Jerry Lee Lewis - Trouble In Mind Lyrics

I'm troubled in mind, I'm blue
But I won't be blue always
You know the sun gonna shine
On my back door some day

I'm going down to the river
Take my old rockin' chair
If the blues don't take me
Gonna rock away from here

I'm troubled in mind, I'm blue
But I won't be blue always
You know the sun gonna shine
On my back door some day

I'm gonna lay my head
On some lonesome railroad line
And let the two nineteen
Satisfy my troubled mind

I'm troubled in mind, I'm blue
But I won't be blue always
You know the sun gonna shine
On my back door some day

You know the sun gonna shine
In my backdoor some day

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Jerry Lee Lewis Trouble In Mind Comments
  1. Kathy Henderson

    Now that's soul music, and that's the way to play and sing it. None better than the KILLER ❤️

  2. Kathy Henderson


  3. Mary Plaidy

    I love that song.

  4. Rodolfo Perez

    Incredible!! The killer!!

  5. Amanda Vanmeter

    I love the Memphis Blues, thanks for sharing

  6. RickinFLA07

    Killer had a stroke today , get better buddy 😔

    Opal Allen

    Don't worry 'bout him, God is with him...

  7. marie-hélène Piani

    Beyond words

  8. marilyn callachan


  9. Teresa Mason

    I read what Elton John said. I like Elton. I love The Killer a thousand times over. He could take any song and make it his own. What’s wrong Elton, a little jealous? You’ve never come close to Jerry Lee. Jerry Lee gets in your soul. Just the way I feel.

  10. Phillip PringlezBoi

    Jerry Lee Lewis is the best actual soul singer of them all.

  11. Randy H

    Better than elvis by a thousand miles

  12. Paul Ledbetter

    A true legend

  13. Gloria jean SONGBIRD

    the good LORD already shined on you JERRY LEE !

  14. marti

    What a great talent!!

  15. nando ketchu

    Wow those vocals and piano were amazing

    homesick clifford

    nando ketchu
    Jerry can do a top line performance of blues drop a hat what a gift

  16. Dale Eliason

    Blues are so sexy, bare belly rubbin music

  17. Elvis Prestley

    what is nothing like more and watch a man having fun on those keys and singing the Memphis Blues Man that runs chills up and down my spine yeah Jerry it's Tim again I just love the blues I can't get enough of it yes Jerry I Can't Get Enough so I can my body wants more and more cuz everytime I hear the Boos you just sit here and rock back and forth to it because it just it's in me man I feel it and I'm feeling right where you're coming from when you sing it look at I've been through enough accusations in my life and I still get it day in and day out sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it the way I'm living I could barely walk I get laughed at I'm in pain a lot I get left at it my body's just riddled with pain that's all half a century old I was hit by a car and left on the corner street for dead but I'm still here man how life you cannot repair like a car your body is mended piece by piece stitch by Stitch near still here but I really love the blues where I don't feel no more pain that's what I like about your music Jerry it just pulls me away from all that pain and sorrow and bad thoughts and you are still king of rock and roll you beat them all and you're still playing keep it up my good friend you make a lot of people happy so happy and God bless you and lots of ways my friend I keep praying every single day for relief it's hard for me to walk I do need a hip replacement I have cancer in my brain but I don't let it stop me I just keep going and going every time I put your music on it makes me get up and go and I feel like an Energizer battery just keep going and going and going and that's where I am now but I know you've been through hell as much as I have through your life I've read your books of senior movies and your life story but you've really suffered enough as much as I did but we just keep going on and on until we're heard and that's way is from your good friend Tim Dawson Jerry I think highly of you just keep pounding those keys for me

  18. William McNeill

    Jerry Lee Lewis is limited in his ability to play the piano.  He was a one-chord banger.I agree with Elton John, who saw Lewis in performance, and later remarked, "I've got more talent in my thumb than Jerry Lee has in all ten fingers."

    Timothy Lewis

    @William McNeil You are not only incorrect but a liar as well. Elton John NEVER made the comment you attribute to him. JLL is in fact one of his heros, as he has publicly stated. Much was written of their first meeting at which John said he had never been more nervous in his life. As for your assessment of JLL skill as a pianist, it is either total ignorance or another falsehood. As any beginning player can see, he is an accomplished and skillful musican. His facility is easily equal or better of such lauded contemporaries as Fats Domino, Little Richard, Liberace, Johnny Johnson or Huey Smith. All widely recognized for their talent and ability. In fact, equating Lewis with such luminaries as Fats Waller, Amos Millburn and Pete Johnson is not out of thr question. We are all entitled to our opinion but not outright and malicious lying.

