Jerry Lee Lewis - Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee Lyrics

Down in New Orleans where everything's fine all them cats is drinkin' that wine
Drinkin' that mess is their delight when they get drunk start singin' all night
Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine
Wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine pass that bottle to me

Now I've got a nickel have you got a dime let's get together and get a little wine
Some buys a gallon some buys a quart
When you buy black beer now you're doin' things smart
Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine
Wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine pass that bottle to me

Down on Rempart Street in Willie's den he would sell but a gill of gin
One cat wanted a bottle of wine he hooked that cat for a dollar and a dime
Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine
Wine spo-dee-o-dee drinkin' wine pass that bottle to me

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Jerry Lee Lewis Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee Comments
  1. dominick624

    That's Alvin Lee on guitar!

  2. Logan Smith

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not play this song on your harley davidson while riding, it increases horsepower by 10000x!! Get it killer!!!!

  3. Keith orlandini

    ThihK About It!!!!

  4. S/SGen3/426

    First off, you must listen to this full, this is from the London sessions album from 1973..the list of talented power on that album is insane....lastly, GO AND BUY it!!!!

  5. Paul Vince

    correct spelling SPODEEODEEE

  6. jeanmarie basset

    The session recorded in London 1973

  7. Stephanie Gruthoff

    Love the music

  8. Robert Dunham

    Pass that bottle to me...🍷

  9. Duwayne Snider

    Peter Frampton playing rockabilly gtr. like nobody's business!

  10. Tony Freeman

    High over the fence for yet another homerun!

  11. Vicente MARTINEZ BALDO


  12. Awful Lawton

    Still as solid as ever on the piano.

  13. eyoung2289


  14. stephen choules

    hangin in like gungadin

  15. Bill Jordan

    My buddy’s dad told us that we only liked the Killer because he could party harder than Elvis and live.

    Gary Kerns

    Yes, and don't forget about Ozzy Osbourne! BTW, Jerry Lee is 84 today (9-29-19). Happy birthday, Killer, and many, many more!

  16. stephen choules

    great song!! i do this on my shows! from rockin stevie lee, love you jerry,

  17. Duwayne Snider

    Elton John said Jerry Lee Lewis is the best piano.player to ever live reasonable view

  18. Tony Bonnici

    Swings like the bags between the hind legs of a bull

  19. Francisco Valdivia

    It's The Killer, bitches.

  20. Tony Freeman

    High over the fence for yet another homerun

  21. Little richen

    Drinkin' that mess is their delight when they get drunk start singin' all night ! Mean of my life when i drink

  22. Jason Daniel Gée III

    Lord, how I love thine law.
    Fraternatis Saturni 👍😹

  23. Tina Patton

    No piana made can mule-kick the Killa!!

  24. Thomas Sanders

    Does anyone know what key this is in?

  25. Joseph Ciresi

    Great tune ; love me that Boogie Woogie:

  26. John Kostiuk

    Drink all that stuff I

  27. randall scott burress


  28. mobrules29

    1:17 "Well I down on Bourbon Street at Willy Ben's, Papa Willy wasn't sellin' but a little gin, one cat up and ordered him a bottle a wine, he tipped that cat for a dollar and a dime."

  29. Cliff Tait

    Sorry you can not beat Johnny Burnett with this one....

    mark weir

    Oh yes you can.Check out Jerry lee's Sun version far superior to this.Love Johnny's version too though but.

  30. Sam Pelczarski

    Kick that piano bench out of the way and rock the damn house Jerry Lee!!

  31. Norma McNulty

    Only just discovered GLL. Love him

    Kye Wilson

    Norma McNulty jll not gll

    Norma McNulty

    Kye Wilson Ooops!!!

  32. Playhouse 50s 60s Rock and Roll

    Yep...the Killer and his Pumpin Pianah !!!! Luv it !!!

  33. Michael Nivens

    good for the digestion

  34. Greg Smith

    rock n roll!

  35. Peter Isaacson

    it's really groovy...............

  36. Clark Brenner

    You can not compare Jerry Lee Lewis to any other musician. He's just got that different talent. Elvis had his own thing going on and so does Jerry Lee.

