Jessica Simpson - Remember That Lyrics

How he told you you were stupid
How he couldn't even look at you anymore
How he told you you were crazy
How he got out of the car and slammed the door

He said you can't do anything right
Why you gotta make me so mad
Just get outta my sight
Remember that

When it's 3 am and he's at your door
And he wants you back and he's begging for forgivness
Remember that
When your phone keeps ringing all night long
And that same old weakness gets so strong that you're helpless
Remember that

How he pushed you in the hallway
Just enough to hurt a little bit
The whiskey in his whispers
And the lies that fell so easy from his lips

He said he'll never do it again
But you can't take it back
The proof is on your skin
Remember that

When it's 3 am and he's at your door
And he wants you back and he's begging for forgivness
Remember that
When your phone keeps ringing all night long
And that same old weakness gets so strong that you're helpless
Remember that

It doesn't matter how he hurts you,
With his hands or with his words
You don't deserve it, it ain't worth it
Take your heart and run

When it's 3am and he's at your door
And he wants you back and he's begging for forgivness
Remember that
When your phone keeps ringing all night long
And that same old weakness gets so strong that you're helpless
Remember that, remember that
Oh remember that

You're gonna be all right
Take it from me I've stood there in your shoes

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Jessica Simpson Remember That Comments
  1. Glenn Weeks

    She does not need to do country music if this is the best she has...bad song and horrible vocals!

  2. West Texas whirlwind

    Unfortunately I can relate to this song 100%

  3. Carla Freeman

    No man should ever hit a woman if a man dose he not a real man

  4. itchydiscoman

    Generic country music from a generic singer

  5. Taylor Ehrhard

    I think this song was about Nick

  6. Matthew 1926

    Dedicated to my sick ass Father.

  7. SunKissNicole

    goodness how did I never listen to this gem? this relates to me so MUCH.

  8. blueeyedbaby210

    I love the line about "it doesnt matter how he hurts you: with his words or with his hands". Too often ppl think abuse is just black eyes and a busted lip. Words cut deep as well.

  9. Becky Griffin

    Jess sounds great!!!

  10. allison Miller

    this song has gotten me through many days 💜 To all victims, Remember there is Hope. do not be slienced 💜

  11. Thiago Grizoti

    where r u now jessica? we love youuu

    T R

    Thiago Grizoti She is working on a new album she took time away from music to get married and have kids and she also owns and runs a billion dollars fashion empire

  12. aubrey Aubrey

    What not even 150 k views? This is an amazing song!!! Wtf is wrong with people? She is way better than Carrie underwood

  13. blueeyedbaby210

    The wisest words i heard were from a high school teacher. We were discussing relationship and she said dont give someone a second chance. The first time they put you down or scream at you leave. Then she said "it will never happen again" is an incomplete sentence. The other half is "until next time". Then she said the more you stay, the worse it gets. I wish i had listened more. I stuck around until it got borderline physical (doors slammed, things thrown, walls hit, etc). I should have left when he was tearing me down daily with words.

  14. Crystal Bertolis

    I love you

    Jane Barne

    i love you baby

  15. Cutie Pie

    She was abused her first husband Nick, mine was too. athis song makes me cry.

    Cutie Pie

    yes he also talked down to her

    Jane Barne

    i love you baby girl i would never hurt you

    Jane Barne

    come to me and ill hold you so close to my heart

    The Quintessential

    Rosemary Perzinski omg. I didn't know that. how?

    Crystal Edwardsen

    @Taylor Harris abuse is abuse regardless if it is verbal or physical

  16. 서혜원

    very good!!

  17. Garry Plymale

    Very pretty song like it

    Pat Hopkins

    Hope all are well in MO land :-)

  18. AJB3

    Her reaction to singing this song on Opry at the end (almost crying) kinda makes me think that maybe Jessica was actually genuine in this attempt to cross over and that she does have some real passion for this music style. But because Jessica is thought of as a dumb celebrity and shallow pop singer, maybe that's why people didn't give this the fairest shot. Maybe.

  19. Bladesurge



    When your fan keeps swinging...

