Jermaine Dupri (JD) - I've Got To Have It Lyrics

[JD (Monica)]
Uh-huh, oh (Oh)
Uh-huh, oh
So So Def
(I've got to have it)
See this is what it's all about right her
Understand me see my life's real
I don't know about yours
Everything I do is an event
(I've got to have it)
Nas, Monica, and me
(I've got to have it)
When it comes to my honeys in the strip club (oh)
Sumpin' on dubs in the middle of the block
Like what? (What?)

[Nas (Monica)]
When you see me with the crispy fade
Icing it out, glowing with the lights is out (hmm)
Yo say my name! (Ooh)
When you see a Bentley or Ferrari, a Mazuradi
It's probably me (ooh, oh)
Say my name!
When your hear this song bump in the club
When you're chillin' on the corner with your thugs
Say my name!
I make it hot and take your block
Who they wanna be and hate they not
Yo say my name!
When your girl don't call you when you beep her
And you hit it and her thing feel deeper
Say my name!
Pull on her hair, spankin' her rear
While I'm in 'em bitches all I wanna hear is you say my name
Squeeze my gats beef is done
Police come you know the game
Don't say my name
Dipped out crazy, Timbs chicken and gravy
Q.B., Dupri baby

[1 - JD (Monica)]
When it comes to the clubs packed, Cristal flowin'
(I've got to have it)
When it comes to homes plushed out chrome stuck out in traffic
(I've got to have it)
When it comes to a neck full of glow
And a check full of O's, you know
(I've got to have it)
When it comes to my honeys in the strip club
Sumpin' on dubs in the middle of the block
Like what? Say my name!
(I've got to have it)

Gotta have my tied up Iceberg Gucci Rolley
Bezzled up, bezzled up
Gotta have me a double O
With a six in the front
And a bump-bump in the truck
Gotta have me an escalade
My house is laid
A man that keeps my bills paid
My records play every day
What can I say?
I've got to have it

[Repeat 1]

When you see a black do-rag through the tint
Of a black Bent going too fast
Say my name
When you talk about longevity
And niggas who know how to keep gettin' that cash
Say my name
When you're sick of your songs
Sittin' on the right
And wanna know what the top feel like
Say my name
If you wanna know what being hot feel like
And shuttin' down the spot feel like
Say my name!
JD from the home where the bowls get thrown
And the dough get gone real quick like
Keep niggas sick like 40 karats and a chain
Foolish ain't it?
Say my name!
Everything you did I've done did double
If you hate to see flash then your ass is in trouble
Scram now and don't look back
Cause until I die it's like that

[Repeat 1]

I've got to have it..

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Jermaine Dupri (JD) I've Got To Have It Comments
  1. Demon Ninja Tarik Terry

    The end of the video was always my favorite part.

  2. green ghost

    This song for me start 0:43


    I remember this song since big momma’s house 🏡 😀

  4. Kuffar Ibn Jaffar

    What a crispy video. We are going backward. Smh

  5. Ty Macklin

    still boomin in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Musiqtruth

    Peter Gabriel sample- both slap!

  7. William Douglas

    So So Def

  8. Msingathi Ngwenze

    The flashy car, shiny Jewelery, durag, throwback jersey and timb boot era. This era was there era of ballers and superstars😎💲💲💲, everyone was just out there beasting

  9. Jamaal Muhammed

    So much talent but jd is out now....

  10. Ich Bleibt

    This men help somany artist with his beat

  11. Chrissy Stewart

    This is so hilarious

  12. Tiffany L French

    That shit was hilarious at the end.... 😂😂

  13. Antonio Diaz

    From day 1 till now it's still worth listening to

  14. Fred McNease

    Bow wows intro was on point

  15. Eric Davis

    JERMAINE DUPRI & NAS Featuring MONICA - "I've To Got Have It"

  16. T.H. turner

    Wow I remember

  17. stealth tates

    I still got this on cassette

  18. s e r u m

    $4000 to be introduced & the go to the ball (cotillion) like renewal and suckling Shad...damn

  19. TT 4

    Song is almost 20yrs old and still sounds way better than today’s!


    Happy Birthday Jermaine Dupri

  21. jdhall1

    Surprised this wasn't a bigger hit back in the day

  22. jeffrey joseph

    I've never noticed dikembo motombo in this video yeah proud to be Congolese

  23. K.I.Visions

    Summer 2000..I still remember the world premiere on 106& Park

  24. Ms. Rawkii Joy

    We ain’t seen Flash innawhile, it’s time for him to make an appearance, JD 🤔

  25. SkibopDaSequel

    I had no idea that this was Monica all this time

  26. Clarence Tor DOCTOR C

    I love hipco like hip hop

  27. cerone gates

    Now I see why he messed with bow wow he delivery is sick

  28. William Estrada


  29. T.waterz

    JD soso def was the moment he put his stake in hip hop classics damn feel good music!!!

  30. Shayne Williams


  31. tim millea

    Lil bow wow

  32. Tone Da BlaKCsheep

    Jay-Z wrote bow wow's verse

  33. jayraider521614

    That light model was so extra!

  34. Kevin Plourde

    And I know how to ride a big boys bike

  35. H Lee jr

    Monica lil boney ass

  36. Enoch Mensah

    They were natural back in the day 😍

  37. seyram kulewosi

    Was Bow Wow this yung in Hollywood?

