Jerry Reed - Sometimes Feelin' Lyrics

I would like to stay with you and I'll try to change my ways
But my hat is a hard time loser and I can’t seem to go away

It's just when the days get longer and a new spring's comin' round
My soul gets a restless feelin' and my feet wanna cover some ground
And when this feelin' hits me makes me wanna move move around
It’s a sometime feelin' that won’t let me be still
A sometime feelin' to see what’s over the hill

It's just an old sometimes feelin' that a woman don't understand
How the sound of some lonesome freight train
Stirs the heart of a wanderin' man
So when that whistle blows woman better hold hold to my hand

Cause that sometime feelin' gets back in my bones
That sometime feelin' that won't let me alone
Mmm hmm mmm that sometime feelin' and I can't turn away

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