Jermaine Dupri (JD) - Turn It Out (Intro) Lyrics

Spit at the world
My lyrics, I could spit at your girl
Spit when I hurl, spit on the Dutch and finish the twirl
Spit facts, spit on whacks my whole lifetime
Spit on my watch, make the ice shine
Spit trife lines, .44 spit slugs out
Ready to thug out at the clubhouse
Chickens who lickin' or spit a nut out
My name within itself is a language that bring you wealth
Careful, comin' at me is like hangin' yourself at a.....
I know you thought I'd be locked up
Dead by now, shot up, full of lead by now
Got up wit' JD doh', crazy dough
Queens with the So So Def, A-T-L's best (yeah I know)
Every ride up the 9-5, fly friendly skies
Thug passion for J Doves, Henneys for Nas
Then we mix that shit, tip that shit
Pass it around, hook the hood, everybody get wit' it

Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end
Never do I lose, all I do is win
Cause Queens Bridge is in the house
This is Nas Escobar and I turns it out
Through thick and thin, from beginning to the end
Never do I lose, all I do is win
Cause Collin Park is in the house
They call me Don Chi Chi and I turns it out

I'm sumpin' y'all dread like locks, get bread by the flocks
Bitches love me and I'm duggy from the head to the socks
Too much to handle, here da man of the year
Hit rooms and light'em up like a chandelier
From C-P to the Bridge, y'all know what it is
Been gettin' money like this since I was a kid
I'm in the corner with bitches and buckets of Cris
Pourin' at the most goin'est nigga wit' shit that showin' it
Now look at my ice, look at your ice, DAMN
Look at my life, look at your life, DAMN
See, I got niggas wantin' to drop me, top me, stop me
Copy Chi to the T cause I'm nice in the 3 black same color AMG's
T.V's, front and back pack with nuttin' but ladies
You can look up or down, right or left
But all you gon' hear and see is So So Def

[Chorus, JD then Nas]

Touch the whole global with cold vocals and dark words
Vocal cords translate what my drunk heart slurs
Chest clogged up with sparked up herb, I feel faint
Tryin' to hold myself together, coulda spilt my own drink
All I hear is beats bumpin', I'm seein' in doubles
Last thing I need to happen is to be in a scuffle
Where my dogs at? These ain't my niggas I loah
Help the guard, forgot my niggas took some girls to the car
Tryin' to make it through the crowd, which way is out?
Which way is around? These grimy motherfucker's pointin' me out
I wish I had the drink, but then I'm too intoxed to aim and put the clip in
It's like the floor's wet and every step is like I'm slippin'
And yo, I can't lose a step, I feel my enemies followin'
All I got as a weapon is this Hennessee bottle
I'm talkin' to myself, my peoples should be stickin' with me
Somebody grabbed me up, "Yo Nas, come take this picture wit' me"
My ice strillon, I'm feelin' my arm
Thought my Roley was gone, now I wanna swing but I'm calm
Still got that, DJ musta threw on another hot track
Think it was this one here, bounce to that
Too much Thug Passion and smokin'
Made it outside, mouth wide, vomittin', gaggin' and chokin'
From behind, niggas plottin' and scopin'
Everything was blurry at first, but now shit is movin' in slow motion
I saw my niggas pull up, Perelli's they skidded
They open the car door and toss-ed me in it
My cats tried to rob me, the crowd was rowdy
But one thing's for sure, So So Def know how to party

All night long {'til when?}
Til the early morn (it don't stop)
And uh (it don't quit)
And uh (So So Def with the dope shit, bitch!)

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Jermaine Dupri (JD) Turn It Out (Intro) Comments
  1. Night Night

    NaS Sneak Subliminal dissing 2Pac aka MAKAVELI

  2. Nelkon Nsamba


  3. Garik Matevosyan


  4. mason lee

    3:40 nas on skid sound was fire

  5. TheRealDirtySkillz

    What's the first sample called?

    Matthew Brady

    Willie Hutch - Hospital Prelude of Love Theme

  6. Charles Watson

    I miss the old Kanye

  7. illdee04

    That last verse... Damn

  8. bigvladi

    i used to play this on repeat back in 98. nas is such a dope lyricist.

  9. Johnny Thompson

    nas is living legend top 3 if not 2


    Johnny Thompson 2nd best MC alive and 3rd best dead or alive

    Jarrel Ely

    is Keith murray top 3?

  10. Frank White

    Nas Escobar!! Don't wait till I'm dead 2 say I was best who did it...

    Jarrel Ely

    esco or keith Murray ?

