Jermaine Dupri (JD) - Ballin Out Of Control Lyrics

[Nate Dogg]
Down with JD (That's me)
Rollin wit'cha nigga Nate D
You know these niggas straight bang,
Big game D - ballin with the 21st street
Down with JD (That's me)
Still makin tight-ass beats
I'm rollin in my brome, I stay sweet
Ain't nobody ballin like me

[Jermaine Dupri]
It goes, mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the biggest baller of all
I got a 700, a Bentley, and a Magine
The girls just DIE when I'm ridin past
Live life like I'm sellin pies
Ah-rabian, with two or three wives
Two or three houses to hide
Ten cars that's parked outside
And they all got bodies that's wide, follow me
As the Leer jet flies, over Crimson Tides
Four bedroom duplex in the sky
Nicknamed Lottery, cuz I don't stop spendin
When the wheels stop, the chrome keep spinnin
Like the six moon-walkin, shit I ain't talkin
I'm straight livin it, it's a wonder I ain't shiverin
I'm so frozen and you've been chosen,
to roll with me and Nate D-O double G, sing

[Nate Dogg]
It's five o'clock in the mo'nin
I've already downed five, I've already downed five Mo's
See ya around my block on the weekend
All we do is chase bad, all we do is chase bad hoes
Ask me, what we did was crime
If not then I just say no, then I just say no
Three girls a date, that's my limit
We ballin outta control, we ballin outta control-ol

[Jermaine Dupri]
Now whether you like me or not, whenever I drop,
You know I give you number one hits platinum hot
It's so much clarity in my rocks, I'm thinkin like,
It's gotta be somebody greater, maybe it's not
Cuz I flow for those, that get that dough
Hits for every chick with a size C tits
See it's like this, I don't mind wavin at you kids
but I can't manage to raise my wrist
Jewels so heavy, y'all fools ain't ready
My twenty-two shot the streets into confetti
Move like Andretti, redlinin
Whatever city I'm in, headlinin
At five a.m. I'm still lookin for mo'
Still gettin crunk, still lettin it flow
Bar outta Cris' now I'm drinkin Mo'
Stomach upset, I feel like I'm about to let it go

[Nate Dogg]
It's five o'clock in the mo'nin
Got my pedal to the flo', got my pedal to the flo'
It's time I test my 600
Wonder how fast this bitch go, wonder how fast this bitch go
Three girls and two of 'em sleepin
One got her hands on my bow, one got her hands on my bow
Sun's comin up, we still drinkin
We ballin outta control, really ballin outta control-ol

[Jermaine Dupri]
Dance, everybody
And everbody just clap ya hands
Lemme see y'all dance, everybody
Everybody just clap ya hands
Lemme see y'all dance, everybody
And everybody just clap ya hands
Lemme see y'all dance, everybody
Everybody just clap ya hands

[Nate Dogg]
Down with JD
Rollin wit'cha nigga Nate D
You know these niggas straight bang,
Big game D - ballin with the 21st street
Down with JD
Still makin tight-ass beats
I'm rollin in my brome, I stay sweet
Ain't nobody ballin like me...

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Jermaine Dupri (JD) Ballin Out Of Control Comments
  1. Yuliana Bloomberg

    Dead the geperdi of what you not i the oddiance //uTTY


    Nate dogg just made a song complete

  3. Rector Dee

    This is my era i will pay to go back

  4. Angel Ramsay

    Starting at 1:48 is reason why I don't fuk with people and don't bring him into my success!!!!!!!

  5. Chadd Smith


  6. Tyler Spencer

    No wonder jd a great producer.. notice how his delivery change vocally during the beat.. Nate there for the hell of it!

  7. Julian Ez

    Who here after. Rap game?

  8. Nahida Fama

    R.I.P Mr Nate Dogg.

  9. Nahida Fama

    Jermaine Dupri is sooo ugly.

  10. Arthur Johnston

    If a rapper asked me to be in a rap video as a part were they diss me to my Face ID downsize their face with a shovel. We don’t play that disrespect shit in the sticks.

