Jermaine Dupri (JD) - You Get Dealt Wit Lyrics

[Mase talking:] Just show me the Bounce J,
once I get the bounce, I'mma be good.
Niggas gon' hate me I get that.
Then I'll have everything

[J.D. (overlapping Mase)]
Fuckin' with my dough is like fuckin' with my pride
& fuckin' with my hoes is like fuckin' with my high
That's two things in life that you just don't mess with
Act like a trick & like a trick you get dealt with

Now I know you love my lazy flow
but here come my crazy flow
Do this shit 'cause it make me dough
do it again to make me more
Rich is only way to go
givin' you what you pay me for
What you lookin' shady for?
Bitch you ain't got my baby hoe.
Top down 64 radio AC blow
They peep though think that automatically
'cause this nigga roll with Puff Daddyo
he gotta be ridin' in a B-E-N-T-L-E but why?
Cause you see a young nigga like me out doing it
wanna come & put ya two in it
wanna ruin it see me pursuin' it
& wanna spend what's mine
First you wouldn't give me the time
now you gotta get in line
Think that Mase gon' trick a dime
you out ya fuckin' mind
See I'm bout it bout it now is you with it with it?
Bitch I don't care how you get ya dough you get it get it
Now you can't claim to be a pimp & then go be committed
Just like you hit it hit it man another nigga don' hit it

[J.D. - Chorus]
Fuckin' with my dough is like fuckin' with my pride
& fuckin' with my hoes is like fuckin' with my high
That's two things in life that you just don't mess with
Act like a trick & like a trick you get dealt with

Hoes know to fuck with me & they'll be set fo' life
lookin' nice sex right livin' in my paradise
I been makin' millions since I was young
& still clockin' still rockin' hoe hoppin'
showin' all y'all niggas how it's done
You know So So sell copies like Kinko's
so ya better bend before ya go saying too much shit
'cause all I'm about is makin' dough
& makin' mo' keepin' my glow sho nuff
unlike yo' stuff I make the shit that
keep 'em runnin' to the sto'
Swappin' drop tops on the regular
spittin' game on the cellular
If I meet a hoe and the hoe ain't tryin' to fuck
then the hell with her I'm tellin' ya
Shit we do ya can't erase
took a little change of pace me & Mase
for the niggas that hate
we still up in yo' fuckin' face.


[Lil' Kim]
Uhh Now why the fuck you keep blamin' me?
You the one that try to shoot game to me
Thug ass bitch you claim to be
y'all hoes never meant a thang to me
Frontin' ass niggas want to roll with us
go with us spend a little dough with us
got a crush hush on this slim chick
with the wet lips & the set hips
Too much smoke in the Lex' whip
can't pick who I wanna sex with
got more weed than a li'l bit
Hydro ain't no bullshit
Then I come through in the 6 drop
me & Li'l Cease doin' the Wop
Infrared clips filled to the top
y'all niggas need to stop
C-Can I say it again say it again?
Better come through with a little more win
B.I.G. is a slogan R.I.P. 'til I see ya again
Ain't no tellin' in this life of sin
how much dough you got to spend
Take so long you got to bend
Grab yo' man snatch yo' bitch
fill them flames with them clips
When the cops come stash the Indo
better throw the weed up out the window
Wannabe clowns got jokes ain't shit funny
play y'all niggas like dummies click-click
Show me the Money!!


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Jermaine Dupri (JD) You Get Dealt Wit Comments
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    Mase 3rd best verse ever!

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    2019 still in rotation

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    Mase was so lit

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    Aye KIM MURDER THAT!!! N it’s 2019 n I still bop it

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    Nicki and Fab Shud Be Thanking Murda and Queen B😂😂😂

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    Get it Kim....

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    Fuckin amazing. Mase got busy to the 3rd degree on this 1

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    🐐🐐🐐SoSoDef 👌🏾

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    The 90's #LilKim is the #Goat

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    Mase verse stupid ridiculous


    I swear Lil Kim's raps are templates in Microsoft Office.

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    Me You paid a tribute to them not diss

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