Jessica Simpson - I Belong To Me Lyrics

I belong to me...

It's not that I don't wanna share my life with you baby
It's just that I'm the one I need to be true to baby
And I won't give up me to be part of you
It's not that I don't wanna have you in my life baby
It's just you gotta know that it's got to be right baby
Before I open up my heart to you

I don't need somebody to complete me
I complete myself
Nobody's got to belong to somebody else

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection
I belong to me
I'm one not half of two
And if you're gonna love me
You should know this baby
I belong to me

I gotta let you know before I let you in, baby
That who I am is not about who I am with, baby
That don't mean I don't wanna be here with you
I do

I don't need somebody to complete me
I want you to know
I'll give up my love but I'm not giving up my soul

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection
I belong to me
I'm one not half of two
And if you're gonna love me
You should know this baby
I belong to me

Oh yea

Love don't mean changing who you are to be
Who somebody wants you to be
Nobody's got to belong to nobody

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection

I belong to me
I don't belong to you
My heart is my possession
I'll be my own reflection
I belong to me
I'm one not half of two
And if you gonna love me
You should know this baby
I belong to me

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Jessica Simpson I Belong To Me Comments
  1. Regra 9

    yadayadayada 2020 anyone?

  2. Krystal Lewis

    2020 an I still love this song


    Does anyone remember those face morph machines, Universal City Walk had one....well, it's like they morphed JESSICA Simpson with Kim Kardashian, then threw some weird Britney Spears clown twist on it!..... Thanks so much for the reminding me about the industry now..... It's not like it was......

  4. dragonp045

    such a great song still

  5. Ana Paula Grizoti

    Many songs of her deserves being a big hit

  6. Reaper

    Dec 2019 just a jab at a good man still annoying she hurt him like that.

    CHANBAEK Enthusiast

    Gtfo. He was trash.

  7. Thrusters On Full

    I also chopped off my hair after a breakup.. who else can relate?

  8. Maricela Cads


  9. Tiny Dancer

    Every woman can relate. ❤️

  10. Kittipong Jitnarong

    Good song but her expressions were too extra in this video. Didn't fit the vocals.

  11. MELY Consultora y Líder SWISSJUST


  12. GabbyMo

    She only looks good with NO makeup

  13. James Hanley

    Now in 2020 Jessica Simpson is running a Billion dollar company

  14. Steven Pallet

    Not eny more u don't JES - SIC - A , kuz u naw BE - LONG 2 soding YOU - TUBE ,,, FOR - EVA & EVA , SOR - RY

    Steven Pallet


  15. Ali Oneal

    Love you sang it and owned it and are now happier than ever. Me, too.

  16. warriorBRIDE\o/

    Just how it is...🔥

  17. JessLynnC

    she looked like britney spears when she cut the hair and put on that makeup

  18. sirley santos

    Ela lembra muito a Britney Spears

  19. Beyoncé Pad Thai

    The Selena Gomez 2019 song was told by Jessica in 2010.

  20. Sam

    When u go to the description of this song it says title: I belong to you.

  21. G Bear

    I love Jessica Simpson! She’s an incredible singer & artist.

  22. Marielle Swanson

    The lipsyncing I'm struggling to see past, it's just not that good. She could definitely do better.

    Shantae Douglas

    She is not lipsinging... that's her mouth moving, Jessica Simpson never Lipsinging in none of her song' don't judge her for what she does in music

    Marielle Swanson

    @Shantae Douglas Every singer lipsings inmusic videos. I know of of one singer that refuses to do it, otherwise they all know to save their voice for when it matters.

    That's how music videos are shot. Please learn that before thinking I attacked Jessica, by saying she just didn't do it convincingly.

    When singing it's not as easy to get the movements in lips and tongue to actually look as if they created a sound with their movements. Jessica just have a too relaxed movements, her tongue never really slaps the roof of her mouth for instance. Which is something humans do when we use our voice and create sounds.

  23. Amy Hill

    I was and still prefer Nick Simpson was and is a bimbo only good at screwing & making babies remember her dad was a minister but retiree to let her have her nipples hang out 💩

  24. Saidoden Bantuas

    Anyone here for November 6 2019

  25. Lisa Alaniz

    Omg I love this message to this song

  26. Lisa Alaniz

    A really good song I forget about it

  27. Shang Dela Cerna

    I've heard this song ever since it came out and yeah I know what the song is about, but I never really paid attention to it until now. It's deeper than I thought wow!


