Jesse McCartney - Best Day Of My Life Lyrics

Woke up around a half past ten
Can’t believe that I’m late again
Put down about a quart of caffine
To start my pulse and then
I grabbed my jeans off the floor and I hit the door,
Just the same old same

It goes to show
You never know
When everything’s about to change

Just another day
Started out like any other
Just another girl who took my breath away
Then she turned around
She took me down
Just another day that I ....
Had the best day of my life

Can’t say exactly what it was
She’s not the usual type
She wore a cowboy hat
With her red Prada boots
And a Gwen Stefani smile
Then she pulled out a pen and surprised me when
She wrote her number on my hand
Then she was gone,
But from now on
I’m gonna be a different man

Just another day
Started out like any other
Just another girl who took my breath away
Then she turned around
She took me down
Just another day that I ...
Had the best day of my life

I guess it goes to show
You never really know
When everything’s about to change

Just another day
Started out like any other
Just another girl who took my breath away
Then she turned around
She took me down
Just another day that I ...
Had the best day of my life [x2]

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Jesse McCartney Best Day Of My Life Comments
  1. Derick'

    Am I the only one who knows there are 2 different guys that sings this

  2. Chester Didzena

    She put me down

  3. Chester Didzena

    I went thu life

  4. Chester Didzena

    Iwent ttrru warehouse

  5. Chester Didzena

    Idont deal with old ppls

  6. Chester Didzena

    Iseen alot of things

  7. Cata Saldias

    I need this on spotify, thanks

  8. Melissa Lawrence

    Why cant I download this on itunes :(

  9. Carrie Currier

    “Sam what are they looking at?”

  10. Sheyla Ojeda

    This song makes my heart beat again 🥰

  11. lil taco

    “Sam what are they looking a-“

    -Cinderella Story

    S M

    I love you😂💕

  12. Aika Gacho

    2019? :)

    Not Human

    yep yep

  13. Joyce Ann Penales

    Still my fave💖

  14. ally 24o7

    The original bieber


    ally 24o7 If Kingdom Hearts was made today they probably would have casted him as Roxas.

    Breann Lowe

    I was born in 2001 and Jesse was my Justin Bieber of the day until 2009 when the amazing Justin Bieber came around

  15. Hamza Alex

    Miss you 2000s...

  16. Daria Lechowicz

    Who listen in 2018?

  17. Solita Lee

    Miss this kind of music. Talking about pure love, nth like today. The music nowadays always talks about sex or heartbreaking or cheating 😐

  18. Alison Barr

    I Love This Song

  19. Hailey Blair

    Anyone else listening in 2018?? Lol😂😂😂😂 this is the og song 😂

  20. fofiax

    Bitch when Sam (Hilary duff) was coming down those steps at homecoming in her dress and her white mask I was like omfg he’s going to fall in love with her she’s the one my 19 year old heart is crying

  21. complex lifestyle

    I like his version better

  22. Fab Portillo

    What a sexy voice!

  23. Megan Blake

    Why can’t I find this song/this movie soundtrack on iTunes???🙂🙂

    Comrade 269

    Megan Blake I don’t think it was ever put on an album of his (besides a live album), just on A Cinderella Story soundtrack which also isn’t on iTunes. Your best bet is to use a YouTube to mp3 converter with this video if you want to listen to the non-live version outside of YouTube.

  24. Megan Prim

    which version is the version that is played in the day since this one or thee other version...?!

  25. Nicole Ledesma

    I only know the song because of the movie A Cinderella Story I had no idea Jesse McCartney sing this song Until a long time ago

  26. supermariofan03

    “Woke up around a half past ten can’t believe that I’m late again”
    Ahh late for another sit down meeting with Organization XIII aren’t you Roxas?

    “Put down about a quart of caffeine to start my post and then”.
    Yeah I know how tiring it gets with each member of the Organization showing you the ropes.

    “I grabbed my jeans off the floor and I hit the door, just the same old same”.
    I know right? It’s extremely monotonous seeing you on that clock tower eating sea salt ice cream.

    “It goes to show you never know when everything’s about to change.”
    Oh you mean that 14th member who is just there in case you backfire yet everything you do is completely futile to their backup plan? Yeah she seems like a real keeper.

    “Just another day started out like any other”
    Yeah killing heartless. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    “Just another girl who took my breath away.”
    Aww that’s sweet. Hope she doesn’t bite the dust in the end.

    “Can’t say exactly what it was”.
    Oh you forgot about her huh?

    “Then she pulled out a pen”.
    A pen huh? Found someone new? Heard this one likes to mess with memories.

    “I’m gonna be a different man.”
    Yes...yes you will be, in fact just a shadow of someone perhaps.

    “I guess it goes to show you never really know when everything’s about to change.”
    Maybe...perhaps in the guidance of this other girl and a wise man who sounds like Christopher Lee, and a bit of talking with someone who wants you to “memorize”.

  27. Megan Blake

    why isn’t this on iTunes????🙂

  28. Yellow Yellow

    Here I am,he was my first crush.

  29. Espaço Beleza Saúde


  30. Michelle Chapski

    I love this song

  31. kaylyn Nicole

    I use to listen to him when I was like 5 through my teenage years(: and I'm now 21 years old and I still listen to him:)

  32. cassie zigray

    a Cinderella story😍😍😍😍😍😍

  33. Kaylah Rae

    LOOOOOOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH..LOOOOVE CINDERELLA STORY - It's one of my favorite movies.. But I just wanna say..does this remind you of The Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon?

  34. Emilou Estrellado

    Love both versions. <3

  35. No Stop

    Just came from watching a Cinderella story!

  36. jenn love.

    A Cinderella story omg!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 love it❤

  37. Alexis Hanson

    I miss this kind of music...

