Jerry Lee Lewis - Don't Let Go Lyrics

Hear that whistle it's ten o'clock come on baby it's time to rock
I'm so happy I got you here keeps me grinnin' for ear to ear
Oowee this feelin's killin' me
Ah shucks I wouldn't stop for a million bucks
I love you so just hold me tight and don't let go

Thunder lightning wind and rain love is stormin' inside my brain
I'm so eager I'm nearly dyin' you've been keeping your lips from mine
Oowee this feelin's killin' me...

Hound dog barkin' up side the hill love is draggin' him through the mill
If it wasn't for havin' you I'd be walkin' and a howlin' too
Oowee this feelin's killin' me...

One day baby you'll get me yet I'll be cryin' and soakin' wet
One thing baby I'll never stand your lips kissin' some other man
Oowee this feelin's killin' me...
Hold me tight and don't let go hold me baby and don't let go
Hold me tight and don't let go

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Jerry Lee Lewis Don't Let Go Comments
  1. Patrick Guitar

    Dont let go m fer!!! Merry Christmas b....!!

  2. the one

    Great song, great singer

  3. GravitySmashify

    Sal and Richard

    Gregory Werbrich

    GravitySmashify few will understand. Tradio.

  4. Diane Anderson


  5. Peter Lachmann

    This music is for ever😎

  6. jean-marie Basset

    Eddy Mitchell l'a reprise mais le maître reste J.L.L

  7. krls 321

    Great song, great drums.

  8. Steve Bond

    He did it better on the 1965 LP The Return Of Rock ....Jerry Lee Lewis

  9. recsec

    Just heard this song being played on an episode of WKRP from 12-24-79. Same album also has Rockin My Life Away. Good music from The Killer!

  10. Paul Ballenger

    Killer rhythm track!

  11. kingslandhome

    One of the diamonds from this great album !!

  12. Terry Corcoran

    The Killer killin'

  13. hambone9119

    1979 self titled Jerry Lee Lewis album, Elektra Album, Not on Cd or Cassette to my Knowledge but theres a few on ebay cheap on Vinyl Record.

  14. Kohntarkosz

    When was this recorded? This almost sounds like it has to be from the 80's, judging from the drum sound.

  15. 93x4

    Rock'n'Roll in the very best way :)

  16. allaboard70

    The Elektra period is the best of Jerry Lee Lewis !!