Jerry Lee Lewis - Johnny B. Goode Lyrics

Well deep down in Lousiana close to New Orleans
Way back up in the woods neath the evergreens
There stood an old cabin made of earth and wood
Where lived a country boy named Johnny B Goode
He never ever learned to read or write so well
But he could play a guitar just like a ringin' a bell
Go go go Johnny go go go Johnny go go
Go Johnny go go go Johnny go go Johnny B. Goode

He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack
He sit beneath the tree by the railroad track
The engineer would see him sittin' in the shade
Strummin' through the rhythm that the drivers made
The people passin' by they would stop and say
Oh my how that little country boy can play
Go go go Johnny go go...

Well now his mama told him someday you gonna be a man
You will be the leader of a country band
The people gonna come from miles around
To hear you play your music when the sun goes down
Maybe someday your name will be at lights sayin' Johnny B. Goode shakin' tonight
Go go go Johnny go go...

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Jerry Lee Lewis Johnny B. Goode Comments
  1. Monserrat 789

    Brian sal de ahí esa no es tu familia xD

    Giessel 98

    Sí lo es. Brian no solo pertenece a QUEEN, sino también a la familia del rock And roll, con uno de los papás, el gran Jerry Lee Lewis!!

  2. TheEternalNow

    That Johnny B Goode was a Mother Humper that's for sure....

  3. Erica Guidino

    Jerry Lee is the prince of rock.Im the King.Little Richard.

  4. Cesar Fernando Cruz Navarro

    Esta es musica falta talento de esta calidad en verdad

  5. Gregory Light

    I said DAMN , Jerry Lee - got a sweet thing up on stage talking atcha and every thang !! Still had it !!! GREATEST PIANO PLAYER EVER !!!!

  6. speedy692

    Stuart Adamson in the background at 0:40. One of the finest guitarists ever.

  7. Gary Lee

    Never be another Jerry!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  8. KillerKlown

    4:31 She's telling him she wants some old dick.

  9. rock Patrick

    le killer un monstre de talent une legende toujour en vie

  10. Filipok Зефиркин



    Jerry the gremlin yeah!!

  12. Glenn Smith

    He lost his voice when he got older

  13. Sady Glutz

    Quelqu un a le nom et l année de ce concert?
    Je sais qu il existe en version complete,je l avais acheté par hasard avec 2-3 autres,mais ce live la est un des meilleurs concert de Rock'nRoll ,du vrai! avec un gratteux hors pair,Le must
    Merci d'avance

    Manu 81

  14. Yvonne D

    Johnny B Goooood

  15. yves poulet

    cette version est superbe

  16. SvS

    Джерри ли Льюис, лучший!!!

  17. raffaele devito


  18. jokke aalto

    nro 1,jollei olis nuorena vähä"pervo"nuorena?ei olis ykkönen,saletti ykkönen kautta aikain ulkolaisista sanon mä turuust😉

  19. Gerhard Severin

    Fantastic Jerry lee Lewis. I love his style and his music. Reminds me when I was a young man dancing to his music.

  20. Marlon Hitpaß

    The bastard ruined the song.

  21. Anne-Marie Schindler


  22. DongFang

    The guy with the green bass do a great job also!!!

  23. Roger Jones

    What style Jerry lee has, cooler than a penguins feet!

  24. Richard 94

    Pure Rock n Roll !!!!

  25. Richard Pauls

    So tell me this future boy, who is president of the United States in 1985? Jerry Lewis?

    Ghost Du83

    Jerry Lewis is not Jerry LEE Lewis ;-)
    But very nice movie ! :D

  26. Circe Carina Morais

    Who,s that girl?


    Circe Carina Morais IM ME BA BY

    Andrea Arighi

    I was wondering too

  27. picasso kajaia

    Legend, the King of Rock and Roll

  28. Marco van roode

    the most fucked upp version of johnny be good ....fuck you jerry .....

    Huzaifah Seedat

    have you lost your mind. this is one of the best version by a legend. There's even one where chuck is singing with him and. guitar/piano solo

  29. Amparo Bermejo

    otro que tal. jacinto el segundo lp de darkthone es mucho mejor que esa innecesaria names wild mick riot

  30. Michel Clevenot

    il sont tous la et pour toujours

  31. Bill Law

    bob cummings ... ALSO AGREE WITH YOU!!!

  32. Bill Law

    Jacktoil Jacinto . . . I SO AGREE WITH YOU
    MY FREIND!!!! WOW!!!

  33. bob cummings

    Oh my oh my amaziing

  34. Azad Raza

    Great ,!!!!!!

  35. Jacktoil Jacinto

    it is the true Rock'n Roll, without satanism, only talent.


    Rock without Satan ain't Rock.

  36. Tibor Bakos

    ja, a többi is..

  37. Tibor Bakos

    ez egy faszkalap ...

  38. iwishiwastaller7

    Brian May on guitar?

    Harry GW

    What else would he play? The triangle?

    I am Jireh

    Yes !!!

  39. clemente alonso

    With Brian May , John Deacon y Spike Edney

    cristian benitez

    Jajajaa John sí está no se hace notar como siempre ni en el vídeo hahaha

  40. Jerry Harris

    This is a horrible cover.

  41. Marco Barrios

    WTF  Noneofyourbusiness Same is  not 1D   is Mr. JERRY LEE LEWIS   

  42. Noneofyourbusiness Same

    A bit too slow, and he doesn't know the words (is he drunk or what?) - a really bad version. NEXT!