    Catharina Razuck

    so do I...

    Cierra Akpa


  38. xavier quinones

    Jessie McCartney is the guy who made me realize I'm gay 😂 I was only like 5

  39. shashagirl96

    Love this song! Love Jesse McCartney! Old Jesse and present Jesse.

  40. I Gotta Zayn

    I had no idea Jesse McCartney sang this song.

    I Gotta Zayn

    well, I mean, I know that now. I didn't when I first watched the movie.

    Roger Osenga

    They, Robert Palmer does a better job with this song!

    Sara Nolts

    In the movie scene it’s someone else singing but I think Jesse is on the soundtrack so it’s confusing. Some thing with now you know by Hillary. I definitely like Hillary and Jesse’s versions better!

  41. rylion97

    it doesn't sound like him at some parts...

  42. Maddeline

    what part of the film was this in?

    Jess R.

    When she walks into the prom and Chad Michael Murray sees her

  43. bisoubisou

  44. Juliee

    Can't stop admiring his voice <3 

  45. Максат Байшанов

    I remember this because of "Cinderella Story" :)


    Me too... 😊

  46. phoebe mejia

    Nice song....and  movie

  47. Hend Al Thani

    can't stop listening to this song XD

  48. kdkkat

    I can't believe I can't find this song anywhere

    Mell Deguire

    you need too find the soundtrack too a cindrella story

  49. Alannah Hurley

    one of my favourite movie

  50. MsFriendsfan4ever

    i know me too but not just one person an entire room actually

  51. Amanda Rose

    And last night went horrible...:/ left early

  52. jason854656

    Good Luck !

  53. Amanda Rose

    well this is it tonight is homecoming *gulp freaking shy as hell and ashamed of body in a dress blahhh I hope tonight goes good !


    Amanda Rose howd it go three years ago? Lol

  54. Amanda Rose

    this week is homecoming and I wanna walk in and one person to fall in love with me

  55. Estefany Galdamez

    I love this song!!

  56. Amanda Rose

    I know a boy who looks exactly like Jessie mccaurntey and let me tell ya he is a babe and homecoming dance I am going to walk in there and wow him I hope he will like me because I'm falling head over heals for him

    brook howell

    Amanda Rose com on damn it we must fucking know


    Let us know!!


    Okay so what happened lol

    Idk Idc -

    I'm guessing it didn't work out

    Alyssa Fatland

    How did it go

  57. JJ xo

    then she turned around <3

  58. Jovanna A.

    This brings back so many memories :')

  59. Aleks Islami

    best song of my life :D

  60. Amanda Rose

    I want to walk in to homecoming or prom this year and have the glory for once the guy I like to turn around and drop his jaw when he sees me I must find the best dress for both and look nice for once this girl is going from blahh to wahhh :p

  61. TheWinnie42

    OMG ! I said the same thing !

  62. Caitlin Davies

    boom pregnant <3 jessse

  63. Drakokat

    cowboy singing?lol

  64. adiosa okay

    I realy love ts and i kept listeningt t it overanover agan

  65. AirsonLaneOfficial

    I love this song from Cinderella Story. The soundtrack and film remind me of One Tree Hill.


    AirsonLaneOfficial because of chad michael murray

  66. Mohammed Ramiz Shaikh

    Roxas :)

  67. millumz99

    Gosh heard this song in Cinderella story.. but i didn't know my sexy beast sang it <3

  68. Hailey Sadler

    i can't get over the amazingness of this song

  69. Alyssa S

    I'm watching this movie right now :)

  70. hannah chalghin

    oh the memorys of being young and watching a cinderella story over and over :')

  71. GĀIA .

    i just love the beginin of dis song, sooo much!! <3 <3

  72. PandaPretty11

    At Washington Dc I have pink dress like that but it is short and I can slow dance with my crush.

  73. TheWinnie42

    A Cinderella story is on right now :)

  74. Macela lazarte

    I love this song: D <3

  75. TreatYoBandSelf

    When I was 10. (I'm 15 now...;) I used to take one of my sister's really big poofy dresses, and walk down the stairs in my house with this song playing. ;D One of the Best memories of My Life. xD

  76. biscuitcrumble

    Thank you!!!

  77. biscuitcrumble

    Random question but does anyone know what song is on the Hyundai i30 ad cos i don't think it's this one?

  78. Amanda Stinger

    Cinderella Story is on right now :D

  79. Diego Valdez

    Thumbs up if Hyundai i30 brought you here

  80. A Dawg

    Hyundai advert? Anyone?

  81. Gabrielle Dunn

    sorry 2013 :/

  82. animemix19

    Hit the damn 'like' if you are listening this song in the year 2013 or later :P

  83. russelbayle90

    2013 still listening to this( :

  84. WhoCare6621

    Thumbs up if you hear this in 2013

  85. MsLoveyou2

    remember the first time i heard this song <3 about 5 years ago ..... still know all the lyrics :)

  86. Alyssa Orr

    haven't listen in about 5 years..knows all lyrics wi
    thout looking

  87. Hansika Ama

    thumbs up if your listening to this in 2013

  88. lillyduh4u


  89. forensicduck

    thumbs up if who the fuck cares

  90. SoAznMann

    Woke up this morning at 4am with a tune stuck in my head and a few words stuck in my head. I didn't know what movie it was from, I just knew it was one of my childhood movies. It drove me insane that I only had a few words stuck in my head but I was determined enough to drag myself out of bed just to find out what the song was. After almost 2 hours of searching, I FINALLY got myself here and it feels SO GOOD. I'm so happy I finally found it. :)

  91. Paris Hahn

    found this song from Cinderella Story! love it♥♥