Jermaine Jackson - Let's Get Serious Lyrics

Close my eyes, and I see your face at night
Toss and turn, fall to sleep holding my pillow tight

All the time I think of you, you're with me no matter what I do

Walk around with a smile upon my face
In my mind, you have taken up permanent space

I am feeling what I can't explain, and if what you're feeling is the same

Let's get serious
Let's get serious
Let's get serious, and fall in love

Let's get serious
Let's get serious
Let's get serious, and fall in love

Baby let's get serious
Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh

In your arms is the place I wanna be
With my love in you, and your love inside of me

Longing for each other just ain't fair
When we've got so much we wanna share

Let's get serious
Let's get serious
Let's get serious, and fall in love

Let's get serious
Let's get serious
Let's get serious, and fall in love

Let's get serious
Let's get serious
Let's get serious, and fall in love

Let's get serious
Let's get serious
Let's get serious, and fall in love

Both of us feel like exploding, 'cos this stuffs too hot for holding

Let's get serious and fall in love

Girl you've got my body moaning, just believe it's ment for cloning

Let's get serious and fall in love

Serious, (oh) serious
Let's get serious, and fall in love

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Jermaine Jackson Let's Get Serious Comments
  1. Olia Haynes

    Came across this song and fell in love! Go Jermaine!

  2. Solomon Grant

    Jermaine and Micheal finally had top 10 hits in 1980 WITHOUT performing together

  3. Danielle Solomon

    Loved and love this song! Jermaine has some great solo songs!

  4. cool stuff 306

    This is a man who I believe could have made it without Michael.

  5. Marci Hill

    Yesss let’s get serious let serious before you love...

  6. Clyde R Taylor

    Jermaine Jackson is tearing the ass frame up out of that Bass. On let's get serious. 😆

  7. Laure Anctilpte

    thank you Jermaine !!! Lovin this

  8. chasefarris93

    Love it. Classic music


    Takes me back to my high school days in the spring of 1980.   "LET'S GET SERIOUS" was the serious jam!!!

  10. Ronald David


  11. keith whitcomb


  12. Timothy Dula

    That's my favorite jermaine Jackson song I couldn't stop playing this song

  13. Jan CW

    I keep waiting for the album to skip in the places it used to.

  14. Mo W

    This does have Stevie written all over it. They snapped . I get so sad bc we aren’t gonna get these days back. I wanted to become a really wealthy girl so that I could have a home built like the Brady bunch’s and to dress in 40-70’s fashion. everything would be dedicated to those days but the fed gov don’t pay me enough to have two houses lol

  15. darryl norman

    Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yeaaaaaaahh

  16. 関裕一


  17. gregory hudson

    Looks a lil like his pappy Joey Jacksoan

  18. constance j morgan


  19. Cas82958

    What a fun filled jam session!

  20. 5.カメラマン

    Just, nice. :'3

  21. keith whitcomb


  22. John Scott

    Let’s not get serious and let’s not fall in love.

  23. Acehh21

    Still great

  24. Willie Seals III

    The album was co produced by Stevie Wonder .

    Damario Haynes

    Stevie is a bad ass indeed. His last name Wonder is very appropriate matching his musical genius. Very happy that he's still here with us.

  25. Samuel Pajoa

    Great Song!

  26. shyman99

    This badass groove gets this senior citizen out of his chair and out on the dance floor all over again.

    Damario Haynes

    That's right. Stevie is bad ass; when he comes in you can't deny that he's not the greatest.

  27. NAS Saeed

    Stevie wonder is on this track

  28. Rayvin D.

    1:39-1:55 was nice!!!

    Damario Haynes

    Stevie is a bad ass; dude ain't no joke musically. He's right to have Wonder as a last name.

  29. D TB

    JOE + Katherine Jackson made some beautiful children all 9

  30. Bianca Bulloch

    this is seriously good

  31. Garion Bush

    Still jamming

  32. Tee Money

    This is some good music. I am happy I got to enjoy it when it first came out. '68 baby!!!

    charles richardson

    U was 12
    I turn 12 that summer as well

  33. Vincent Kuneen

    I'm only here because of React-Native 0.59

  34. VJ.Splash

    This song is fun to sing.It is fun to play the bass on this song. It is damn DIFFICULT to sing and play all this at the same time! Jermaine was at this younger age a seasoned pro and did all this with ease when you see him play it on live videos. Finally, you know he was funky jamming with the likes of Mr. Stevie Wonder Yea yea yea, yea yea yea,yea yea yea YEEEEAAAAAAAA - AAAAOOOOO!!!