  11. Jerome

    first time hearing this.. I'm like 20 years late lol

    chaz kaz

    mr815 no way. The album was fire

    Bob Rockamento

    @chaz kaz Shldve made more. Lol. Beat was tight.

  12. Dilan Mustafa

    one of the best albums ever

  13. Jeremy Hefner

    Damm nas can rap like a motherfucker better than this rap today

  14. kkim1177

    Kanye's first professional beat- kANYE made $5k off this beat from JD

    Michael Awotwi

    from the documentary Kanye West:driven


    it brought me here

    Frank White

    This id D. Dot to a tee. Classic Hitmen sound from 97. Shakers cymbals hi hats. Ye maybe made a demo but this got D. polish all over it. Glittery poppy big bass bounce. D signature sound.

    steven randazza

    @Frank White You already know JD said this beat needs more triangles lol.

    Chris Major

    @Frank White Ye used to do ghost production for D dot

  15. DeMon Spencer

    JD's Life in 1472 was a solid album with some very memorable singles.  "The Party Continues" feat Da Brat and Usher (my fav), "Money Ain't A Thang" feat Jay Z, "Sweetheart" feat Mariah Carey.  The production was tight, the songs were cohesive as a full album instead of a patchwork of songs thrown together to appeal to many different musical taste which was pretty common during that time (song for the streets, song for the ladies, a song for radio, a song for R&B fans etc).  

    JD doesn't get the proper respect he deserves as a song writer and producer... and probably even more impressive, his eye for raw talent and the ability to polish raw talent into a successful platinum selling artist or group.  Kris Kross, Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Usher, Monica, Escape, Lil Bow Wow just to name a few.  Usher and Mariah Carey's biggest hits were all written and produced by JD.  Usher's record label sent him to record his 2nd album with P Diddy in NY.  After the entire album was done the record label didn't like any of the songs so they scrapped that entire album and decided to go back to Jermaine to executive produce and write a whole new album for Usher... which became Usher's "My Way" album selling 7 million copies.  After Mariah's flop with the movie and soundtrack for Glitter, she went to JD and asked him to help her write and produce her comeback album "The Emancipation of Mimi" which sold 12 million copies.  When people talk about heavy weight music moguls like P Diddy, Jay Z, Dr Dre etc, Jermaine Dupri should be mentioned in that group.  His talent is evident by the large amount of #1 records he has written or produced.  He's had #1 albums from 1990 all the way through 2015.  I can't think of many in R&B and Hip Hop who's had 25 years worth of hits and remains current and relevant in an industry where careers are extremely short-lived and songs are hits one day and quickly forgotten the next.  JD has earned mogul status so it's about time we start recognizing him as that... a Mogul.

    beefwearclothing Jones

    Straight facts 🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤


    Beautifully said!

    Nelkon Nsamba

    The Neptunes still sound better.💯

    Jarrel Ely

    whats missing jd didnt get a clothing line like jay and puff. and he didnt get headphones like dre. my barber said jd dress like jazzy jeff and thats why he cant get a line.

  16. K. Swift

    I never knew Kanye got down with the Stevie J. bells.

    DeMon Spencer

    Kayne rocked the triangle tings in Foxy Brown's song “My Life” on her China Doll album too.  I guess he was going through a triangle phase because both songs were recorded around the same time with an overabundance of "tings". lol

    Devin Young

    nas went hard

    Frank White

    This D. Trademark sound from 97. Tracy Lee track.

  17. HatianHurricane


    Jarrel Ely

    do Erick sermon fuck with esco?

  18. -chase

    "kanyeezy you did it again you a genius"

    SDS Overfiend

    Nope.... DAVY DMX IS THE GENIUS....

  19. biggz640

    yo this track was ghostwritten did you lot know that Nas & R.O.C wrote this track R.O.C wrote Jermaine Dupri's verse and Nas wrote his verse and this womens skit speech big respect to Nasir Jones & Rahman Griffin. Bravehearts & So So Def link up  

  20. Jay S.

    Nope. Kanye debut was on "Down to Earth" by Grav in 1996.

  21. djsalteenuts

    Underrated classic

  22. DJ Mouse Trap Music

    kanye on the beat

  23. Maحmood Sayz

    i still have this CD but its scratched like hell

  24. Worn out Testicles

    I always thought this was produced by JD - damn, Kayne used to make pretty grimey beats.

    Jay Coleman

    It's *_*Kanye_** .

  25. Tinkhanii Segula

    kanye on the beat

  26. Daniel

    This song is so extremely under-rated