    Timothy Lewis

    @RJ 1999 William McNeil lied. Elton John NEVER said that. Quite the contrary a quick Google search will find Elton praising Lewis as a hero and idol.

    Timothy Lewis

    @retroeddie 100% correct my friend. That McNeil guy is lying and off his crock. Any 10 second Google search will prove it.

    Trevor Morris

    @Timothy Lewis
    I don't agree with William McNeill's assessment of JLL's piano-playing ability although I'm not not much of a musician myself. However, I myself have read somewhere a report of Elton John saying what JLL did was very simple, basic stuff that he could easily do. Perhaps it's better to say that McNeill is mistaken rather than he's a liar. I've no recollection where i read that report, or how reliable it was - not at all judging from other reports.

    I do know that JLL did a lot session work in the bad days when he was being virtually boycotted because of his marriage to his young cousin. Being in demand as a session player indicates a lot of proficiency. Furthermore, I like JLL's flamboyant, dynamic piano style. Admittedly on his early Rock numbers it's pretty crude, but he shows a lot of sensitivity in his playing in the Country numbers, and his playing really complements his vocals so very well. There are very few people who comment on Elton John's playing, but there are always a lot of comments about how much people enjoy JLL's playing.

    Timothy Lewis

  19. John Maglinger

    Stop the self-referencing when singing the lyrics to some pretty good songs.

    Princess Bubblee

    You mean the constant call-outs to Jerry Lee?


    Why should he????

    Teresa Mason

    John Maglinger who cares? It’s the Killer!

  20. Webrádio Nós Na Fita 2

    The pian is great

  21. Angelina Powell Austin

    Jacky ward

  22. Leon Gee

    Jerry Lee rules, period! But Joel Shumaker, R.I.P., 15 years with the Killer, what's with that???

  23. Lewis S Burleson

    This is only one of my all time favorite songs I learned when I was just a kid old Jerry did a great job on it but his version was a little different from what I knew just wish I could find it on a karaoke disk


    Have a great night.

    Ifeanyi Akaolisa

    You too...


    +jawja100 This song was recorded in 1924 by Thelma La Vizzo the piano player on it was Richard Jones, who also wrote it. The song has been recorded by a who's who's list and Eddy Arnold was one of them.


    +da324 Thanks for the info. I found a vid of Eddy singing it; it's the one I remember from the 40's. Nice to know the composer. Thanks again.


    You bet...My pleasure!


    There will never be another singer in this world that even comes close to him!!! WOW!! Best one ever!!!

  25. Roger White


  26. Luis Chacon

    One of my favorites ...a   real  fukin´ classic....of  mercy....
    Thanks  God....for your  son....

  27. Daniel Gunter

    Crazy great.

  28. Joe Jackson

    Last man standing...

  29. Patrick O'Brien

    Jerry has added quite a lot of different lyrics and made it his own as only he can.

    Rod McNeil

    Gem of a can see Jerry Lee loves it too.,bless him.

  30. Patrick O'Brien

    Bessie Smith sang this too,I think she recorded it in the mid 1920s.A great blues.

  31. ikeboy

    Incredible.  Sure makes it look easy.

    Stanley Rooney

    ikeboy if only it was!

  32. János Kozma

    Eszméletlen király!!!

  33. noze611

    Ta blague a pris 2ans

  34. Cynthia Mclean

    this song was made famous by sister Rosetta Tharpe and Jerry lee Lewis listen to her and was inspired


    +Cynthia Mclean Yes.  I heard him say during an interview that he collected a lot of sister Rosetta Tharpe's records.

  35. 2009metisman

    Is there any song JLL cannot sing the h*ll out of?  A true American treasure!

  36. Duff Cosmos

    Jerry Lee = SUPER NOVA

  37. yidakipaul

    What the F*8K where the 11 people who registered a dislike to this listening to?


    Vanda Nissen

    +yidakipaul In their cave ashamed!!



