Jermaine Jackson - Words Into Action Lyrics

I can't let you go tonight without a fight
Oh, you been sending love signs, that feel so right
When we move, you talk of love, I understand
Oh baby, there is no time, like the first time

I will hold you to the promises you made
I know you'll be worth the wait

When you're turning your words into action
Letting your body do all the talking
I wanna know how it feels
When we love for the first time
When you're turning your words into action
Letting your body do all the talking
After all this time
Turning your words into mine

I can't let you go tonight
Now I know the way you feel
I need real love
I will hold you and the promises you've made
I know we find the way

When you're turning your words into action
Letting your body do all the talking
I wanna know how it feels
When we love for the first time
When you're turning your words into action
Letting your body do all the talking
I wanna know if this is the real thing

I need you, baby
I'm just moving in time with you
Please, won't you show me
Living up to what you say
Takes my breath away

Turning your words into action
Letting your body do all the talking
I wanna know how it feels
When we love the for first time
When you're turning your words into action
Letting your body do all the talking

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Jermaine Jackson Words Into Action Comments
  1. Coral Ochun

    Esto si es musica omggg k linda

  2. DebsLuvsMusic

    I wouldn't mind listening to this with Rob Lowe...he's freekin sexy!!!

  3. Josmar Augusto Fonseca Barbosa

    Ouvindo em 2019! Wow!

  4. Craig Hawkins

    Action Speaks LOUDER than words, that says it ALL!!? Great Music!!!

  5. Dery Yustiansyah

    Words Into Action

    Jermaine Jackson

    I can't let you go tonight without a fight 
    Oh you been sending love signs that feel so right 
    When we move you talk of love I understand 
    Oh baby there is no time like the first time 
    I will hold you to the promises you made 
    I know you'll be worth the wait 
    When you're turning your words into action 
    Letting your body do all the talking 
    I wanna know how it feels 
    When we love the first time 
    When you're turning your words into action 
    Letting your body do all the talking

    I can't let you go tonight but I know the way you feel 
    I need real love 
    I will old you and the promises you've made 
    I know we can find the way

    I can't let you go tonight but I know the way you feel 
    I need real love 
    I will old you and the promises you've made 
    I know we can find the way

    I wanna know if this is the real thing

    Yes I do baby 
    Moving in time with you 
    Oh won't you show me 
    Living up to what you say 
    Take my breath away

    I can't let you go tonight but I know the way you feel 
    I need real love 
    I will old you and the promises you've made 
    I know we can find the way

  6. Raymond Haley

    This music makes me feel so revved up,my girl friend thinks I'm 2 guys

  7. dmguk gtown

    mica paris paul johnson version EPIC

  8. Janice Mayo

    This song is on repeat trust me love love love love it so much memories

  9. Lovely Ishername

    This song reminds me of Tracie Spencer's "Hide and Seek" for some reason

  10. teetee

    jermaine fine as hell on this picture, It's sad he didn't get as big as little brother brother michael, but it's all good he still had great music.

    Kathy Lovingshimer

    I agree

  11. Deadra Smith

    My favorite by him AND awesome Sound track I would watch the movie just to hear this ..sad but true..💖

  12. tensphreak

    I did the two headphone deal with this really works!!


    One of the great things I like about this film is that it really highlights the beautiful city of Chicago.

  13. Janice Mayo

    this song takes me back to 1986 when I met this guy name Carlton he was much older then me this song was playing the first time we kissed he was a very good kisser

  14. Kirmet Lyons

    didn't see the movie, I just remember this being such a great sexy song, Jermaine was channeling Mr. Marvin Gaye and he nailed it. This was my favorite song off of this album. and one of my favorites period.

  15. Sandro Machado Da Silva

    linda musica

  16. deadra smith

    ♥♥♥💏💏💑💑💓💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💙💙💙💙💙❣❣❣❣💟💟💟❣❣💟💟💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙♔♔♔♕♕♕♕♘♘💏my all time favorite next2 pretty in pink 💃

  17. Manuel Buccarella

    Jermaine, what a beautiful voice and presence! I've loved much as Michael and all the Jacksons. Really underrated, maybe obscured by Michael and discographic industry!

  18. sopranos757

    about last night,wicked film! all the boys loved Demi,& all the girls, pretty boy lowe!

  19. ars spooky

    Great song! I am hearing it for the first time.I was flipping thru channel and caught the movie "About Last Night." Heard this song and had to find it.

  20. MsKimkat123

    The soundtrack of the 1986 version of About Last Night is tight, LOVE IT😚!!!!!