  11. Micah Stapleton

    *Googles* Jermaine Dupri's net worth

  12. Evolution Record’s

    The beat is crazy

  13. Ivalina Passe

    Ballin out of Control!!!!!

  14. New York Pizza

    2020 🔥🔥🔥🌴☀🌊🚤

  15. Chris Hall

    Nate dog say stay sweet Nate kill it

  16. Elite Kboy

    Jermaine look da same lol

  17. mmk k

    but i heard jermaine is broke. American is that true?

  18. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍😍 rip nate dogg 😍😍😍😍😍

  19. new philmz

    This song was on the Sopranos when AJ was partying with his friends

  20. Trane Kill

    September 2019 fire

  21. Bull Shit

    Nate Dogg saved this track and JD carreer

  22. Marck shocker

    I don’t care, as long as Nate dog is featuring I’m listening .

  23. Liyani Bernier

    K just had amazing sex listening to this song wow it was so good 😝😝😝😝😝

  24. Elisson Peres

    descanse em paz Nate ''


    2019...y sigo bailándola:::::viva la buena música

  26. Sarah g.

    Two G.O.A.T.s no doubt👑👑❤️🔥

  27. TheSushiraw

    *Never try this in real life...*

  28. O-mega Supreme


  29. D Skinner

    Jermaine Dupris low key had a 🔥flow

  30. Marquis Brown

    R.I.P Nate Dogg. The King of hooks

  31. Guest List

    I remember seeing this video on MTV’s Direct Effect, right after MTV news break reports JD filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy... late 2002-early 2003. At the time it was hilarious but I’m sure JD got his funds in tact now! Oh yeah R.I.P Nate Dogg

  32. V P

    Rest in Peace
    Big Nate Dogg✝️🙏🏻

  33. omarqb

    July 17, 2019 Still listening to this banger!

    bou abk

    omarqb 13 aoùt

  34. King Hannibal

    Sene from Kings of New York.

  35. il yolyi

    427 stupid boys... This shit is fire 💥

  36. King kev

    . JD signature sound You know what this is so so Deaf

  37. марая Тошева

    yes yes yes yes BITCOIN 2019 YEAR 11000$ YES YES YES

  38. Crypto Brinks

    2019 and still listening 👑🐐💯

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  40. edu martin


  41. Simon Brooks

    2:06 quick Harlem shake

  42. WarhawkWarpath

    Money Ain't a Thang

  43. Candiana

    Nate Dogg made every song Poppin. Rest easy


    Rest in Peace 🙏🏿.


    Long Live 🙏🏿.


    King Swag 👑😎 The Album Out Now.


    And I'm Me DJ Shawty Swag Aka King Swag.


    And I'm Out Swag Out We Out but anyways um but anyways um.

  44. Faisal Hameed

    CHITTY CHITTY BANG BAANNNGG. fucking timeless. wish i could go back to these days

  45. Edgar Cardenas

    #$#$#$nasa sb ca 805 er

  46. reformer6666

    Ahhhh, Nate Dogg busted out with "chitty-thirty-bang-bang." Lol...

  47. Flyboy Montana

    The voice and flow.. its undeniable that JD is one of the face in the whole Hip-hop scene!

  48. Nick Fitzpatrick


  49. Christopher M. Chapman

    Anuthatantrum, wassup?

  50. MisterE1976

    R.I.P. Nate Dogg & Robin Leach, miss music like this.

  51. King Hannibal

    This was the jam

  52. zena anaee

    Mannn they stole this song from my daddy 🗣 FUCK WHAT YALL TALKING ABOUT!

  53. Tony M

    Back then If Nate was on it, you knew it was a hit.

  54. ShellzFilms LLC.

    This beat still bangs.. he is a southern legend.. icon

  55. maimbo maumbi

    I haven't heard this in since like 2002, and imagine thinking this sounds like Right Thuuur

  56. henrique10131

    13/12/2018 - 21:59 PM - BRASIL!

