Jerry Lee Lewis - (You'd Think By Now) I'd Be Over You Lyrics

Now just today I thought of sending roses to you
It slipped my mind that you're not mine anymore
And it still hurts each time I think of you with someone new
You'd think by now I'd be over you

Why just tonight I caught myself remembering everything
And I got lost in thoughts of you and me
I don't know why I still think about you but I do
You'd think by now I'd be over you

You'd think by now the hurt would all be over
The time has been so kind to memories
For after all I still recall the love that we once knew
You'd think by now I'd be over you
You'd think by now I'd be over you

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Jerry Lee Lewis (You'd Think By Now) I'd Be Over You Comments
  1. Henrik N

    This is a favourite, i listened to this song for 30 years ago! and today i still do!! love it

  2. Maria Vanzaelen


  3. Adrian Otero

    Anyone know the year of the recording????

    Reg mason232

    It was released in fall of 1977.

    Adrian Otero

    @Reg mason232 thank I recall he had a resurgence in those years.....

  4. Eugene Horner

    At times it takes a long time, like 50 years.

  5. Jane Woods

    Beautiful song about lost love. I've never gotten flowers before but one time when I was 19 years old. I'm 60 now. Guess I'm a hopeless romantic.

    Reg mason232

    No Jane your not a hopeless romantic, just like us all, still in love with love.

  6. Orbie Olsson

    JLL could sing so many types of music. This has so much feeling in it.

  7. Marvin Goodman

    The Killer just keep rockin' on and on....One of the "Boys from Sun."

  8. Pete Martin

    Dam best song I heard in years can listen over many times

  9. Sharon Rogers

    Loved your music from day one

  10. Ruth Boykin

    Awesome sad song! Thank you, Paul.

  11. Carrie Smith

    Regmasoni agree

    Jay Foster

    Foster and Rice hit!!!

  12. Dee Overs

    That just breaks my heart. Some love never dies

  13. Reg mason232

    Just listen to Jerry's inflection and phrasing- he tears at your soul with every line- just so damn powerful and so so moving! There has never been another like him- and there won't be.

    Rowdy Ways

    Reg mason232 I agree 100%

    Brenda Spray

    Reg mason232 #1 always!!! Your comment looks like how feel too... #The Killer

    Joan Mulhall

    The best country singer. Better than Elvis.

  14. Jennie Raintung

    JLL sounds so sad in this song😢. I believe it's because he loves that person so much


    I love this song!! Thanks for sharing😃😃

  16. Donald Nichols