  35. King-RIOS-REAL Pro-Afrakan

    Germaine jackson you read the Qur'an and the bible it will tell you that God what inside of man. But that man was master fard Muhammad.and he came from Arabia as a white man, because if he came as a black man the people would have him killed. So he told Elijah that he was God in the flesh. So Elijah is the messenger of God not a prophet. Read the Qur'an and the bible and you will see the difference.the white man has tampered with the Qur'an. Read messeage to the black man , and the theology of time and you will see a big difference.

    Damario Haynes

    Read the old bibles; not the King James version. Read the Cepher bible; that's the real account of biblical history.

  36. thanddi

    You could dance yourself to the emergency room for real.

    Susan P

    LOL true

    conrad ford

    thanddi No doubt. Lol.

  37. Inteva

    You remember, Jermaine was the last member of the Jackson 5 to leave Motown.


    Too bad his dad in law did not pour more into him.

  38. Sirlesa Bryant

    I 1st heard this when I lived in Evanston Illinois. I played the heck out of this song. Lets Get Serious 💯

  39. fullof faith

    That base intro is fire!!!!

  40. prieur sylvain

    I just love it

  41. Tony Tray

    Our song

  42. Sandro Nullo Vincenzoni Sainati

    Groove pazzesco!

  43. حنانه سادات حمیدی

    ....😍😍😍😍Jermaine Jackson 😍😍😍😍....

  44. LaMaude Lewis

    That bass is kicking !

  45. Rae Love

    Family affair, of course its cousin Stevie Wonder all over this song

    Damario Haynes

    Yeah Stevie is a bad ass.

  46. Ricky Tyler

    Stevie Wonder is the GOAT he could have kept this and I can’t help it -Michael Jackson to himself but he decided to share

  47. malik avrette

    Let's get serious that was hot as fuck

  48. deon harris

    all these people keep overlooking who sang the dam song they going right to mr can see stevie wonder give both of them there dam props sht yall some i dont even kno the word i want to use for yal

  49. Christine Mason

    Still as fresh as when I first heard it - the 80's were the best for music!

  50. Martissa Houston

    yeeees when your favorite artist of all time writes a song for jermaine

  51. terry henderson

    Song takes me back to the 9th grade going to Ft Riley Jr High School good times and great memories

  52. Seonnah Shaver

    One of my favorites back in the day nana of 11

  53. Ashon Lewis

    Tariq Nasheed Brought me here.

  54. Nick G

    I want to sing this at me and Amy's wedding

  55. Cem Şentürk

    İts jermaines or phils song?

  56. michael Seven

    Let's Get Serious, everybody this was Jermaine biggest solo hit in 1980 or any other year

  57. Ariel Haeems

    This song has one of the best basslines I’ve ever heard


    Could have been an instrumental and still great..

  58. Fernando Howard

    2018 Ha ?

  59. Ashley S

    Never forget how to spell serious.

  60. neadjram

    The groove on this is very serious

  61. Texasboy281

    Tariq nasheed roasting Tommy "crispy" Sotomayor for getting punched in Harlem brought me here

    Andre E

    pulldeeznuttz lol

  62. タクヤ0069


  63. David M

    Fantastic hit!

  64. Brandi Webster

    i have always loved this song

  65. perry crumbley

    see I told you I was going to keep it going on with Jermaine Jackson but I'm going to come back with some real music

  66. Damario Haynes

    My god, Stevie's part is amazing wow. Stevie is the epitome of talent.

  67. La Bande à Bidou

    ma cousine Germaine joue pas aussi bien.

    La Bande à Bidou

    la véritée ..

  68. Meg Griffen

    Is Stevie Wonder in this song.

    michael Seven

    yes that's him and he also wrote the song

  69. Pied777

    that's some Serious Bass playing right here , man !

  70. Ryan Hunter

    The fire of Gary, IN.

  71. Sven Nelson

    Let's Get Serious [Single Edit] nice


    Sven Nelson your an idiot.

    Sven Nelson

    Militantreturns Your? An Idiot?? You just proofed to better keep silence


    Sven Nelson that's not what your mom thinks

    Clash with YoshiLikes24

    I love necroposting.

