Jerry Lee Lewis - Play Me A Song I Can Cry To Lyrics

I sat in with a band down in Dallas
I'd been introduced as a guest
When a little white haired man approached the bandstand
Said I wonder if you'd play one last request

Oh please play me a song I can cry to
Sad songs are music to my ears
Play me a song I can cry to
Play me a song that sounds like tears

I stood by as the band started playing
And I didn't even try to play along
Aw my eyes had followed him back to the corner
Where he sat down at a table all alone
And a smile slowly came across his tear drops
And I watched as he slowly bowed his head
Just before he left this world for one much better
I remember the little lonely man had said

Oh please play me a song I can cry to
Sad songs are music to my ears
Play me a song I can cry to
Play me a song that sounds like tears
Play me a song that sounds like tears

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Jerry Lee Lewis Play Me A Song I Can Cry To Comments
  1. Derek Dudes

    Jerry Lee Lewis is so legendary, talented, and unique, that everything he does is worth listening to and collecting!!!

  2. Feiko Temme1

    Country.Blues.Rock'n roll.Gospel.There's only ONE King,and he masters 'em all.That's our Killer.The picture is was taken right after he smashed the gate of Graceland,if memory serves me well.With his Lincoln.The boy from Tupelo called the cops,which hurted Jerry's feelings deeply.And now look who's still standing.LOL

  3. Jamie Kennedy

    god rest your soul papa... you can listen to all the jerry lee you want now.....easy now killer

  4. José Luiz Moraes Passos

    Jerry Lee, always Jerry Lee. The greatest. God bless you Killer.

  5. jeanmarie basset

    il sera jamais remplacé

  6. Mongoloid Mike

    This is real country music just beautiful

  7. Miss Kitty 1944

    Great song God bless you best of the best great voice love love you Jerry Lee keep sings all the good ones

  8. Brenda Spray

    The Killer is #Top Brass!!!!! 💖

  9. Ruth Boykin

    So good I can cry to this! Love tear in your beer songs!

  10. T Dunph

    Besides being a fantastic talent,  there is nothing that can be said to describe this man except two words.. COUNTRY LEGEND!!

    Farm Hunter

    Damn right!!

  11. Tony Freeman

    proud to be a fan of this genuine genius.(Dresden Maine.).

  12. san5sparkle

    great picture I love it. it shows you people are great!!!!

  13. Lena Andersson

    Love Jerry Lee,real countryplayer🎹🎹🎹🎤💕👍👍👍

  14. Milton Moore

    Great song and performance, but
    why use an unflattering photo
    of Mr. Louis?

    Opal Allen

    He looks fine to me. It looks like he had been in a little scrape, as he has a skinned up nose, People are people.

    Brenda Spray

    Opal Allen Agreed 100%!!! In his song 'Change Places With Me'...he adds 'The Killer's human, too'

  15. kevindlinc

    Damn JLL is one talented son of a gun!!!


    yes he is!

  16. Barry Blevins

    used to listen to Jerry Lee with my dad every day

  17. hobillyjerry


  18. Gilead Republic

    This is a country song by a blues and rock 'n' roll singer with a gospel soul. Proper country songs are sung by people with that background and Jerry Lee is one of the best.

    Johnny Riley

    Seanie Murphy u are so right it takes that Gospel soul to do it right

  19. Doug Benson

    "Then a smile slowly came across his teardrops......."

  20. Charlotte Hill

    I wish I had some more good times when me and my sister used to listen to him.  He's is one hell of a rock n roller, not another like him. Bring back some more old good times, not had any since my younger days.

  21. Lupe Quintero

    He is truly one of the greats

  22. CriticalListener

    He's my favorite country singer ever. 

    Gilead Republic

    He is a proper country singer meaning he is a blues singer as well. Songs like this are genuine and sung with feeling.


    and Rock and Roll!

    Milton Moore

    His rock stuff was
    shallow and frivolous. His
    contributions to
    country TOWER
    over his brilliant
    but short-lived rock

    Feiko Temme1

    @Milton Moore So true Milton,well said.

  23. Gloria White

    His Country music has stood the test of time...No one can sing any better than Jerry Lee Lewis......

    Edge2 Sword

    They say his father was even better than him when it came to being a singer . He came from a singing family both parents were singers .

  24. SteveGaines

    He went from Rock and Roll purgatory to Hillbilly Heaven in one swoop when he recorded "ANOTHER PLACE, ANOTHER TIME"...Then followed it up with "SHE EVEN WOKE ME UP TO SAY GOODBYE". Somebody made the mistake of staying "JERRY LEE CAN"T SING COUNTRY"..LOL..Jerry Lee Lewis could sing the phone book and it would be great.

    Brenda Spray

    SteveGaines Amen, neighbor!!!

  25. CaptainJackoldno7

    Love it. Have the 33 LP of this. Can relate.

  26. jon rebel

    yep,we got a whole new side of jerry lee,that we mite have never gotten,because he was still tryin to do rock.theres not many entertainers on the list that i would rather listen to,than jerry lee.maybe 1or2.he plays and sings with such soul,one hell of a great entertainer.why is it that we cant get good quaility,such as jerry lee to do music today.their out there,just the music industry dont want the people to have good music,that seems to be obvious.

  27. jon rebel

    i agree with ya,its a very good album.ive heard the folks at mercury records were beside themselves when this album was done,they were really proud,because they had been gettin very little on jerry lee at that time,until somebody said lets try a country song and the rest is history...he then went from killer to the country gentleman,all in one recording.

  28. AnonMomAnon

    He rules Rock and Country.

  29. kicko61

    old time favorite Love it..