Jermaine Jackson - My Touch Of Madness Lyrics

For your smile
I'd walk a country mile
For one touch of your hand
I'd craw the desert sand ooh yeah
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
To have your love
Because you are my world girl
You are all that I'm living for

Mountain climbers
Deep sea divers
Impossible dreams
Of crazy things

My touch of madness
Is in you my love
My touch of madness
Girl is in you

Ask of me and I'll sail the longest sea yeah
For one night of your love
I'll bring you a star from above
You are the frame baby of all my wildest dreams
And without you girl
My life ain't worth a thing yeah baby

Mountain climbers
Race cars drivers
Impossible dreams
All kind of crazy things

But my touch of madness
Is in you my love
My touch of madness
Girl is in you

Ooh honey love

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Jermaine Jackson My Touch Of Madness Comments
  1. Marcos Samuel

    I cry!!! 😭

  2. Risa Alves

    Linda, me trazer recordações maravilhosas!

  3. Machine Angel of Hope

    I saw this in the movie Jackie Brown, their first meeting at the Cockatoo took me years to figure out what the piece was. I love this piece!

  4. Stacy A Collins

    5 minutes and 8 seconds of absolute bliss and pleasure.... Thank God for my hearing...💕💞

  5. Risa Alves

    Tempo maravilhoso!

  6. michael Sykes

    Jackie Brown brought me here.

  7. Machine Angel of Hope

    I finally found this! I loved it in the movie Jackie Brown (Cockatoo Lounge, first meeting of Jackie Brown and the bails bondsmen). Anyone know who's playing the saxophone? It's hard to get information about this recording!

  8. Casual Tuesdays

    Uncle Joey going through it

  9. deltron275

    shouts out uncle joey

  10. Sir Guapo

    Thank a lot uncle joey

  11. lbccrx1 rex

    Joey Diaz brought me here 👍

    7th Heaven

    Joey did you good!!

  12. sammmm87

    Joey Diaz brought me here

    Samuel Wetz

    That man absolutely loves music

  13. Hollywood

    Its a shame with all his influence, Michael Jackson never reached out to help his siblings with their careers.

  14. Hollywood


  15. Dee Dee

    @lovejermainejackson, Bless you for putting this on here. I couldn't find it anywhere! Did you put the song on here from a CD? I'm thinking about just being ghetto and holding my recorder up to my computer to get this song, lol.

  16. johnsonzz2016

    This is such a beautiful song! My aunt and I used to listen to this album all the time.

  17. Andrea Carrillo

    I want to request a Jermaine Jackson's song "Maybe Next Time with Lyrics " Thanks ❤

  18. sasuke uchiha

    It's sad he didn't get the air play back in the 70's when this song came out..I loved this song and when I heard it on Jackie Brown I almost cried, because I haven't heard this song like over 30 years!! Smdh!! Thank you YouTube💙

  19. stephen waters

    Great song loved it as a young child. I hope it's on iTunes.

  20. ooo ooo

    great music Jermaine

  21. thomas washington

    The sorry ass radio stations here in Dayton NEVER played this jam! What a shame because this is a GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    maravilhosa canção...

  23. Risonete Alves

    Linda demais, recordações!!!!!!!

  24. Emma Poulmarch

    i have this song on my phone and DC , and his voice is more acute.... but still a so lovely song <3

  25. Virginia Grandy

    I'm loving this💖. His talent was truly underrated.

    Emma Poulmarch

    +Virginia Grandy yeah... :( it's sad...

    Virginia Grandy

    Yes it is

  26. João Roberto Fortes Mazzei

    Ladyswag502, excuse me . But it has nothing to do with the talent of Michael Jackson . You all confused and made a comment very unhappy

  27. Rosette Graham

    Too bad he was in the shadow of Michael.  He was (is) a great singer/songwriter.  I have all of his albums, but only because if I saw it in the store I would buy it.  He didn't get play on the radio and Motown didn't promote his material.  And he was the one that was loyal to the end.  Would love him to put something out now.

  28. LadySoul502

    Damn shame. People slept on this man. His talent was no joke. 

    Emma Poulmarch

    +LadySoul502 yes

  29. Ruben Delgadillo

    I bought this album when I was 15 just for this song!

    sasuke uchiha

    So dis I 😍

  30. Nicola Summers

    Me too!

  31. DoubleEdged7

    Yes the CD is impossible to get for the same reason most people never heard it . Motown screwed him . Half his career with that label and when he stayed while his brothers left to make more hits . Jermaine stuff wasn't played until his last album lets get serious - he left Motown for Arista and became a hit maker


    +Your Boo's Boo another song I remember was you need to be loved was good but not a big hit . He did get credit for switch though

    Your Boo's Boo

    @DoubleEdged7: Switch? The singing group? How so? 


