Jerry Reed - When You're Hot, You're Hot Lyrics

Son well now me and Homer Jones and Big John Talley
Had a big crap game goin' back in the alley
And I kept rollin' them sevens and winnin' all them pots
My luck was so good I could do no wrong
I just kept on rollin' and controllin' them bones
Fin'lly they just threw up their hands and said
When you're hot you're hot I said yeah

When you're hot you're hot
And when you're not you're not
Put all the money in and let's roll 'em again
When you're hot you're hot

(La la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
When you're hot you're hot)

Well now every time I rolled 'em dice I'd win
And I was just gettin' ready to roll 'em again
When I heard somethin' behind me I turned around
And there was a big ole cop
He said hello boy then he gave us a grin
Said looks like I'm gonna have to haul you all in
And keep all that money for evidence I said well son
When you're hot you're hot

He said yeah when you're hot you're hot
And when you're not you're not
You can 'splain it all down at city hall
I said yeah when you're hot you're hot

(La la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
When you're hot you're hot)

Well when he took us into court I couldn't believe my eyes
The judge was a fishin' buddy that I recognized
I said hey judge old buddy old pal
I'll pay you that hundred I owe you if you get me out of this spot
So he gave my friend a little fine to pay
He turned around and grinned at me and said
Ninety days Jerry when you're hot you're hot
And I said thanks a lot

When you're hot you're hot
And when you're not you're not
You let my friends go free and throwed the book at me
He said well when you're hot you're hot

I said well I tell you one thing judge old buddy old pal
If you wasn't wearin' that black robe I'd take you out back of this courthouse
And I'd try a little bit of you on my own you understand that you hillbilly
Who's gonna collect my welfare pay for my Cadillac
Whadda ya mean contempt of court
Judge oh judge

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Jerry Reed When You're Hot, You're Hot Comments
  1. Thomas Roman

    Amos Moses, Eastbound & Down,
    Smokey & the Bandit, banjo pickin'!

  2. شمس الضحى

    مـــين🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بـي🥰 يــضـغط لايـك🥰ويـراسـلـنـي خـاص واشـــترك بـقـنـاتـــي

  3. Louis Lee

    My song at the boat in Louisiana

  4. aluvoria z bees

    I’m hot

    aluvoria z bees

    Look like ima have to keep dat money for evidince

    aluvoria z bees

    When your hot your hot

  5. Jim Dooner

    These songs remind me of a lot of my old trucker buddies may most of them rest in peace

  6. Darren Crispin

    Rip Snowman and The Alabama Wildman

  7. Lily Of The Valley

    Woah! I haven't heard this since 1971!!! Still awesome!

  8. Sky Kitchen

    Best rap ever!

  9. Critter

    Rest in peace, brilliant comic country artist, Jerry Reed. Thanks for all the great memories and songs including this masterpiece.

  10. Brii Marling

    Love it. 😂

  11. Chris Thompson

    Soooon 90 days

  12. Johann Schmidt

    Who's listening in 2022

  13. John Walsh

    Who’s watching on 22 March 2233?

  14. John Delmos

    incredible old song.

  15. Paul Walker

    Hell Yea!!!!! Love this song!!

  16. Anthony Mitros

    A "big old punk"...?

  17. George Barilone

    on the glenn campbell show .he really showed his talent,as a guitar player.he and glennjammed it up, and jerry played as good as glenn. great singer, funny ,entertaining,never heard anyone do songs like him.amazing entertainer.sad,they are all leaving us,but, we still have the memories.R.I.P GUYS. (DADDY-O)

  18. Qmobss


  19. Michael Ford

    Song sounds good October 23rd 2019 Jerry Reed the Alabama wild man rest in peace Jerry everybody still listen to your great music when you're hot you're hot when you're not you're not cool song

  20. Chris B

    This song makes me want to take a shower

  21. james

    he is the fuckin nuts love this guy

  22. Candy Pope

    IMPO !!!! THIS man started RAP..... Just listen ..... Jerry is rapping ;)

  23. Thomas Fulk

    Jerry Reed with my very first favorite country star I can remember there's a kid when he sang when you're hot you're hot it brought me into country music forever I'd study country music I heard country music on the radio TV it was my life is still my life I would like to say if I had a chance before he passed away thank you Jerry play Everything every song that you release you was and you still are Jerry in my mine the top country male star thank you again

  24. Louis Lee

    My song when I go to the boat

  25. CantUHearMeKnockin59

    that big ol' cop must've been Buford T. Justice!

  26. Another_Stupid_Name

    I've loved this song since I first heard it, but I didn't know for awhile that Jerry Reed was a white guy. Gotta love funky country.

  27. Brandon Cornett

    I'm 29 in 2019 and I dig this guy. Thought he was a good actor. His performance with Robin Williams in the survivors was freakin funny. Love when Reed shoots Williams gun 👌😎

  28. Karina De Leon

    What I love about this guy is he’s not just country but he’s ghetto country and being a hillbilly from cle ohio I know people like this lmao

  29. William Stewart


  30. John Otis

    Now that's some swampy guitar from master picker Reed.

  31. Will O'Neil

    This was my Grandfather favorite Jerry Reed song funny as hell great song RIP

  32. Nick Mogielnicki

    Jerry always hot!

  33. Elise Vivian

    I love this song my cousin introduced me to this song and I jamed for an hour straight

  34. aluvoria z bees

    i like the women singing ooohooo

  35. Edwin Bitsoe

    .......... OUCH...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Thunderbird88

    Holding in his hand what killed him.

