Jermaine Dupri (JD) - Welcome To Atlanta Lyrics

Yeah, Welcome to Atlanta, jack and hammer and vogues'
Back to the mackin' and jackin' the clothes, adolescent packin a fo'
A knock on the do', who is it?
I would happen to know, the one with the flow
Who did it?, it was me I suppose
J-D in the Rollz and Luda's in the Cutt Supreme
Skatin down old Nat, Gat tooked and lean
I split ya spleen, as matter' fact I split ya team
No blood on the sneak's, gotta keep it so my kicks is clean
I get the cream, cops see me flick my beams
Im allergic to 'doc perscribed anti-histemines
Oink Oink, Pig Pig, do away with the pork
Only silverware I need is a steak knife and a fork.
Did you forget your fuckin manners, I'm Bruce with banners,
Ludacris, Johnny Rockets when i shoot the cannon
The Wooley mammoth saber-tooth, bitch bite your tounge
I wont stop until Im rich as them white-boy come
I pull up in the black Lotus, you're plaque's are bogus
So I stripped them off the wall
Waiting for my cue to corner pocket eight balls
You rackin' 'em up, Im big paper like pancakes, stackin' 'em up
In fact Im slappin' 'em up, Cadallacin' the truck
I cant loose with 22"s, Bitch thats whats up
Runnin in the back the fuck, runnin better than aquaduct
chil-li-li-li-li-n.. what

Yo, Yo.. Yo..Yo, Yo,
Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play
And we ride on them things like every day
Big beats, hit streets, see gangsta's roamin'
And parties dont stop til' eight in the mornin'
Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play
And we ride on them things like every day
Big beats, hit streets, see gangsta's roamin'
And parties dont stop til' eight in the mornin'

Now the party dont start 'til I walk in
And I usually dont leave until the thing ends
But in the mean-time, in between time
You work yo thing, I'll work mine
I been puttin' it down here since 83'
Since the late show MD rivalry
More froze than bad ice, with a place to be
If you was ridin, you was bumpin' your homie Shadi
Im the MBP, Most Ballernous Player
Make my own rules, bitch call me the mayor
Monday night, Gentlemen's Club
Tuesday night, Im up in the velvet room, gettin fucked up
Wednesday, Im at strokers on lean
Thursday, jump clean, and I fall up in cream
Friday, Shark Bar, Kaya with Frank Skeem, right on the floor is where you can find me
Saturday, is off the heezy fo' sheezy, you can find me up in one-tweezy
Sunday, is when i get my sleepin'
Cause on Monday we be at it again, Holla!

[Chorus 2x]

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Jermaine Dupri (JD) Welcome To Atlanta Comments
  1. Rigo Pita

    90s baby

  2. Jay Bledsoe

    Watching this makes me wish I was from atlanta

  3. C Webb

    I miss when music was fun like this!

  4. Judah BlackPill

    LOL and these are the songs that contribute to the over populated Atl. He just basically told a 7-Day party week 🤣🤣🤣 back then in the early 2000s there was no social media it was all word-of-mouth magazines interviews and music videos plus your imagination. I remember watching these videos on TV from Atlanta artist and then watching the movie ATL made me and a lot of people across the country wanted to come visit Atlanta or move there. 💯

  5. David Heredia

    Was that creflo dolla

  6. Mar Eastwood

    JD rippin off Dre and Snoop once again with the chorus

  7. John Sterio

    Welcome to altlanat were we blow huge leads in super bowls loss loss what we gone do why did I bet on you

  8. Jam Base


  9. Tivon Reid


  10. R S

    I Cant lose bitch THATS WHATSUP

  11. Biff

    Forgive my ignorance, but who is the dude at 1:12. He looks really familiar.

  12. James JacksonElBey

    Moneta ain't a thang now let's do the science this beat connects to KRS 1 now I broke down KRS 1 Big Daddy Kane and Rakim I'm still here Moor Hop 2 GD HOP Allodial Style 😎

  13. Eric Ernest

    Underrated song

  14. Zaynab Abdur-Rahman

    Wait a damn minute my favorite kpop group freestyled over this beat on God this song is still my shit 🤟🏾🔥🔥

  15. The Godfather NFG


  16. QUE D

    dat dam Luda!!!. Otey!!!! 2020

  17. N4L74

    Did I see Rev/Bishop (whatever his title) $Dollar in this video? Please tell me it wasn’t him. Damn! I know it was. I can see. Not just welcome to ATL. Welcome to the world! The world of false prophets.