  21. MsKimkat123

    Watching About Last Night in the Chi-- right now on Channel 24, WWMECA!! FUN-FUN FUN, LOVE IT!!!😚😙😚😙

  22. MsKimkat123


  23. MsKimkat123

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! FROM the CHI-- Luther South Class of 1988!! And let me just say that I ABSOLUTELY, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THIS VERSION OF ABOUT LAST NIGHT!!!! Also, to add to that, first of all, the About Last Night 2014 Version, DOES NOT DO THE ORIGINAL JUSTICE, DOESN'T EVEN COME CLOSE!!! SECONDLY, WHY DID THE WRITERS OF THE 2014 version, feel the need to add Kevin Hart, to make it funnier, I will never understand that!?IT'S NOT A COMEDY, IT'S A ROMANTIC COMEDY, AND KEVIN HART SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE FOCUS!! It's not that I don't like him, but it is a romantic comedy about a couple who had a set of friend's who did not care for their friend's girlfriend or boyfriend. Then, the dumbest thing about the plot is that they have Joan and Bernie get together, which was totally unnecessary!! The other dumbest thing that the writer's did in the 2014 version as well, is instead of focusing the storyline on the relationship between Debbie and Danny, a lot of the focus was on a NON-EXISTENT relationship that took place between Joan and Bernie, that didn't take place in the original, STUPID!! Aside from the fact, that they took an important character out of the movie, which would be the location of the movie, and that would be CHICAGO, I was very disappointed with the 2014 version because of that! If they were going to put the setting of this movie in Los Angeles, then they should have used things about L.A., and significant places that they could have gone to, as they did in the original, and not just using an LA Dodgers game as part of the LA dating connection that was not even focused upon. I'd like to add that I'm a BLACK WOMAN, and About Last Night, 1986 is one of my favorite romantic comedies!!! So that just goes to show you that there is no color or race that plays a part in a good movie!!!!! If a movie is GOOD, THEN IT'S GOOD, REGARDLESS of whatever the race of the characters!!! If the producers were not going to do a version of About Last Night, that was just as good, they SHOULD NOT HAVE TOUCHED IT!!!!!!! But everytime the 1986 version comes on, I just have to watch it! I Love Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Elizabeth Perkins and Jim Belushi in this, PERFECT!!!! This is what falling in love in CHICAGO is all about!! I always get sentimental when I watch this. CHI-TOWN BABY!!!!!!!😉

  24. John Jackson

    Jermaine made good music..Jermaine made grown. sexy music..

  25. diego Fraschini

    I like this album
    very very good

  26. George Fell

    Loooooove this song. Reminds me of driving around downtown my town scoping all the hot chicks on the main drag looking at me as I look back at them. Ah the 80's. My fave.

  27. Kelvin Mays

    Beautiful song.

  28. D. Sav

    Love this song...About Last Night is some of my favorite movies. How cute was Rob Lowe!!! 😍

    D. Sav

    *one of my favorite


    Oh ma gawwwd, yazzz, Rob Lowe was soooo handsome back then, and still has that cutie-pie in him!

  29. Troy Turner

    this song take me back to real romance, dating, movies,settings by the river and watching the sun set with that special someone

  30. Ernest Turner

    is anyone else surprised that nothing is ever made of the similarities between his Marvins and Frankie Beverly's voices ? If anything super fans might get that ire up if you mentioned it.

    Keith Deibert

    I hear it

  31. MsReed2009

    My absolute favorite song from Jermaine, my thumb is naturally fixed to keep starting over. lol





  34. mr22ron

    The movie IS Chicago!!!!!!!


    Yazzzz! :)

    Jennifer Hall

    About last night

  35. mr22ron

    The headphone trick on Demi!

  36. denise butler

    For those who have not seen the ORGINAL About Last Night couldn't possibly enjoy this song fully. FUCKIN GREAT MOVIE, KLASSICK. KLASSICK SONG. Go Jermaine, sing it!


    I agree. "Words into Action," when we first hear it ... oh, my, what a sexy scene -- and that's BEFORE Rob and Demi take any clothes off ... well, except for their sneakers. :) Then for most of the film, they have *trouble* keeping their clothes on. But let me me honest, they both had hard bodies back then.

  37. 1GirlieGirl

    Perfect song for when you're about to do the daggone thang!

  38. james rivers

    it should have been a much bigger hit......the 80's were a great musical time that is sorely missed!

    The Black Knight

    I agree 100


    So, so true!

    George Fell

    Yes, yes so true!


    How far up did this song go on the Billboard charts? I know it was on the soundtrack for the movie About Last Night, but can't find stats on the song itself.