  37. George Crenshaw

    Give this an Ashley's Roachclip remix and it will definitely sound stronger.

    Louis Lee

    U dont remix greatness

  38. Insanity Cubed

    This is one of the ~3 country songs I like, and it's also one of my favourite songs. Jerry Reed is a legend.

  39. Brandon Weilburg

    Love it man!!

  40. Duriel Roberts

    Coach Red Beualieu!!!!

  41. Patrick Gregg

    Waterboy "Your Fired "

  42. Billy Smith

    when your hot and the house is not ,the house will come on top ,believe that or not .

  43. Roger Bowen

    We miss you jerry God bless

  44. Edwin Bitsoe

    Oh Common,.........It's ONLY An INNOCENT CRAPS GAME in the BLESSED ALLEY,SON........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Cat Mom

    Who could thumbs-down this?!

  46. Allan Cove

    RIP Jerry Reed. We miss ya Snowman!!!

  47. clo O

    man... Mr.Reed had hits after hits like frfr... r.i.p Legend

  48. john walther

    Jerry Reed was great in the waterboy

  49. John Brubaker

    Loaded with talent. fun. funny. likeable. relatable. more talent in his pinkie finger than most people will have in a lifetime.

  50. Jeffrey Simpkins

    That was suckass tube.

  51. edthehead916

    This sounds like a school house rock song. I love it

  52. stobbinsboy

    hey son! who doesn't love mr. reed? he was the consumate entertainer.

  53. Jerry Schafer IV

    When your name is Jerry, you have to respect!

  54. Allan Cove

    RIP Jerry Reed. We miss you.

  55. Rẽtro Grayde

    Blackface for the c&w market

  56. ikarlee

    Love this song, When ya hot ya hot when ya not ya not

  57. Joe Boxer

    I am now and rediscovering some of the best like Mr Jerry Reed, this song and hilarious vid made of it and also Amos Moses, and many other fine artists who were sometimes noticed, as we had so many fantastic artists then

  58. Cavendish Lung-sukki

    How i’m gonna pay for my caddie?

  59. BlackDalhia7


  60. James Wood

    One. Of. The. Great. Artist. & Pefomers.

  61. Robert Kraft

    ..🎼🎵🎶🇺🇸💝. Thanks to You ALL. BOBZGT🏁🐾🐝🐓😅

  62. Tyler Combs

    Needs more cowbell

  63. Joel Mosier

    He was the only picker who could play guitar with Chet Atkins and not be intimidated.

    Ray S

    Chet, Jerry, Glen Campbell, Roy Clark. Can't think of anybody else.

  64. Tehl Blackburn

    at 1:50 "you let my friends go free, and trow the book at me" (pretty much my life)

  65. Big Jimmy

    Me. Good stuff.

  66. Big Jimmy

    Me. Good stuff.

  67. jrod512atx

    I'm listening in 2019. Overhead in a store on the Muzak and it got stuck in my head.

  68. TheJoeyG88

    Anyone have a link to when johnny bench sang it? Thanks in advance

  69. tom burns

    Who’s listening in 2019?

  70. Kevin Campbell

    I recall Jerry Reed when we used to listen to him on the radio and TV. He was in Smokey and the Bandit and Hot Stuff, sometimes on TV for a live performance. I liked to listen to his tunes. I want him to be rembered in media history for his hard effort as my family was enganged in for theirs. God bless the farmers for they are they are the chosen ones.

  71. Jello Biafra

    If you're listening in 2019, give me a Hell Yeah

    Steven Buckley

    HELL YEAH!!!!!

  72. John Pulaski


  73. Ryan Wells

    Listen to it sped up at 2X, it's hilarious!

  74. Sawyer A.

    First listen in 2019?


    Nope. I remember this song from way back in the 70's.

    Jerry Schafer IV

    Me and Homer Jones since the 70s

    Joe Boxer

    this was early seventies, and I first heard this as part of a skit by big Chuck and Little John and loved the song and liked Jerry's style. And he and Burt Reynolds were awesome in Smokey and the bandit. It's sad he passed so young.


    I turned around and there was a big ole C O P

  76. Blank Blank

    Who's listening in 2019?

    Dave Orton

    @Robert Conrad me

    Paul R

    Jerry Reed is always worth a listen, no matter the decade. I grew up on his music in the 70s and never quit listening.

    Gurn Blanstein

    Why do people always ask if we're still listening? Of course we are you don't think the song just goes away to you?

  77. John Pulaski


  78. Schpankme Verimuch

    When you're hot, you're hot
    And when you're not, you're not
    Put all the money in and let's roll 'em again
    When you're hot, you're hot

  79. Thomas Gary

    Jerry must've had some black friends lol

  80. tuefelshild

    heard this first on the WRE Wooomera n the yanks radio, thought it great, never heard it in the UK until a summing of his music on his death...great bloke, great song...

  81. desertdispatch

    when your hot your hot...I said thanks a lot

  82. Joe Schmoe

    I heard that Jerry Reed was in the Air Force with Bob that had to be awesome.

  83. Ben Rayonez

    Childhood memories from the summer of 1971 6 yrs old..WOW many moons at 53 years old getting old how time flies.

  84. Gary Taylor

    Another great by song by Jerry.

  85. Michael Lantz

    I thought that this song came out in 1962.

  86. Marcus Blackwell

    So a song The Stray Cats and The Rock-Afire Explosion should get in on. Like if u agree.

  87. sblizzy

    Rap song..

  88. Brian Dettling

    Who are the 280 losers who downvoted this iconic classic? 😂

  89. Garry Cooke