Jerry Lee Lewis - Your Cheatin' Heart Lyrics

Your cheating heart will make you weep
You'll cry and cry you'll try to sleep
But sleep won't come the whole night through
Your cheating heart will tell on you

When tears come down like falling rain
You'll toss around and call my name
You're gonna walk the floor the way I do
Your cheating heart is gonna tell on you

Yes when tears come down like falling rain
You'll toss around and call my name
You're gonna walk the floor the way I do
Your cheating heart is gonna tell on you

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Jerry Lee Lewis Your Cheatin' Heart Comments
  1. Eric Voth

    Great song; great artist. A real showman!

  2. Dréya B

    He sounds so good and that piano...yazzz

    Toni sumblin

    Dréya B 👍

  3. terri burgess

    Oh Yea Jerry can tell all bout You're Cheating Heart, Sing it Jerry! Lol

  4. Anna Vajda

    We'll he's one to talk.

  5. gregory pettit

    Jerry Lee!!!!

  6. Mohamed salem Salec mohamed

    Simplemente sublime

  7. Nesi Ani


  8. pierre pete


  9. Andreas Aichner


  10. Ellen R.

    The best musician and singer ever.

    Toni sumblin

    Ellen R. I completely agree.

  11. Frans Dielis

    Gave country a new dimension !

  12. Orbie Olsson

    I love his country music! So happy I got to see him. Still FANTASTIC!

  13. John Derby

    Still killin' them ! NH

  14. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love Jerry Lee this old song is great boy can he play piano

  15. Miss Kitty 1944

    Jerry Lee the greatest love his piano playing the best what a singer God bless you

  16. frank curry

    Piano Genius - Awesome Talent.

  17. Terry Staves

    one of the greatest rock n rollers ever

  18. Berit Samuelsson


  19. Brian C

    one of a kind!

  20. Bobby Young Sr

    The King of Memphis ,by way of Nesbit,Mississippi. Met him out in Parking Lot at Hueie Club in Memphis back in 1978

  21. J & C Ball

    Bobby bare

    Kenny Dobbins

    Jerry Lee Lewis

  22. José Mir

    sixty Years of real rocknroll

  23. Aled

    How does he manage to produce that piano sound with just two hands?

    Bill Brower

    Jerry Lee + Liberace - the 2 GREATEST piano players of our time !!!

    Toni sumblin

    Bill Brower completely agree. Amazing.

  24. David Johnson

    the killer, Jerry Lee Lewis

  25. HalfFastChevy

    I'm sure there are's one of the great classics.

  26. sally hamm

    hundreds of covers in many languages

  27. ELVIS1975T

    As usual, only Killer can top the Killer:

  28. Rémi Zydeco

    Toujours tres bon

  29. Pansye Gibbs

    Once again, when men were men.

    Toni sumblin

    Pansye Gibbs they had their share of assholes back then to. Believe me.

  30. spoookytooth

    You haven't heard his "Star Club" version. It's absolutely sick!

  31. john morrison

    great jerry cant he also play the piano

  32. Tony Ardinger

    Somewhere in the world, Robert Pattinson is singing this song about Kristen Stewart.

  33. HalfFastChevy

    5 versions??? There are more than that. I don't know how many, but JLL & Patsy are the 2 I like best.

  34. Mason Stoneypoint


  35. fleshemx

    If culture is a product of a society, what was it about the fifties that gave us so much REAL entertainment talent (of which Jerry Lee Lewis was paramount), compared to nowdays, where "entertainment" relies on theatics, volume, and obscenities to get a rise out of their audiences? Apparently, our society has gone downhill since the fifties, and our so-called entertainment is just a reflection of that.

  36. jerlan23

    What a great triumvirate. The writing of Hank Williams, the voice of Jerry Lee Lewis, the piano of Jerry Lee Lewis.

  37. Steve Nottingham

    If he just didn't take his wife to England.. He would have been bigger than Elvis..This version is better than Elvis's version.

  38. honkytonkwomen69

    Buenísima versión de este gran clásico.

  39. Gloria White

    Fantastic!! All that needs to be said.....I saw this great singer in 1970 in a resturant in Birmingham Alabama...He was more accessible then, so we spent the night talking and listening to him sing...I love his Country music he sings it like no other.......My only Love was with me .....He has gone to a better place now where I will meet him again one day soon.....My time spent with My Love was Heaven on earth..Jerry Lee made our night unforgetable.

  40. 1doctoma

    Hank sang it with heart... jerry sings it with balls

  41. HalfFastChevy

    Great recording. Patsy did it different and I love her recording but when Jerry Lee did it in his own unique style, it is so good.

  42. Cindy

    Fantastic the best recording of them all

  43. mydannyboy1000

    I dig this, its all in the words.

  44. AllKindsaGirls

    i love jerry lee just as much as the next rock'n roller. But i do like hank's better.

  45. gduwen

    I'll send you a link for download the song by Personal Message. :)

  46. Michelle C

    So far that's my favorite version of this classic. Long live Jerry!