Jermaine Jackson - You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me Lyrics

What are you doing out there baby,
Messin' 'round with all the guys,
What are you doing out there playing,
Aren't you supposed to be mine,
What are you doing out there baby,
That ain't the way it's supposed to be,
Because, you're, you're supposed to keep your love for me

What are you doing out there sugar,
Trying to bring my spirit down,
Because I've heard that you've been sneaking,
Around with every guy in town,
What are you doing out there baby,
You're acting like you're fancy free,
When, you're, you're supposed to keep your love for me
(So keep your love for me)
Da da da da da da da da da da da [4x]

Sooner or later I'm gonna leave you,
Though I've said this many times before,
And on the day you least expect it,
You'll find me walking out the door,
What are you doing out there baby,
I guess our love will never be,
Because, you, you don't wanna keep your love for me
(Say it one more time)
You, you don't wanna keep your love for me
(When all the time)
You're, you're supposed to keep your love for me
Da da da da da da da da da da da [till end]

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Jermaine Jackson You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me Comments
  1. CoventGardenSinger

    You can hear Stevie's fingerprints in the track. Beautiful. Love the drums the dynamics . The melody the laid back feel. Jermaine did a great job on lead vocals I. Love stevie s distinctive backing harmonies

  2. Yvette Pennington


  3. Yvette Pennington

    One of my old time favorites.H e was great just like Michael &Janet

  4. eric bush

    Wonderful song and arrangements by Sir Stevie Jermaine is a really great singer musician in his own right

  5. boydk1365

    Original old school play'a putting in his work for lady's and help'n out the fellas

  6. Trent Davis

    Love this song back in the day and still love it today

  7. حنانه سادات حمیدی

    Jermaine Jackson 💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟......

  8. eric bush

    Love this song just got educated that  Stevie Produced it what a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Arthur Workman

    If you listen very very closely you can actually Stevie's vocals singing the hook along with Jermaine.

  10. THE HULK

    this is another romantic song I like

  11. D D

    Use to couple skate to this song in high school 80-81 loved this song!

  12. Craig Davis

    No disrespect but Jermaine Jackson should be an icon status like his siblings Janet and Mike.Don't get me wrong Jermaine Jackson is and always will be a true legend. He is one of the underrated music artists of all time.He should be bigger than he is.This man do it all write,produce,plays instruments,sing,and act.Jermaine Jackson is just fucking awesome. 👍👍😎😎🇺🇸✌👌Jermaine rocks!

    Chermaine Bigby

    Craig Davis i totally agree wit ya

    Sabrina Brannon

    So very true ~ one of my first love

    Shazzy Fez

    I agree. hes underrated. i feel his voice was better than Michaels

    Yvette Pennington

    Craig Davis I truly agree

  13. Warren Davis

    classic jam

  14. John Jackson

    You're suppose to keep your love for me. Always JERMAINE 😍😍😀

  15. Kurt Adams

    Yes Stevie Wonder is a Genius

    Chermaine Bigby

    Kurt Adams oh hell yes

  16. Kurt Adams


  17. Gabriel D. Matthews II

    "You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me" was originally recorded in 1975, possibly for the aborted Do Unto Others album, and featured Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Jackie Jackson on background vocals. But when Jermaine's brothers left for Epic Records, this original version was shelved. Four years later, Stevie dug it out and remixed/overdubbed the track for Let's Get Serious and removed Michael and Jackie's vocals.

  18. Keith Thomas


  19. Miyoshi Okelly

    Goes to my sweet Ceddy Bear

    Cedric Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly I'm there for u as always

    Cedric Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly I'm on the lunch break hope u ok

    Cedric Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly hope ur suppose to keep Dat for me

    Chermaine Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly keep that wabbit to me🐇

    Ced Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly youre suppose to keep that 🐇 for me

  20. Aliquippawill #2

    Here's 2 words for you folks concerning this song..........Stevie Wonder. Producer......songwriter. .......musician........background vocalist........those were Stevie's contributions to this song. I loved Jermaine's performance on this record......but My God......he had a little assistance from a certified, Musical Master. Everything Stevie touches..............


    That's the truth...Stevie Wonder made it happen for Jermaine on this record.

    James Boyd

    Stevie Wonder originally wrote this for the Jackson 5 but revamped it for Jermaine Jackson solo album.

  21. daryl hunt

    This is a great song!

  22. ronald antoine


  23. joan Jones

    His daddy said he had the better voice of the bunch but Michael could dance and was the whole package.

    John Jackson


  24. Audrey Bowles

    Yes, Massimo, one of Jermaine's best songs from his first album, "Let's Get Serious"!  Produced by Stevie Wonder!

  25. Darrell Swinson

    Reminiscing on this favorite tune that I used to hear when I was a teenager in elementary school.

  26. Massimo D'Alessio of the best Jermaine'songs....


    One of my FAV of Stevie.

  27. littledrummerboy5902

    My favorite Jermaine Jackson tune. Thanks for posting the album version. How could one listen to this one without the harmonica solo. Great video to go along with the song.

  28. dcskfz

    Jermaine is really underrated, this is song is proof of that.

  29. littledrummerboy5902

    This has always been one of my favorites by Jermaine. Great song and wonderful video. Very informative. Thanks for sharing

  30. RandyThirdSun

    Excellent Video.

  31. Eileen Russell

    WOW I forgot how HANDSOME he used to be..... I always loved Jermaine, so sad that this entire really attractive family did NOT think they were. There is not enough room , time or space to talk about the talent which has spoken/ speaks for itself.

  32. George Rice

    this is a very beautiful song, although it has to do with one having an affair with someone else. Stevie at his best.Playing most instruments as well as background vocals.

  33. ThePoacherz

    I do too!