  39. james rivers

    beautiful! always loved this!

  40. AngelOfTheNight2007

    Music is a human thing, universal art and a timeless aspect of human life. Outside of Jermaine Jackson's duets with Whitney Houston, such as "Take Good Care of My Heart," "Words into Action" (especially this extended version), is my favorite JJ ballad. Oh my gosh, he sounds so sensual and sexy!  Listen to all his Gayesque (as in Marvin) eroticisms.  The extended version of the song gives us a chance to listen and understand the deeper sensuality of JJ.  Michael had it too; all the Jackson brother did.  Listen to "Show You the Way to Go."  Listen to Michael on "Push Away," "Remember the Time," "Rock with You."  I could go on forever, but I won't. As for JJ's song here, it reminds me of the very real romance between Rob Lowe and Demi Moore outside of About Last Night ...  I was a teenager then, so I was so into this song and R & D's romance.

  41. KellyGirl7

    Its a shame they didn't do a cover for this song in the new About Last Night movie soundtrack ..



  42. deadra smith

    favorite song from the MOVIE.

  43. Raymond A. Lewis, Jr.

    The kind of groove that TRUE playas appreciate.  Listen to the TRUTH in the lyrics.  Jermaine at his best.

    Craig Hawkins

    Raymond A. Lewis, Jr. This is. Jermaine's best music! PEROID!

  44. Sean Kelly

    As good as anything that Barry White or Marvin Gaye ever did.  The most underrated slow groove EVER.  MMMmmm


    Oh, yeaaahh!!!  And in the scene from About Last Night... (soon after Rob Lowe's and Demi Moore's characters meet), I love *how* "Words into Action" is introduced:  the whole double-headphone action.  Demi's character calls out Rob's character, and he plays it off like, yeah, he wasn't trying to seduce her. From the moment that he places the headset on her, to when he moves to kiss her and the plug pulls out from the jack (reverse sexual metaphor) and we hear the song playing louder and filling in the erotic space that the new lovers are creating. Rob glances backward at the jack then smoothly turns to Demi (with whom he was enjoying a romance off-screen) and, as she's cradling a glass of wine, he gently removes the goblet from her hand. Then the camera moves to their legs and feet. What a way to convey, visually and aurally (thanks to Jermaine singing "Words into Action"), how sexually attracted the characters are to each other -- and without one stitch of clothing being removed.  Well, the two of them *do*  repeatedly shed clothes throughout the movie, but in a naturalistic, non-voyeuristic way -- and I love that. However, it was wonderful of the filmmaker to display their playfulness in the foreplay.

  45. Troy Convers

    "We love you Marvin"

    Gabriel Debbagh

    Thanks for having noticed. Although I have no particular sympathy for Marvin. But your lisyening was deep 😉
    There was also the "where have you been..."

  46. denise butler

    I swear I didn't know this was jermaine

  47. corey84douglass

    Jermaine Jackson- now he's a star

  48. Eddo10


  49. martin kavanagh

    love it......................

  50. Steve Clarke

    About Last Night, best movie soundtrack ever!! With the exception of Saturday Night Fever and Grease, if you live in the 70's and 80's .... 8*)

  51. Carlissa Stallings

    This song takes u back

  52. deadra smith

    love the movie and this song .

  53. boomerang905

    It feels so good that people see the real beauty in this song and the movie. One of the best in my book. :)

  54. boomerang905

    Hollah. I mean that's true lol. The movie made me rush out and buy this. I mean Jermaine was jamming up good to sing the soundtrack to such a really good movie for its time. I loved it. this song is only as good as "You Like Me Don't Cha". that's a good one too! :)

  55. boomerang905

    You said it quite well. This is the truth. And people seem to want to make these brothers freaks. I've seen them all in person (the brothers) and it's those that haven't followed them like we have that make these silly comparisons. Michael said years ago that Jermaine taught him what he knew. yet they want to take it away from him and the others.. Love your comment, good reasoning. :) This is a real song. My type of music.

  56. Nickleby2

    The music industry figured they could make more money by exploiting one Jackson rather than have them competing against each other. They shut Jermaine down and other brothers and downplay his achievement and fooled the public into thinking they had no talent. Jermaine has written some very great gems. I prefer Jermaine's voice too.

  57. Getrealpeeps

    I LOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!! (and the movie)

  58. boomerang905

    Why have folks acted like Michael was the only talented one in this talented family of Jacksons?. I loved and adored Michael , Janet and Rebbie, but to let Jermaine slip under the radar the way he and his other brothers did was the pitfalls of separating a talented family of brothers. They were all accomplished. When I hear this is when I realize there could be reason to feel it could be troubling to a family of Musicians that I know loved each other. I always favored Jermaine's voice/style.