  38. Gérard Soulié

    Le Mozart du Rock ..................... ;-)

    emmanuel decrept-rumeau


  39. KCT

    Who's the guitar player in the background? Too busy, should hang-back - never-EVER play over the vocals - and his tone is duff (drive+chorus; boak!).
    There is a time to let-rip during a song and during the vocal is not it.

    Jacob Hall

    Joel shumaker or something like that

  40. Doug Benson

    Are there any questions?

  41. Ian Wilson

    Blues club bands can play this well. No one can sing like that though.

  42. Kaalec

    This kind of music is being played everywhere. Go to a blues club and you'll hear it.


    Kaalec, I bet I won't hear vocals like that.

  43. Frank James

    Wow! There'll never be another one like the Killer.

  44. alvin elkhoya

    Hooo dieudo tu ecoute sa toi oais oais t le roi de la pop de la quenelle toi exelent

  45. AgTigress

    Oh, wow, this is such a great version of a great song.

  46. Jacob Joyner

    I will always dig a nasty blues song.

  47. frankieonenote

    .the killer doing what he does best

  48. donald nethery

    this dude is such a bad ass. burnum up killer

  49. John Benn


  50. darwouine

    Merci Dieudo pour le partage MDR !!!

  51. Super Nova

    Eh Hop il nous a mis une quenelle, on est tous la comme des cons :D

  52. pop71200

    @LefandeJV en quoi c'est une quenelle ? j'ai l'impression que c'est juste une chanson que dieudo aime...

  53. Jean-Paul LeRaciste

    @ianwilson2007 friday

  54. Hank Chinaski

    Meme Dieudo a des kikoos en guise de fans?

  55. trajan trajus


  56. code3369001

    Dieudo a aimé cette chanson ! !

  57. ConnieAnna1

    hardest working man in SHOW BIZNESS..Love him

  58. Yusuf Bahar

    great video..... Thanks! Keep it up....

  59. MrLinoventura

    super .....whisky sex and drogue comme janis Joplin...après y a eu les Bush 's ...sheet !

  60. Ray C

    wow. the Killer!!

  61. TheDJGrandPa

    @syleriam I meant I don't like the new rockabilly bands all that much

  62. syleriam

    @TheDJGrandPa Well is your opinion and i respect that but i stick to my guns.

  63. TheDJGrandPa

    @syleriam There's lots of new rockabilly bands, it doesn't really feel teh same though

  64. Mary Ho

    Excellent!! Thanks for posting:)

    Grandma Mary

  65. Fernando Oscar

    Otros que han grabado Trouble in mind: Pinetop Perkins, Odetta, Memphis Slim, Henry Gray

  66. vauxhall908

    ho pingk

  67. looselatigo

    Rock and roll, blues, and country. The Killer did all well.

  68. T Salvagio

    haha thats exactly what i was doin lol

  69. Joke Kerkhof

    he is the best killer forever . love joca

  70. cool20000000000

    amazing stuff !!

  71. runhometoyou

    Is it just me or is that guitar tone really awful?

  72. siexaz


  73. ccwhoss

    Oh, We opened a place here in Pueblo Co and we do these songs dwith our band and try to keep them like the originals like Fats and Jerry Lee and Merle.

  74. ccwhoss

    Yes, I agree 100%..I watch these videos of Merle Jerry Lee, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash and am reminded how much better these songs are just done simple...steel guitar, piano, fender guitar, flat top etc. 3-4 cords.

  75. syleriam

    Ohh sorry, was Bo Diddley who past away but in 2008 sorry, but i still feel the same: Why nobody wants to recreate this great music again? There's too much pop right now i want my old good country, my old rock and roll, let's back to the basics¡¡¡

  76. jazzmandavid

    'sylerium' posts that Fats Domino past away this year. Is this true? I'm sure he is mistaken.

  77. hawkrider88

    LOVE IT!

  78. syleriam

    When Fats Domino past away this year i realize that all the great rock and roll singers of the fifty's are gone and there's a few of them, Jerry is one of them, and saddenly in the present nobody try to do and learn something from this great past of the music in Usa...I wonder: What happen with the great music?

  79. mickyschulzz

    Mr. Joseph Levitch...... We love ya, your music and all the years you let us have it.... KILLER, you walk on water!!!!!!!

  80. thelonious1234


  81. papa firelin


  82. lubanater

    True Blues.

  83. pmtiny

    awesome man!!