Jerry Lee Lewis - Jealous Heart Lyrics

Jealous Heart, Oh, Jealous Heart stop beating
Can't you see the damage you have done
You have driven her away forever
Jealous Heart, now I'm the lonely one.

I was part of everything she planned for
And I know she loved me at the start
Now she hates the sight of all I stand for
All because of you, old Jealous Heart.

Jealous Heart, why did I let you lead me
When I knew the end would bring me pain
Now she's gone, she's gone and found another
Oh, I'll never see my love again.

Through the years her memory will haunt me
Even though we're many miles apart
It's so hard to know she'll never want me
'Cause she heard your beating Jealous Heart.

Many times I trusted you to guide me
But your guiding only brought me tears
Why oh why must I have you inside me
Jealous Heart, for all my lonely years.

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Jerry Lee Lewis Jealous Heart Comments
  1. Graeme Smellie

    I'm no Jerry Lee fan but I'm surprised by this I really do think it's a great version

  2. Tony Freeman

    King of all genres

  3. Miss Kitty 1944

    Jerry Lee is still great today this is good and one of his older hits but I love him gospel songs thanks Jerry Lee God bless you

  4. Sue Dye

    i first heard tex sing this, there is lots of 2nd but tex is still the best

  5. Berit Samuelsson


  6. Berit Samuelsson


  7. Janet Farris

    that's my darlin

  8. Danny O'Donnell

    Jerry Lee Lewis is any songs best friend! !

  9. tommy dempsey

    Jerry Could Sing Any Song & Make Them Great.

    bluenote824 jones

    tommy dempsey your right

  10. Maciu Vatu

    This guy was thrown out of England as his girlfriend was found to be under-age.  He used to have a cigar and a hat on whenever on camera.  About that time Jimmy Savile also copying him . . . makes you wonder, eh????

    Milton Moore

    Who the hell is
    Jimmy Saville,
    and is there any
    valid reason why I, you, or anyone who
    treads this globe
    should know or care
    about this individual?

    Milton Moore

    Who the hell is
    Jimmy Saville,
    and is there any
    valid reason why I, you, or anyone who
    treads this globe
    should know or care
    about this individual?
    And what is there to
    make us wonder about because Saville
    was photographed
    with a hat and cigar,
    allegedly aping JLL?

    Opal Allen

    It was his wife. She was, or is, pretty as a picture. I understand she was his cousin. Don't worry about England.

  11. jim Buckley

    best combo rock/country singer ever.he could sing anything..was he a better rocker than elvis?,probably not,but a very close second...was he a better country singer than elvis.?.a big yes. don't forget peeps,he could play those 88's better than most.

    Milton Moore

    From what you said,
    combined with the
    fact of his longevity
    and the nonpareil
    quality of his show-
    stopping musical
    numbers, he is the
    most thrilling, if not
    the greatest, musician/vocalist/
    entertainer who
    ever lived, and the
    true "KING!!!"

    pinodjem meramun

    James Buckley who the hell is Alvis. There is only one Jerry Lee and the others you may keep....

    Sam King

    It's been said he would have been bigger than Elvis had it not been for the scandal.

  12. albert19ful

    Top rocker the best

  13. albert19ful

    Jerry Lee Lewis was one of the best country ,rock ,boys to ever come this way ,as such we will never see again .

  14. Roger Williams

    I love them ol classic

  15. Patrick Wall

    Ray Price is good country but Jerry Lee is the king of the white blues. Him and Moon Mullican.

  16. Patrick Wall

    Jerry Lee along with Moon Mullican, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe and Jimmie Rodgers are the best blues based country singers of all time. I recorded this song and this version was what made me sit up and take notice.

  17. jerlan23

    A nice version of a great song. This one highlights his vocal talent above his talent on the piano. A lot of his work is the other way around. He is the greatest vocal and piano act of all time.

  18. Pansye Gibbs

    Today he is still the greatest.

  19. webbjr37

    Jerry Lee does a good version But when you hear Ray Price Sing this song its curtains for everyone else

    Milton Moore

    I like Wanda Jackson's version the
    best, but appreciate
    this one and most of
    what JLL recorded.

  20. MrWeedpatch

    one of our best country singers ever....

  21. candd87

    Did Deano record this number

  22. inya1lake

    Always the Killer, never the Filler. I love you with a real man-love. xxxx

  23. Glenda Clarke

    Fantastic..ty so much 4 posting love it. Glenda-Marie xx

  24. candd87

    @Rusty350 Deno and Jerry -Can't be beaten 5*****s+

  25. Eric Mellonius

    Yeap,that's Jerry for ye,I saw him live in St.Louis way back in 1978 when he gave a X'mas show and he had to cut short his performance cause of the same ol' "Jerry Lee" things but nevertheless,he's still good,he's the last man standing.

  26. Ruth Vilmi

    Great! It reminds me of my childhood - my father often sang this song:-)

  27. Ana Jil

    Wonderful song... Very tuneful... Funny lyrics... so true to life :-)... Thanks so much for posting! *****