  20. Georgi Stefkov

    nice song 3+

  21. Raffy G

    The album DO YOU KNOW is an album where Jess was able to put her feelings at during the recording process. She has a great voice to suit this genre which isn't really a pure country music, I mean it is not so much of an old traditional country coz this has a lil touch of pop, rock/ alternative and country with it. Jess should shy away from the non-sense, sexy pop songs that Britney and Christina sing. Jess is much more of a real person than those women mentioned. They're fake and scandalous!

  22. Raffy G

    Nick was her first love and first boyfriend that she had but this son I think was meant for Mayer or Romo. Jess said she didn't write this song but this was how she exactly felt with either of those two that I have mentioned she dated back then.

  23. jamie teakell

    I barely made it out with my kids. I will not let no one put that fear in me again. I will fight till my last breath for my kids and myself. Thank you God for getting us through that. It's still a fight time and time again sometimes but Im protected By God!!!!! Love this song, Thank you God for giving me the strentgh!

  24. mikidiki5

    Great song, first time I've heard it. I feel bad for not sticking with Jess - I'm back now though! Go you good thing!!! xx

  25. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!

  26. kris flores

    who is dis music bout?


    omg this song brings me to tears: i had to seperate from my husband because of this:(

  28. janice savage

    Awsome song. Says alot.

  29. Tia

    this song's 4years ago?i just knew this song about 5minutes ago sillily....

  30. CantStayAway

    I love Jessica's version and the original version, too.:) Both are excellent.

  31. Leanne Hinkle

    girls you all need to stay strong dont let them think that they are tougher then you.. thats what happened to me i let them think there tougher then me and beat the shit out of me.....

  32. Carrie Gann

    LOve it :)

  33. WishesSailorMoon

    She is doing country? Lol it's better than her pop crap

  34. Elizabeth Newberry

    do it, its not healthy for you.

  35. Elizabeth Newberry

    i was emotionally abused by my husband whom i am divorcing and i cant wait to live free without abuse. thank God for his answers for women's lives. thank you Jessica for your beautiful song!

  36. Rebecca Simpson

    This is gonna be my new song for my ex!!!

  37. SummerInTahoe

    this is one of those songs that only sounds good on album, it's horrible live without all the beats.. and when it's in the chorus you can't even hear what she's singing.

  38. Jorge Eduardo Castillo Paima

    seriously has a good voice, a part of it is beautiful

  39. Kristi Tomlinson

    been there, done that, its soooo hard, but sometimes you just have to walk away, ignore the tears, ignore the pleas, things will never change.... i was such a better person for walking away, and i am so glad my family was there for me, helping me to get away :)

  40. Kelly Oconnell

    @heavenbound1347 I can not get over that people can do this to a human being. Your story made me cry. Stay strong...This is a great song to remind us that we don't need to take any crap from anyone.

  41. Katie Holt

    When i was in grade 10 i found myself head over heels in love with this guy, i thought he was the one, till he started calling me named n making me cry, then the bruises started. I kept listening to his excusses n lies. i broke up with him but he came bck n i let him (claimed he changed) but of course he didnt.
    . My friend send me this song n i cried for wht seemed like hours, it gave me the guts to break up with him n keep it tht way. Iv moved on n hvt looked bck. 3 years later n loving life

  42. fernando garrone


  43. Chee Dee

    wonderful. it feels like i´m pouring out myself.

  44. Literal good plays

    @Kellyturner1983; I def like her better as a country singer than a pop singer. The album has so many great songs that everyone can relate to, whether she wrote them or not.

  45. Literal good plays

    I agree. She didn't write the song, so one can't say that she wrote it "about" anyone in particular.

  46. GeorgiaBoii32

    dude this song is the shit

  47. Senait Ashenafi

    wtf..was jessica in an abusive relationship..goodness...stay strong ladies...

  48. Senait Ashenafi

    this is can be assholes..i remembered that bullshyt that my ex said to me all the time..and now he wishes he had me back..too bad!!

  49. Jenna Marie


    I thank God that I broke up my recent relationship with my bf in high school.

    (god, please bless all those that have been in a horrible, psychical, emotional, verbal abusive relationship!)

    Thanks Laura, for making ME listening to his song ... and cried :'(

    Jane Barne

    come to me baby

  50. Ashley Nygren

    This song basically represents my last week. Every bit of it.