  37. Reg mason232

    A beast of a performance! For a kick play at 1.25 speed, it reeeeeely rocks!

    Gary Kerns

    I'll bet it does!

  38. Wolfsky9

    OMFG !!!! ------------------------Wolfsky9

  39. Joshua Brooks

    Good song.

  40. David Qualls

    The Killer at his best!

  41. David Qualls

    The Killer doing what he does best!

  42. Wolfsky9

    If you can sit still during this---well, guess what ? You're DEAD !! ----------Love this--I still own my 45. Awesome dance beat . ----------------Wolfsky9, 69 y/o

    Inch Padmore

    Hendrix little richard

  43. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a 72yo Aussie fan.

    Søren Helm

    +John Benn No worries JLL will be here when all other life forms has given up - Rock'n Roll is the thing

  44. Harry Bonnett

    if. you. cant. git. it. with. this. you. cant. git. it. at. all. rock. it. killer. louisiana. fireball

  45. Mark Sandoval

    Awesome the man is a legend.

  46. Richard Jean

    The Grammys are on now. Who cares about that pathetic circle jerk when I can listen to some ROCK AND FUCKIN' ROLL!!!!!! SLIP THAT BOTTLE TO ME YEAH LAWD!!!!

    Harry Bonnett

    drinking. affrimalt. now. y. doin. things. smart

    Glen Quagmireful

    It is a shame there is not a LOVE button on here! Testify Richard. The Killer Abides...

  47. Grant Hopkins

    Albert King and Albert Lee on guitars


    It's Alvin Lee (of Ten Years After) and Albert Lee. Albert King was an American Blues legend (who did not play on the album).

    D. Grem

    @Grant Hopkins damn. did not know that. ten years after was great. lee one of the fastest guitarist ever.


    They played great solos on that track! Jerry Lee should have hired them for his band. ; )

  48. Trebor Eclap

    What could be better!

  49. D. Grem

    wouldnt been for the uptight british, who now lead the world in bohemian music stars, and who objected to his marriage to his cousin (common practice in louisiana and the south in the 50s), jerry would really be the king of all times. shame on the narrow minded limeys. 


    @D. Grem Erm, being Jerry Lee's cousin wasn't the problem with the uptight British - Myra was just 13 years old, a child in British law. The real hounding of Jerry Lee and Myra though had to wait till they got back to the States. Stateside disapproval was way heavier than the uptight narrow minded limeys handed out. And despite all that --- Jerry Lee IS the Killer and the king of all times. And has been back to rapturous receptions in Britain many times, starting just a couple of years after the "child bride" thing. And --- the record playing in this clip was recorded in uptight narrow minded limey London, England.


    Just another thing on the long long list of things that the Original Evil Empire screwed up for the world.

  50. Andy Hansen

    I would love to drink wine with the Killer :)

  51. Grant Hopkins

    Buy Blackberry You're doing things smart..

    Ah a little taste of Sherry

  52. Paul Hooson

    Alvin Lee's guitar blazes here on this classic tune along with Albert Lee and other great guest musicians.

    james knight

    +Paul Hooson that is definitely Alvin Lee on the first guitar solo that's his signature at the opening slur

    mark weir

    So What...check out Jerry Lees "real version" cut for Sun records 1957 Far Superior.

  53. Neil Pille

    I heard this on the radio yesterday. I had no idea what the hell he was saying so I looked it up on here. Maybe  a hundred or so more times and I'll understand it!

  54. Nostow Sissa




    mark weir

    Certainly ain't....The earlier Sun version is far superior

  55. OldWines

    Sixty-one Haut Brion-spo-dee-o-dee!

  56. Jörn Radzuweit

    Noch immer genial nach all den Jahren...

  57. Heartbeat214

    Drinkin' "Joe" Spo-Dee-O-Dee!!

  58. greeniem

    @theoneandonlybidoche y ou better be a hot chick; if so, then this is a witty comment :|

  59. Benjamin Le Coniat

    Drinking tea Spoo-dee-o-dee!

  60. PocoDead