  57. Tyler Wilson

    And then everything got repossessed 😂😂

  58. Br41th

    Who is the girl with the perm and glasses at 0:30 ?

    Cam Tamiko

    That woman's my mother, Olivia Tamiko. She tragically drowned July 15, 2004 after falling in Lake Mead.

  59. reformer6666

    Just hearing this. Love JD. And, Nate Dogg-King of the hook (rip).

  60. Sheriese Henderson

    J Dupri . Look up Venny Georgio video , he’s from OHiO . He needs A promoter . My Nephew Raven G Scott. Has raw skills.

  61. number 11

    Jd looks like a crackhead with money.

  62. Dre Eason

    Why does it sound like da brat wrote this.. Lol i should look that up

  63. HYPED TV

    he went broke now in 2018 lol

  64. Karenett McFrazier Askew

    Dance everybody just clap ur hands...Chitty chitty bang bang....

  65. Karenett McFrazier Askew

    Chitty chitty bang bang.....

  66. Bruva Cap

    The origin of the Bow Wow challenge

  67. Jermyn Roussell

    Shauna stutes be fucking reil from back street click on rest in peace Lil Joey.

  68. larry st.pierre

    Rip to Robin Leach

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    RIP Robert Reich

  70. Kelven Pierre-Lys


    The Rap Business

    Came here as well to pay my respect. 😔

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    Remember when this was whack hip hop? Lol!

  72. Niraj Ravindra Lal

    Goofy ass song! 👎

  73. Robert Nerad

    R.I.P Nate Dogg

  74. Hamed Dannelly

    I really miss this era; RiP Nate Dogg

  75. Junior Lubaki Malanda Mingi Matota

    ok cool good sound and 90s it okay ciao happy new year and jermain dupri and tribute nate dogg sincèrely

  76. Samar Iqbal

    It’s (madness), I’m telling ya’ll!😎😉

  77. Carolyn Crzybiytch81 Stewart

    I love seeing DaBrat. I wish she would of had a part in this.

  78. kuku dre

    Rip nate dog but jermaine dupri is trash tho

  79. Sede Mohamed


  80. Bad News

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  82. Christian kohler

    That beat though when jd wanted to lay down a sick beat the man had skills... fabolous baby don't go another prime example classics from so so def... cheers to you jd

  83. Jimmi Stone

    Memories. Was this a Neptune’s beat or style jack?

    Jean-Luc Houedanou

    Style jack : Jd made the beat.

    new philmz

    JD didn't jack anyone. he's been makin bounce beats

  84. CJ Louise

    2018 3-19, rip Nate btw

  85. george kabugi

    pliz bring back music like this

    Samar Iqbal

    george kabugi Please and NOT pliz!😉😂

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    Mate Dogg. I miss that voice!

    Samar Iqbal

    Drediggy it’s Nate Dogg and NOT Mate Dogg! (lol)😂😉

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    All the SoSoDef cameos!

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    not to be mean or anything but for some reason jermaine dupri gives me the fucking creeps

  90. Daniel Barbosa

    Fuck. Its 2018 in about a month... What the fuck happen to rap.. Nate you still got the best hooks and you aint even alive.. Rap is wack now...straight bullshit

    Sven Briel

    Daniel Barbosa yep sadly like wtf happened to eminem...

  91. OG BonG HiTTeR

    3:00 Bow Swizzle.

  92. JonBonesJones84

    If JD is from Atlanta, why is wearing Minnesota Vikings gear? Shouldn't he be wearing Michael Vick's jersey?

  93. Prime Minister Mark Rutte

    This song wouldnt be a HIT

    Without a Nate Dogg SPIT

  94. Ten Ten

    Jermaine Dupri is so corny 😂😂😂 its hilarious

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    Money everyday

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    For real, Nate Dogg made this whole song he gave it a gangsta funk touch with his vocals. JD made me laugh at the beginning with his pedofile moan.