    Also, you're*

    So who is the idiot now?

  72. Rj1s

    Better than Michael......

  73. Jay Brown

    Stevie came through in the chorus like...

    Damario Haynes

    He's a bad ass and undeniable all around musician.

  74. Andrew Martin

    Pure Groove 🎸

  75. David Battle

    This song is pretty damn good


    At this time in Jermaine's life. They should've invested more time in writing hits and bringing him along making his style of music. Instead of trying to make him be like his brother Michael. And that was a huge mistake. Because there is/was only one Michael Jackson. And no one can copy or imitate him. Not even his own family. Still. God Bless Jermaine though.😃

  77. MissTee TL

    Good times. 1980, Jermaine had song his brothers had a couple also that year.

  78. Gray Slim619

    Tariq nasheed brought me here LMAO


    c gray Is he serious?! LOL!

  79. Oneeyed Grayfox

    Here cause tariq nasheed, when crispy got smashed in the face lol

  80. 21 Grvms

    #TariqNasheed and the #CrispyPuppet brought me here... 😂😭🤗#AreYouSerious

  81. Daryl King

    tariq nasheed brought me here....


    Daryl King when tht fool played it during his set...I was like where this loud azz Jermaine come from. Flashback

  82. OccupyBlackWallSt

    Tariq and brought me here everybody!! lol

    Titty Lova

    Me 😁

  83. ซาง สูง


  84. Joe Clyde

    I thought Stevie sung this but know I see he produced it.


    He does. Stevie's part is S E R I O U S baby let's get serious yeah,yeah,yeah..........

    Massimiliano Praticelli

    I think Stevie sings from 1:38 to 1:56


    Stevie gave this ready' made hit to Jermaine Jackson.!!! Used to be my fav Jackson but he has no range Lol. That isn't the only thing you evaluate a singer though.:+

    bigdawgg robinson

    HURST KEVIN...What ever jermaine a good singer and bass player..


    Jermaine gets it DONE.

  86. Brendon Cariah

    the only Jermaine song he gave Mike a bit of a challenge, Stevie moog bass loaded on this song!!! Stevie should have kept this for himself lol

    Monique Brabham

    Brendon Cariah but mike blew him out the water with the off the wall album.. I was jermaine fan at first.


    @Monique Brabham This came out after Off the Wall.

  87. Art Hayzlett

    Jermaines JAM !! That BASS though !!

  88. hanic sedgehog

    great music back in the day! 👍🏆☺

  89. Jordan Rios

    When Stevie comes in and blows everyone away >>>

  90. Azim AJ Hirji

    Amazing song to dance to, I even do it now every time I put it on. Good old Disco Dayze.

  91. Regina González

    i love this song

  92. kevin harrison

    Jermaine @ his best. love this joint.

  93. Tony Henderson

    Shook his hand at Heathrow , first time they come over , never washed it since

  94. Cecelia Johnson

    love it!!;

  95. Sherlyn Brown

    Obviously, this is REAL music.


    Obviously you're REAL-ly old.

    slowed & chilled generation

    MrShirye i am not old, and I think that it is real music... the “smartest” thing you can do is to write comments like this one, really?




    Sherlyn Brown yep

  96. Jeffrey Emerson

    Takes me right back to the summer of '80

    Tony Tray

    Me too!

    Kenneth Beaumont

    Back in the day.


    Jeffrey Emerson wish I was in that era!! Best music era

  97. Derp lover

    Apparently 24 people hate good music

    Gabriel D. Matthews II

    Wtf is wrong with people?

    John Jackson

    Derp lover ...people don't know good music when they hear it.i guess u got to do flips spin around..

    jr an kk Robinson

    Gabriel D. Matthews II ...exactly this is good music

    Iyke Gbench

    it's 48 now.

    Nicholas Clarke

    Now it's 78 lol

  98. s4i74M

    Let's get cereals!

    fullof faith

    Apple Jack's, count chocola, and fruit loops

    gregory hudson

    Stephanie Gentry Captain Crunch

    Robin James



    Shredded wheat!

  99. Geminisixtyfour

    This was his biggest hit (Motown #1469) since he went out on his own and away from his brothers.

    bigdawgg robinson

    William Reed ...jermaine has had many great music

  100. clue104

    His only #1 hit.

    jr an kk Robinson

    clue104 ....Actually not#


    clue104 ...more than one smart ass...