    What's with the messed up makeup princess scene???? Why

  28. Nolan Jayz

    love the music video, you look beautiful jessica. this song was strong for everybody.

  29. Mario Goga

    She is regular bitc* not singer

  30. DnR Moore

    This song is by far Jessica's best song. I remember being 19 and doing the most and going thru the most I listened to this song on repeat. I'm 32 now and it's nice to hear this song again

    Raffy G

    This is such a powerful song. We're of the same age. I am turning 32 next month and when I first heard this, I thought it was cool and beautiful but as years have passed, I realized, this is powerful! Very inspiring and uplifting for people in this kind of obstacle in life where people would always control their lives especially by controlling partners.

  31. Breezy Babyyy

    I hated how underrated she was in her music career. I’ve been a fan of hers since the beginning 💛 now I buy all her clothing line products I just love her 💛

  32. Demka Dэмочка мило и ласково


  33. Demka Dэмочка мило и ласково


  34. Dominique Giancarlo


  35. Melania Guidry

    I can’t take her faces and gestures she makes when she sings

  36. Celina A

    <3 Dec 21 2019

  37. karen rao

    sad that they could not stay together. she was so religous, saved herself for after wedding, and than, ... why didnt they work it out,.

  38. Tachira Charles

    I'm sorry but her facial expressions are hilarious 😂😂 so dramatic

  39. John Rider

    You have always been the most elegant beautiful amazing woman. I know you have suffered and cried and prayed and rejoiced. If your ever alone and have no one. Turn to Jesus and if you have no one that will just listen then you have me and my friendship forever

  40. Candy Smith

    All about how Nick wanted to change her into his view of a "good wife". Good for her...recognizing she is her own woman and she is who she is...a secure, mature-minded man already knows this. I hope she's very happy with her second husband and family.

  41. Aaron Samuel

    I remember We Belong Together by Mariah Carey so much when I hear this song for the first time. The music is so much similar. Such a beautiful song by Jessica 💙💙💙💙💙

  42. Marcella Casey

    Viva Jessica Simpson♥️

  43. Sarah Hall

    Tad bit dramatic huh

  44. Wendy Combe

    Her face looks patchy

  45. Brenda AKA The Real Grammy

    ⏰ DISCLAIMER - Lengthy Comment Below
    Some opinions may offend some readers. If you’re someone who doesn’t think anyone should have an opinion - You May Want To Stop Reading 😄😄
    I’ll never understand why many people have the opinion that J. Simpson is/was a joke. True, on the Newlyweds show, she was naive. But she was very sheltered by her dad. And yes, she was spoiled. But none of that made her any less talented. I still love her voice. She has a natural talent, that doesn’t need any “auto-tune” (or whatever equipment is used to make a singer sound “good”). I will never understand how someone like Rihanna can become so successful - I don’t think she has a good singing voice (my opinion)...while Simpson is thrown to the lions. I wish Jessica would record new music. Her talent shouldn’t be wasted.
    PS. I guess I’m old school...There are so many “successful” performers out there that I just don’t understand how they got where they are. To me, a truly amazing singing voice is a God given gift. If someone has to use a machine in order to sound decent, (sometimes that’s not even enough), then you’re not truly talented.
    Rappers - 99.99% have no talent as a singer. Songwriting, yes. But rhyming words very quickly is not a true talent.
    My opinion of true talent:
    Simpson (duh)
    Whitney Houston
    Christina Aguilera (AMAZING)
    Gwen Stefani
    Britney Spears (without the auto-tune)
    Steve Perry (The Voice)
    Garth Brooks
    Blake Shelton

  46. Sara Brown

    Love Sometimes Can Be Pain Mostly, So Sad To Hear about Their Divorce, But I Will always Love Them Both No Matter Happens And They Both Are So Adorable In The Past and U Wanna Belong Somewhere else, But Follow Your Own Heart?

  47. Hen Hen

    I miss Jessica Simpson

  48. Faith Parrigin

    Nick treated her like shit she ridnt deserve it

  49. donna hookem

    That's wat its all about dame rite !

  50. LaurenKellieFitness

    I remember her singing this in a small concert and she completely broke down. I lost it too.

  51. Sandra Ramos

    Jessica was at her best here love this song ❤❤🍸🍸🍻

  52. donna hookem

    It's simple end off......

