Jerry Reed - Mule Skinner Blues Lyrics

Good mornin' Captain good mornin' to you shine
Do you need a new mule skinner down on your new mud line
Hey hey hey gonna do a little bit of the mule skinner blues

Well I'm goin' to town honey what do you want me to bring you back
Bring me a pint of cold hard booze yeah and a John B Stetson hat how’s that
Hey hey hey gonna do a little bit of the mule skinner blues
Yeah stand back here I come ha ha

Well I smell your bread a burnin' woman go and turn your damper down turn it down
Well if you ain't got no damper woman you better turn your bread around it's gettin' brown
Hey hey hey gonna do a little bit of the mule skinner blues

Well alright here come Chet Atkins jump on it son

Yeah yeah oh hey now little water boy get your butt up offa the ground
Pick up that bucket of water son bring that bucket around
Lord if you don't like your job then lay that bucket down on the ground
Hey hey hey gonna do a little bit of the mule skinner blues
Yeah take it home children mule skinner mule skinner blues
Mule skinner mule skinner blues

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Jerry Reed Mule Skinner Blues Comments
  1. Jeff Baker

    Been 11yrs today, RIP Jerry.

  2. TOM Virgo

    Damn that was really good,two legends sounding so great!!!

  3. Robert Hancock

    He was incredible!!

  4. Nicholas Hunter

    Make sure you keep Jerry reed around

  5. tuxguys

    The actual Top 40-cracking hit off this 1970 LP was "Amos Moses:"

    ...but that track, and this one, led a Blues-obsessed youth from WV to discover, over time, that C&W and R'n'B weren't that far apart.
    (Nice solo by Chet Atkins about midway through.)

  6. Dan

    Jerry’s the man


    dude was so good check him out playing with BB king back when that was still somewhat out of the norm . jerry and BB were groundbreaking

  7. Ziggy 54

    Man! If I could my guitar like Jerry Reed, my darn grass wouldn't ever get cut on time.

  8. Terry Swanson

    Bring alot of buckets of water to put the fire out in this song.

    migit matador

    Damn Straits

  9. Midnight Cruiser

    oooh weee!

  10. bigroy38

    Blows Dolly out of the water!

    James Smith

    bigroy38 check out the Bill Monroe version.. this is Jerry showing us what he can do on a guitar. I Love Jerry Reed but Bill Monroe is the king of this song.

  11. wtailhunter1

    The Alabama Wild Man at his best!

  12. Hail Satan

    Whoever disliked this song can fuck off!


    here here


    Hell yeah!!! son!

  13. Pk Carper

    fuck you YouTube survey

  14. nonamesleft

    Says "by Jerry Reed" I love his music, all of it.... but that is "by" Woody Guthrie. Credit should be given.

    Lost Leopards

    @David McCarthy Jimmy Rodgers wrote "Mule Skinner Blues", THE FENDERMAN have the BEST version of it. It is a masterpiece. BUT all credit goes to Jimmy Rodgers


    +Lost Leopards I find the Fenderman version just... weird. Maybe its a generational thing :).

    Lost Leopards

    That voice on The Fendermans version is something you cant duplicate


    THIS is the best version.


    No writing credit given...its Jimmy Rodgers. Best version is Bill Monroe.

  15. Burl L Brooks

    LMFAO LOVE this sone, and the great part of it all is that I AM a mule skinner. LOL I train gaited mules for Missouri Mule Company. You can find us on youtube or FB come ride with us!

  16. elbones1982

    0:00 - 0:08 !

  17. elbones1982

    "rise and shine hands off .... randy hands off mine!!"

  18. James g

    Frikin awesome song

  19. Prince Andrew

    17 from england ;)
    mind them smokeys snowman!

  20. tkub4t

    oh haw i love this ere

  21. Herman Saidi

    hell yeah! :)

  22. Teka Gillis

    awesome song

  23. Murray Jonasson

    Great song , thx

  24. Dave Tindal

    Thank you madgab5, you have made me feel like a 5 year old again.