  59. V Williams

    This joint is so smooth and slept on....

  60. LuisPrada17

    que preciosidad de cancion !

  61. mobus1603

    @Starsky5000 One of the many great songs in the movie. Sheena Easton had some pretty dope jams in there too. Really enjoyed them both.

  62. vanityfair001

    I'd forgotten about this song, it brings back good memories. Thanks so much for the download.

  63. mr22ron

    Many years ago I dated the girl who flicked her hair back in the movie.


    That's Meagan Mullaly, who co-starred many years (and pounds) later in Will & Grace. Hey, we all used to be thin back in the day. That flicking hair scene was original in ALN; later it was duped in other, lesser films.

  64. ValleyGyrlTV

    @precioushis young and cute. I remember that..what about when he tries to kiss her and the headphone gets stuck, then he rips it out to kiss her!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW...I miss the 80's.

  65. JH71

    Ah, the headphone trick....definitely a movie I could watch over and over again.

  66. sheralb19

    Wow! I still like that song "Words into Action". It was from the movie "About Last Night". This song sounds like El DeBarge's "Someone".

  67. FunkyDCG

    take me back to 1986 so i can meet my 'Danny'......

  68. boomerang905

    @TheCaulfield1 I watched this movie so much, I had to stop lol. I loved the chemistry Rob and Demi had and the sound track.....Jermaine did it all for me : )

    Deadra Smith

    Me too..

  69. boomerang905

    My guy. Sing it to me! So romantic, I think I fell in love with Jermaine on this one : )

  70. DebsLuvsMusic

    I wouldn't mind listening to this with Rob Lowe myself!!!
    Very sexy and romantic song.
    Never knew that Jermaine Jackson sang this, LOVE IT ♥♥♥

  71. Erick Morrison

    Jermaine=better than Michael

  72. Kingford301

    jermaine jackson is one of the best r&b vocailist ever!

  73. Mico Kaiko Yusuf

    WHAT a sweet..sweet love song, brings me back alot of memories, this song just like magic to me...

  74. SequinedGBears


  75. ganspernanthy

    couple is demi moore and rob lowe

  76. smouse73


  77. Mona J. Stewart

    @TracyAndersonFoxhunt YOU ARE TOTALLY MISINFORMED! Jermaine is MARRIED. Get your facts straight and do some research before posting an inaccurate AND INAPPROPRIATE post!!

  78. GoGetter18

    That was was so so cool so perfect

  79. richkid89

    great movie!!

  80. boru25

    Demi Moore I know but I never heard of Rob Lowe!

  81. Miami80sgirl

    I´ts demi moore and rob lowe, this song is soundtrack for the movie ``About last night´´ 1986

  82. boru25

    Who are the couple at 1:05.

  83. AngelOfTheNight2007

    It was aaaiiight. Put it to you this way: About Last Night is based on a play by David Mamet, BUT the dialogue is coming out of the mouths of babes. The babes are the young Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins. There are funny moments, especially lines uttered by Belushi and Perkins. Also, there are very, very sexy and sensual scenes between Lowe and Moore. I sometimes wonder if WOM about Lowe's scandalous sex tape helped keep the film in folks' minds. It did for me.

  84. boru25

    Was this film any good?

  85. AngelOfTheNight2007

    Fave scene in About Last Night: Rob & Demi plug their earphones into her sound system (& into lust) to share a listen to this ballad. "Words into Action" is a sultry sendup of Marvin Gaye, who had been murdered the year prior to this LP being recorded. Hear Marvin's influence from 1:58-2:00 and from 2:32-2:51, and Jermaine Jackson's multitracked vocals starting at 3:29. Marvin pioneered this style of lush, erotically rhythmic vocal layering. It symbolizes a man's breathtaking ascent to ecstasy.

  86. shydmples

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. :)

  87. Laura Cimino

    I am sooo sorry to hear of your loss...Music can heal all sorrow, and bring back sooo many great memories of our loved ones...:)

  88. 00Daizy00

    Thumbs UP!!! Sing that song Jermaine B~a~b~y

  89. shydmples

    I remember playing this over & over when my brother's best friend was killed. I will always love you, Robbie "Googie" Warren 1969-1988. Rest In Peace


    shydmples I know its been a while but may your friend rest in peace

  90. Ambrosia1974

    I completely 1000% agree with you!!!

  91. Ambrosia1974

    Great Song. The BEST song in the entire movie "About Last Night."