  18. Jonathan Saldana

    2020 💯 🔥

  19. Andrew Walling

    Their making fun of Atlanta they are disgraced

  20. ARBJ85

    When Ludacris was killing everything he was featured on

  21. Crook Brown

    Them folks really went to college park projects!!!!

  22. Jimmy Jenkins

    Love how the video displays hip hop's transcendence through all races/cultures.

  23. Key Pusha Beats

    ah man, Atlanta has changed so much since this time. lol I miss the old Atlanta

  24. Alex Torres

    There’s “California Love” and there’s “Welcome to Atlanta”

  25. flame phoenix

    Shawty lol

  26. Kasheen Bailey

    this is back when it was cool to actually recite your favorite rapper's lyrics

  27. D. Brister

    Was that Creflo Dollar???

  28. Angelo Smith

    Now he have to do one for Gabon because he is no longer a usa citizen. He moved his whole family to Gabon.

  29. madometal

    Dupree 's got an amazing voice

  30. Terry Mcdonnell

    I remember the first time I flew into the Atl airport kid in front of me got yelled at from the stewardess once we landed he fired his laptop up and asked for everyone’s attention plane was silent he cranked this song plane went nuts lol

  31. MJ Johnson


  32. Mockingjay Khaleesi

    I live about 2 hours up I-85 from Atlanta and every time I drive or fly into ATL I always think of this song. XD

  33. Melissa Ferrell

    yo yo yo yo yo yo yooooo

  34. Nahida Fama

    I don't understand one thing.
    Why do guys that are ugly...think that they are good looking & handsome.

  35. Nahida Fama

    Jermaine Dupri is soooo ugly.

  36. Lorenzo Parks

    Rip to my old Atlanta i miss you like crazy.
    We use to be so happy hear.
    The most kept secret back in the day. Damn i want the old Atlanta back😭😭😭😭 Grady baby Zone 6 Decatur Gresham Park BL.

  37. Jessica And Fam

    Back when baggy clothes was in style

  38. lakesha steele

    This was the jam!!! Welcome to Atlanta!!!

  39. calista moore

    Walters is still there selling kicks almost 20 years later 👟🤪

  40. Smash Bro

    Who here because of the rap Game Show

  41. Deangelo Box

    Luda killed jD

  42. A Little comment

    Oh cool
    It’s censored

  43. lakena chhun

    I’m tripping at her face in the beginning 😂😂😂

  44. Jazz Critic

    Jermaine dupri is a whack rapper his voice is too squeaky

  45. Gangsta page Die Lzz

    December 23 2019

    Nahida Fama

    Im with you.

  46. Sweet Salvation

    Wait! Was that creflo Dollar?

    Underneath The Stars

    That is his scamming ass. 🤣

  47. Stanley Mumo

    when ludacris said "Chillininifimininnininininininihooooooood" I FELT THAT

  48. Ali Khamis

    the original is a killing piece

  49. Joshua Gamboa II

    This song makes me laugh.

  50. dribble gawd

    That girl who is welcoming every one is fine asf

  51. Chels K.

    Luda should've been in the remix too. He killt this!!

    tim millea

    Ya maybe replace puff

  52. Antonio Diaz

    And party don't stop till 8 in the morning

  53. courtney parrish

    Reg body

  54. Hoggybhoy1967

    1:34 JD doing the original Floss.

    tim millea

    Lol. Kinda.

  55. LIL REY

    But be on the rap game I can rap

  56. Kng Tch

    I am moving to Atlanta (one of the counties around it ) I love it there

  57. Kareem W

    Nope your not

  58. RZACE

    What did they put in the Georgia water to make the rappers mumble now?

  59. Jun Jun Gatbos

    The way Ludacris ended the first verse was money.

  60. Jun Jun Gatbos

    "Get krunk"

  61. Bart Poplin

    1 min in you'll see mike tyson

  62. Jeremy Washington

    JD don't ever rap after Luda, and Luda should've been on the remix.