    Try to set the speed on 1.25 in options upper.. :)

  43. Miroslav Savanovic

    King of soul rock.

  44. UK OK

    Born 1974, and johnny still rockin

    YouTube’s like communism but worse

    Not any more

  45. jurgen verbakel

    this motherhumper is still going on....he´s the wildest one..!

    Judit Topál

    +jurgen verbakel He is alone by now. :)

  46. jurgen verbakel

    sehr...sehr....geil.....amazing live performance...thats what good music is made for....SCREAAAMM....yeaaaaaarhhhh.....

  47. Alexandru Guzzonato

    Jerry was singing Johnny B. Goode and his eyes were playing The Thrill Is Gone.

  48. Rocketteam

    Is one of the guitarrists Brian May?

  49. 里納爾多.里納爾多

    Guten Abend zusammen sehr gute [email protected]@@@

    Thanasis Krispis



    @Bea Schulte Guten Abend liebe Bea herzlichen dank für schreiben und wünsche dir einen wunder schönen Abend. Liebe Grüsse Rinalto


    @thanasis Krispis Good evening and thank you and wish you a nice evening. Gruss Rinalto

  50. Cecilia Durieux


  51. Vladimir Nevosad


  52. Pekka Kilpeläinen

    Kyllä on kaveri mahtavassa vedossa. Ei ole antanut viihdeteollisuuden moolokin kidan syödä itseään.

  53. Timothy Butler

    It looks like the other musician could not keep up with Jerry!

    Bench Apiro

    it looks like Jerry couldn't keep up with the lyrics

  54. Сергей Винник


  55. Ben van der Molen

    The Master at work !!!!!Here you can see the Rock'n Roll king at his best.Just like he was saying"I do not know what more I can do with song "
    and than carrying on like there is no tomorrow..

  56. Bo Jangles

    Love Jerry Lee....
    Mother humper ....LOL......

  57. Anthony De Rita

    jerry lee daddy of the piano 

  58. Anthony De Rita

    i just love hard and fast n loud make me feel young again 

  59. syvan0

    J'adore a fond !!!!! jerry tu ai le meilleur !!!!!!!!....trop trop bon !!

  60. Weldes chad lee

    C'est foul

  61. MrSaxus

    So mag ich's

  62. Jason Townsend

    The King.

  63. Gail Waller

    Love Jerry Lee!

  64. Marc Sabates

    GREAT  !!

  65. Božo Novak

    to je prava muzika...

    Erzebet Janjos

    Da,obožavam ih!

    Michel Debrabandere

    Axaccredii àml de votre confiance.

  66. Imre Földesi

    Már kezd alakulni a Lost Heawen sokat kell még fejlödniök de jó úton járnak Sok síkert

  67. carloandcompany

    ok Jerry,.,.

  68. luis nava


  69. Denise Syrayama

    amo muito essas musicas. definitivamente nasci na época errada.

    Djalma Júnior

    Eu também

  70. TheBluejaysUK

    Check out our page for a video of Brian singing Johnny B. Goode with us!

  71. SuperBeeman61

    What sort of fucktard could unlike that???????

  72. Alda C

    Graz i e!!!! Mi piace sempre :-) :-)



  74. DeltaRC

    John Lodge isn't even plugged in. geez

  75. Rodrigo Moreno

    Brian May :D

  76. JohnPanto

    not a patch on Chuck !!!!

  77. 42lookc

    Man, that cooked

  78. Tartan Foursix

    3 cheers for all the fucking GM Onstar commercials. Michael Hastings would approve.

  79. Alexander Andersson

    The Legend Never dies

  80. Gunnar Trönningsdal

    Chuck Berry

  81. Pau Bagué

    She's his wife xD

  82. Nic Ellison

    Wow it wasnt uncommon to fuck ur cousin befor 1950 even charles darwin a cousin fucker people that judge him.are as bad as people judging u for belief in god jesus or anything else close minded fucks he amazing his music is and always will be ledgedary so fuck off

  83. JoergSF1

    I´m gonna happy the day YOU dies

  84. DovahkiinPro

    you mean COUSINFUCKER xD lmfao

  85. turkeychuck

    I love the look of the drummers face a 4:30 that smile is saying git it jerry lee! LOL

  86. SuperGeert123

    Hahaha he s funny

  87. Василий Троицкий

    Достоинство - вот главная черта Мужчины. Браво Джерри!!!

  88. caitlin nash

    jerry lee cant die, HE IS GOD

  89. tricky dick

    I wonder why they don't stall with the camera from above when he's playing piano instead of going on the guitar players.

  90. liam walker

    that looks like hospital ex wife
    She looked 40 or so

  91. Milu Leiva


  92. Cormacio Fino

    who's the crazy girl at the end..?

  93. Johnatan Din

    Chuck Berry sound

  94. Timmy Farlight

    Then you're gonna stay miserable for the rest of your pathetic life because Jerry Lee Lewis is immortal !

  95. lpgft

    quite a moment at 4:21 when the average foe meets the legend ......


    Living legend, this man has sold his soul to the devil, no way!
    Seen him, Buddy Guy and Chuck Berry at a Summer festival in Italy, they were playing and singing, 240 years in 3 or pure rock'n roll.

  97. Csendesmi

    Any one has a clue what the woman said to him ? She seemed pretty sad.