cynthia Mallon

    That was bad really bad

  77. Natalia Perales

    Imma be honest who is Jessica Simpson I only know Nancy

  78. Ashley Evorall

    Play a plane. Good have pastions fish like blood dog like blood bord like blood. 30 wale not 31 not 29.

  79. Happychicx

    Jessica did look her very best here. All that dieting with chicken of the sea 🙈😹& workout it truly paid off. She looks amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Happychicx

    The beer just refuses to jump (fall) even it's tilted. Hmm 🤔 cheeky 😂

  81. sTeVeXNYCPerformance


  82. Alvaro Moreno Espinoza


  83. Alvaro Moreno Espinoza


  84. Merrye Syndrome

    I knew this would be bad, I wanted to see something bad after all... I never expected something THAT bad though.

  85. Meryl Montgomery

    Call her Sweeney Todd because she butchered this song 😭

  86. Elizabeth

    Love the red boots, can't find any for me.

  87. Hank Hill From Wii Sports

    i died when she opened the door of the general lee

  88. Jolyn Kramberg

    This video
    sucks .original is wayyyyyy better

  89. Kathy._. Da cookie

    She copied Nancy Sinatra
    And -EW!-


    y que hay de ella? se murió? creo que al menos para la industria musical

  91. Locked Up Lucy

    You had to get nine girls with no ass to wear little bitty ol shorts and make all white girls look bad.

  92. Locked Up Lucy

    Too bad she can't act cuz she sho can't sing, but she's real pretty.

  93. PiotrN

    Bottom and 5 kilometers of mud underneath

  94. Melissa Hilsenrath

    Good thing that I like to wear boots that are sip ups tie ups or button ups either to my ankles or to my knees and someday I'll buy boots that go to my knees again because I haven't worn them since I was a little girl

  95. Bob C.

    Best part of the movie...Daisy and Uncle Jessy.

  96. okay

    wtf is this?

  97. elizabeth O'Callaghan

    Hoooowl she’s sexy

  98. Jalisaa Lanaye

    Hell no yo lmao that beer glued to the tray