  53. Aaron McPherson

    Underrated ❤️

  54. The Starman

    Beautiful song

  55. The Starman

    Oh great song

  56. Brenda Hurst


  57. nylotus

    I love her but this is horrible

  58. Daniel Garcia

    Its like she's telling me what she is thinking through song.

  59. Heather s

    That look she gave at 3:04 is my favorite part.

  60. DestinyMia Malave

    Damn right i.was.gonna chop my hair too lol so funny

  61. DestinyMia Malave

    Love it

  62. jeralyn arquio

    I belong to Nick?

  63. Monster Gaming Studio

    My life is In This Song from 2009 to 2019

  64. jay L

    i love this song ever.since august 2019 I listen it... kisses Jessi from Córdoba, Argentina 4 u

  65. Aldair Cortes

    August 2019 and i'm obsessed with this

  66. Jack Holmes


  67. Sarina Bitela


  68. Andrew Bummygoat

    Oh so lil yachty song.

  69. MAGA 2020

    jessica was so busty and thicc back then..

  70. maryam mure

    She was not singing about Nick cuz this song is about her singing to her future boyfriend after Nick. She is telling them if your gonna love me you should love me who I am. Not what I look like or I am famous. Notice she putting the makeup and the fancy clothes I mean that's not her. So she is telling her future hubby don't change me I like me the way I am and accept it. And she found that man in her hubby Eric. This is why she is so In love with Eric. Cuz he don't change her or using her or tells her to lose weight to look a certain way. He been with her thru thick and thin figuratively and emotionally. He doesn't change her. And she found the right one. Very happy for her. She been with Eric for 10 years and three kids. So happy for her. No man should change a woman let her be herself. Love this message of the song. If you gonna love me you should know this baby, that I belong to me. Yes Jess.

  71. Lana

    Ugh..very corny. She looks strange.

  72. Kandyce Xiong

    My childhood flooding back

  73. TheAien123

    Omg omg Jessica I will always belong to u ..... remembering me singing alone at room rit after school

  74. Xhris Sharp

    I also think she was talkin about the industry cause they never let her be her

  75. Lost In translation

    Before I truly and fully understood domestic abuse, I saw the Newlyweds in a completely different way. When I re-viewed it, I couldn’t believe how RUDE he was to her. The contempt, shaking his head, the control, etc It was all right there in front of my face. He was mean. He acted like he had to “put up” with her. He was really arrogant and selfish. It even showed him going to strip clubs!! Remember when she was complaining that he used to open doors for her in the beginning? Remember his response? He said, “That’s cuz in the beginning...I got laid.” It was all about him. He also took millions from her in the divorce because they had no prenup. I’m team Jessica, no matter what anybody says. Because I can see clearly.

    Ch Patr

    Do you refer to Nick? I never watch newlyweds because it's not aired in my country.
    If that so, it's so sad.

  76. Crystal Marquez

    I love this song I love all her songs

  77. empee tskhum

    Nostalgia..its been years but still love it..❤❤❤

  78. Sarah Hz

    Who can relate ????

  79. Shannon Angelique

    2019 ❤️


    whos here in 2019??

  81. Fitz Abayan

    June 21 2019

    I feel this song to bones now.. Its been a year since we broke up but......

    I dont know why I cant say it.

    The message of the song is exactlty what I am going through right now...

  82. Darcy Marie TCB

    To David Sum

  83. riana Camacho

    I love this song until now.. I would always listen to this song and just sing along..

  84. First Lady Queen

    Beaut just Beaut! 😊beautiful vocals! 😍😊beautiful face! 😍😊

  85. Yugvijay

    It should be HUGE

  86. Yugvijay

    Cult song

  87. Roslyn gallagher

    My song

  88. Jay714 Martinez

    This video is all over the place

  89. MrCurtycurt

    June 2019

  90. Carrie Mohler

    Ok I see some comments making fun of her expression. Why don't you enjoy the song!

  91. Josh Bieler

    push to tell story... I love you, please take two seconds... to think before you do... sing Soul and heart like chopsticks keyboard... like you would for her and she would for you... she's not good enough to you... like musketeers... one for all, and all for him...

  92. m. mache

    Jessica amazing song's your voice very powerful heart singing love it public sector voted 7.1 billions like you congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

  93. Dawon Lott

    That's right Jessica you tell em

  94. Pr T

    Love me

  95. Marcia Fab

    I mean, can you possibly be more fabulous?

  96. Ella

    2019 & still powerful! 💖