  63. Snake Pliskin

    Luda was killin the game when he first came out

  64. Sarah Beth

    .....sleep...Yrunk... 2x4 (Splinter brunk x drunk lol.....hai.) Wrunk.... Vrunk... Unk... Trunk... Srunk... Runk.. Prunk.. Orunk.. Nk.. Mrunk.. Lrunk.. K.. Jrunk.. Irunk... Hrunk...Grunk.. Frunk.. Erunk.. Drunk.. Crunk.. Brunk... Arunk

    Then Cartel was singing "27 steps to your front door are you with me? are you with me? I cant stand your face ANYMORE. Should have figured out just what you'd lose but its too late to fix whats broken....are you with me?"

    Its like Brinks home security dont exist anymore I swear to God how hard is it to drive an armored truck full of money? You're basically in a tank. How you gone leave it and fall off so Wells Fargo can come up like that?

    Oh wait I take that back. I was informed I know nothing about anything. Even if Ive been drunk since like 3 years old.

    Roman numerals tryna be Italian like i didnt have the gist of things, since its Italian n all.... lol he was the starting pitcher at a local college.... no no you cover all your own bases. Thanks loljk #SarahsRandomExes haha you thought it was Russia....they do have the same initials with lukewarm and considering this was the cool beans days that was definitely my luke lolol.....i probably hurt the italians feelings come to think of it cause I met Rick at 3 dollar and fell in love hard and I was talking to him right before that. I always forget certain people cause they dont wreak havoc in my life

    Lol bruce with banners...i wonder how david is nowadays

  65. Sarah Beth

    I wonder if Janet and Jermaine still have that one spot on lake lanier. They used to record videos there. My husband was their uh...cable guy. 😂😂 #TheMoreYouKnow #ImSorryMsJackson #IAmPharrell 😂😂😂 when my brother got with scramns mommas neighbor who was terrified of midgets 😂😂😂 i got two adorable nieces Nopi and Mia out of it. Mia was originally named Sierra but my brother refused to name his daughter after me or a truck so hahaha "Missing in action" was a suitable replacement Im sure bahaha #grindin

    On a sober note, notice how Jacob was right there up under M.I.A. selling people like me out for cheap nasty nobodies. Backstabbing bitch. And look at Murphy Lee and Captain Obvious still covering thar dirty shit up. People around here have a really low concept of real friendship or real respect or loyalty or honor or pride or proper manners

  66. MGBillionaire

    i need that Atlanta Flames jacket

  67. Copeland

    Luda is dope

  68. Me Myself And I

    At 3:12 mark, was this the era Monica punched Brandy in face or was it before this? Asking for a friend.

  69. Savickas

    Kinda sounds like money is a thang.

  70. ZephDiesel

    0:07 Is that Stan Lee??!!

  71. Whyinem


  72. Denver Mock III

    Last time I saw POS Chris was at the indoor range in FP, arriving in his Impala...all 5'1" of him...

  73. Ivalina Passe

    Its Off The Chain right Now!!!

  74. Farealz Livestream

    Nov 2019

  75. cbx25

    Thank you out kast

  76. cbx25


  77. Foreverj M

    Sigh, I miss my childhood

  78. Ashley Lewis

    Indeed, and being from the seaport. Liked the east and west coast with Snoop.

  79. agostina velasquez

    Thank You Sirrr. GOD BLESS

  80. Kruppt808

    i was born in 83'

  81. Yeh Nah

    Someone need to build a time machine so I can go back to the good old days!


    Welcome to Houston tx
    Where everything is
    Chopped and screwed.

  83. T.E. V.

    I wonder if other rappers from Atlanta were salty that J.D. only put Luda on this. Tip would have killed it too.

  84. michael jordan

    Gotta love Dominique’s random appearance. After all it is a song about Atlanta

  85. slipsethanon99

    Lol. I love it how they showed them travel around the map. But was basically in downtown filming the whole time. I guess they couldn't film how the ATL really.

  86. Joshua Young

    Fleet remarketing

    Truck & van sales

  87. Jalen Worrell

    Who’s here in 2019?????.......... *nobody........

  88. Jazz Critic

    JD looks like a fool

  89. Jazz Critic


  90. Joshua Young


  91. Official Falcons Fan

    1:56 is that Shad Bow WOW Moss

  92. Official Falcons Fan

    1:33 who else saw Dominique Wilkins

  93. UDGM TV.

    Do not be LUKEWARM. God will spit the Lukewarm out of his mouth. Do not be hot then cold. Keep your yes, yes and your no, no. As the scriptures says. ❤️👏🏼 God bless you all Chris is risen !!! 💯

  94. Mega Nas

    We miss the real hip hop ❤️