    +Your Boo's Boo he discovered them and produced their first lp

    Your Boo's Boo

    @DoubleEdged7: Wow. I did not know that. Very interesting. 

    7th Heaven

    That was a damn shame, too, considering his father-in-law was the founder of Motown.
    What the fuck, Berry?

  32. bildboi71

    This is one of JJ's best songs. I remember it from the late 70's when I was just a little boy my babysitter ( black family )would play it at their house. Heard it again watching Jackie Brown and told my wife (black woman) right away " That's Jermain Jackson " . She didn't believe me cause it wasn't on the soundtrack but thanks to your upload I proved it. Thanks again.

    7th Heaven

    Ooooh. Love this details of this comment.

  33. Marcello Cantizano

    I want the album "MY NAME IS JERMAINE" (1976) in CD now!!!

    Your Boo's Boo

    ME TOO!!!!


    +Your Boo's Boo you need to be loved was another one

    Your Boo's Boo

    @DoubleEdged7: I don't remember that one. It must not have gotten much (or any) radio play. 

    Carol Williams

    Me too, it took me a while to find this song after I recognized it from Jackie Brown.

  34. NoireFox

    Jackie Brown brought me here. 

    MusicLover P

    That's a shame this song been out since 1976 LOL


    Not really, I was born in 87. Glad I know it though. 

    MusicLover P

    Oh ok sorry about that i didn't know man.

    Your Boo's Boo

    Y yo tambien!

    Art Vandelay

    Yup. She had to wash the jail out of her hair.

  35. Pammie Williams

    Heard this song last night!! I absolutely love it!!

  36. TheNYCAmateurBoxing

    One of my favorite Jermain songs, lotta solid tracks on this album

  37. talina winston

    Jermaine Jackson could SANG.

  38. Arthur Candelaria

    Jackie Brown..

  39. Timeless love

    Damn!!! Jermaine was FWIIIINE!!!! I was crushing on the wrong Jackson.... Nah, I just should have included


    He was a cutie.

  40. evalina ballinger

    I love it. I want to buy it

  41. Nickleby2

    Thank you for recognising Jermaine for the genious that he is. A true talent.

  42. 1WisdomNPower

    Got you beat by 5 years, girl! :-)) Ain't that a shame? LOL. I was ten, in 5th grade, carrying Right On! magazines to school with is picture in them. Crying when one of the pictures was of him & Hazel on their wedding day. Remained in love with him throughout high school. Came this close to meeting him but didn't when my best friend went to Cali for the summer and MET HIM while he was sitting in a car at Marina Del Rey waiting for a friend. DAMN!

  43. Bentom86

    Wonderful memories of our family wearing this album out when we got it home from the store in '76. Chances are if you never owned this album, this 35 year-old song is brand new to you. Quentin Tarantino was great to include it in "Jackie Brown", but it wasn't on the film soundtrack, and there's no sign of it in I-News. It absolutely deserves much more attention to remind us all of how great music and lyrics used to be.

  44. Daniel Flowers

    When I had this album. I sounded like Jermaine on this cut. At least in my mind......LOL

  45. tubebitch12

    I was madly in love with Jermaine when i was 15

  46. Ricardobayes

    @klwewf It's not off. It's psychedelic

  47. Rick Ross

    chilling with my honey listening to our cut. thats whats happening


    I have this album, great track by Jermaine. This song reminds me of my first girlfriend, I used to sing this to her! This is my favorite ballad by Jermaine.

  49. PoppaSweet

    One Of My In Fact,m Is My Favorite Jermaine Ballads...

  50. lonnie lonniee

    beautiful song from the movie jackie brown

  51. Nell Pugh

    love the whole album My name is Jermaine trying to find it on cd

  52. Izabellitaa

    For your smile
    I'd walk a country mile
    For one touch of your hand
    I'd craw the desert sand ooh yeah
    There's nothing that I woudn't do
    To have your love
    Because you are my world girl
    You are all that I'm living for
    Love this song.......♥!!

  53. willamill1

    One of my fav's

  54. willamill1

    This is one of the sexiest songs ever, great lyric and melody. A true classic by Mr. Jackson. Could listen over and over and over : )

  55. Judy Klein

    One of my most favorite songs.

  56. jusstef1

    This song IS very amazing! It does magical things to me. I conclude this to be a masterpiece!!!! Where can I find this type of mentality now??????