  38. Osa Omoragbon

    3:19 when U get big? Oh Lil' Bow Wow U've got no idea, U have got no idea...

  39. Ziggy Hammons

    Handsome Freddie

  40. Kenneth J.

    this introduced the world to Lil Bow Wow.. I remember this video was on the Big Mommas House DVD..

  41. DiabolicalAngel

    Omg look how young Bow Wow was here! Great song.

  42. Stephen Alonzo

    Original back in those days 💣

  43. Sarah g.

    Jermaine Dupri needs to be honored with a lifetime achievement award at this point. Enough is enough ...🧐 Love Bow Wow’s lil verse in this.❤️

  44. Debra Rivers

    LilBow was in the gin & juice video jumping his little bad ass on the couch lol!!! Snoop had him first but as a little kid he was hanging around a lot of bad influence and Snoop was still gang banging,So he gave him to Jermaine D.Snoop saw how he did Kris's Kross.

  45. Kizzy Lolo

    Yo the ending is always funny😂 “These hooches with no clothes on” 🤣😂😂 the ending always has me laughing

  46. Shaft O.

    The REAL BIG Momma, the hell with that BS from Tyler Perry.

  47. Надежда Васильева

    2000-2010 when rap was good

  48. Coco locco

    Swaggyy 👍

  49. G-unit

    Why ain’t bow wow on the feature

  50. CaesarNati

    JD the goat cuz he the only producer who made a song with jayz n nas lol

  51. dockcom

    2:46 incredibly fine

  52. Reggie Harvey jr

    Take my hat of to Jermaine Dupri...he really did put his career on pause for Bow Wow and perhaps other artists to help launch their career he was never afraid to let someone else have the spotlight and still holds that bond, loyalty and friendship with them almost two decades later.

  53. Dre Wright

    I've always loved Monica voice on this song as a small kid.

  54. King kev

    So so Deaf Golden

  55. King kev

    Golden produce music And music mogul JD

  56. Cherry Blossom

    Aww when bow wow was all that now he’s all wack

  57. Cherry Blossom

    Monica is beautiful no wonder why brandy can’t stand her I never really liked brandy I always thought Monica was and is always better

  58. TheTylamania


  59. Rain clouds

    You know f*ck Tyler perry... ML Is the dude that mastered the “angry black woman” first!😆oh btw bow wow verse was off the hook... but broke up the flow of the song, IMO

  60. 50ways2leaveyourluva

    Wow miss these days, my fav part @ 3:08

  61. mwajuma salum

    I only admire the angelic Monica.

  62. T B

    Crazy lookin light skin girl with the tongue ring was doin too damn much lol. She mad sure she was seen in the video

  63. Bobby Griffin

    Sledge hammer!

  64. megan smith

    back when chicks were ALL NATURAL!!

  65. Nelkon Nsamba

    Like for those that only know this underrated hit via Big Momma's House DVD😂😂😂😂

  66. Raphael

    I never liked this song. This is the worst nas verse I ever heard in my life. I came to see if my feelings had changed...nope.

  67. Kingcrooke340 Igc

    I never knew Bentley made a t top model or thats custom

  68. Richard Salmon

    I missed this one. I like it.

  69. Hi_Shadow

    I’ll never forget Bow Wow introduction to the world in this video. All the young kids like me were shook. I tried to mimic his rap so many times and failed. I remember when they performed Bounce With Me on the 1st BET Awards 2001. Nostalgia.

    Sova wap Wap

    same here

    lady gold

    Respect 💙

  70. DangerDave

    Peter Gabriel

  71. Keith Bardwell

    That Iceberg sweater was da shit!!!

  72. Jerry Spence


  73. Hugo der Boss

    Monicas Voice is so Nice 🔥🔥

  74. mike lopez

    When style, music, and honeys was real and made sense

  75. k jay

    I had a Jersey exactly like the one Da brat was wearing

  76. k jay

    I was 19 when this came out and this was 19 years ago

  77. BrooklYN

    Nas dont belong on this type of record where is the halftime version of Nasty Nas

  78. Mr. Ekenna

    2019 Till Forever ..

  79. Michelle West

    He spoke the truth tho bow wow I remember this introduction like yesterday lol

  80. Michelle West

    Luv them JD soso def classic beats!!!

  81. charlie alexander

    Nas part was weak. The hook part without someone else on it made it lame. His delivery wasn't working.

  82. 29larron

    Bow Wow was cooler as a kid

  83. Lo I

    Lo 👁

  84. Wale Blogger VeVo

    When chilling in the corner with thugs say my name. Nas hard line🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. K J


  86. Tosha Crooks

    ineedthhe chaplin....


    i can still slap the fuck outta lil bow wows in 2019

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    Bow Wow debut

  89. D. Huntley

    Hot joint but Dupri is stilll ugly.

  90. adam ibra

    Love Jermaine u are make me crazy

  91. mooky

    This is how I remember music and women. Btw, this era of women, fat, fake, with wigs and weaves lol

  92. Daniel Orton


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    Dope song

  94. Dre Wright

    I miss being a kid

  95. Oshawn James

    2:43 damnnnnnn Jd's face lmaooooooo

  96. srinivas hyderabad

    Love this song