Jeremy Zucker - you were good to me Lyrics

Lying, isn't better than silence
Floating, but I feel like I'm dying

Still no matter where I go
At the end of every road
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah
I know it's easier to run
After everything I've done
You were good to me
You were good to me

You were good to me
You were good to me

Leaving, isn't better than trying
Growing, but I'm just growing tired

Now I'm worried for my soul
And I'm still scared of growing old
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah
And I'm so used to letting go
But I don't wanna be alone
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah, oh

God only knows, where our fears go
Hearts I've broke, now my tears flow
You'll see, that I'm sorry
'Cause you were good to me
You were good to me

And now I'm closing every door
'Cause I'm sick of wanting more
You were good to me
You were good to me, yeah
Swear I'm different than before
I won't hurt you anymore
'Cause you were good to me

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Jeremy Zucker you were good to me Comments
  1. Michelle Ortiz

    I fell in love with sum1 who didn’t feel the same but he did feel the same and found out he did for a year. Now since I didn’t shoot my shoot he has a new gf my best friend..

  2. Nihala Jaheer

    Now my dippression has dippression

  3. Jeslene Pershia

    Our dog died just today due to a viral disease. I miss him so much right now. We're grateful for the memories he gave me for the past 8 years. We're used to being with him all the time so it's really hard to take in that he's not with us anymore. It all happened really fast. I still can't believe he's not with me anymore. He was such a obedient and affectionate dog. He was always there for us. He was a part of our family. I miss him so much right now. He didn't even burden us even when he was breathing his last moments. But I somehow feeling guilty even though we took good care of him. I'm wondering whether we did our best taking care of him and give him all the love and attention he deserved. I'm just having a lot of regrets. I hope his soul will rest in peace. I love you Bruce. I'm sorry if we hurted you in any kinda way. We miss you so much right now. You were loved and you still are.

  4. Marina Oliveira

    “ and I’m so used to letting go, but I don’t want to be alone” woah this line hit me hard

  5. KawaiiSlimey 101

    I fell in love with this person, we were talking and on good terms...but somehow we stopped when both of us didn’t do nothing to eachother, and he texted me saying I think we should just stay as friends... it broke my heart😞

  6. du_ di

    I broke up with my boyfriend today 😭😭😭😔😔 I feel so bad.

  7. Becky Smith

    So about about 3 months ago... I lost my daughter... she was 12 years old and she had heart failure then she developed liver failure... I just I miss her so bad and I have her ashes on a shelf and every time I walk past them I ball my eyes out I miss my baby so much

  8. Kitten Girl

    I was going to the school dance with one of my 2 friends and she ditched me so I put it on my snap story but now she’s really mad at me. Will this blow over? Will she hate me forever? I feel really bad.

  9. Ramengacha

    This song reminds me that right now i am dating someone and idk why i said yes but like i dont like him the way he likes me. And his beat friend wrote a note like 2 days before valintines day and he didnt let me see it all i knew was that he was going to ask a girl out so im like who is ooooo who is it and he said i cant tell u so on the bus ride he started ripping it up so i take it and it was for me and it said like will u be my valentine and will u go out with me and im like yeah sure and he was just trying to change the subject so after all of that i- I started to have feelings for him He was one of my best friends ever and after that he stoped talking to me.period like for example we were at boys and girls club right and we had to play Rock Paper Scissors to see who is going to vacuum and so me and him were the last people to play then he says this “ why cant i just vacuum “ that broke my heart he would rather clean than fucking talk to me a now like a month after on valentines night his beat friend texts me we r friends so ya and hes like can i tell u something and i say ya and hes like i like u so i say i like u to which i dont i only like him as a friend and he says will u go out eith me blah blah blah u get it so like on monday he tells my friends that he has liked me for three years and after i started dating his beat friend he lost all of his feelings and i broke Down in tears I said to my friends if I hadn’t said yes to him I would be with The guy I currently like and now im a mess so im going to break it off with my “ boyfriend” and tell the guy i like how i fell about him

    Wish me luck and sorry for the long comment

  10. Sukhpreet Kaur

    End up crying every time i listen to this song

  11. ҡαყlα

    1:59 for me

  12. Layla Walls

    i just lost the boy that meant the most to me in the world. this songs hits a little different now

  13. High tech fun


  14. maleek

    why did this song just randomly blow up? don’t tell me tik tok took it 😭

    linda Alvarez

    I think it did, Danielle cohn used it when Ethan dumped her

  15. Yes no

    Almost all the comments on this are just 13 year olds acting like they’re gonna throw themselves off of a bridge in like a week . Just stfu . Idc about your comment pretending to be depressed for likes


    Yes no some of us are genuinely hurt

  16. -ツ Ikonik

    Such a beautiful song❤️
    Such a beautiful Melody❤️
    Such calming voices❤️

    What a good song to love 💙

  17. Mary Cahill

    i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore. i won’t hurt you anymore.

  18. Jaylah Ladd

    Currently crying to this song

  19. Random Person

    Everyone: "I'm here because of J-Hope!"

    Me: "I am also here because of J-Hope." ;) 💜

  20. Kim Taehyung

    i there before jhope, bye

  21. Johnlloyd Tullao

    I liked this song ..when time im lonely 😥

  22. Nayla cahaya

    Im here cause kobe 💔 Rip

  23. halzee taylor

    bakit ang sakit haha

  24. Asyraf Fauzi

    Im in love with this 😭🥺❤️

  25. Eđëñ Rënĕå

    I'm so used to letting go but I don't wanna be alone

  26. Ethan Luedeman

    This is the only song that will leave tears rolling down my eyes omg 😭😭😭🥺

  27. Mega Oktavia

    this lyric describe my feelings than i could

  28. kenz lee

    I caused him pain but hey, you were still good to me...

    i pushed him away because I'm selfish not knowing that he's in pain because of me. Until he got tired, found another girl.. better than me. Prettier, smart, funny and knows how to sing. and I'm right here crying wishing i could turn back time to those days i still have him.

    Hey, ily. Still.

  29. The Unlimited CrashDolls

    I felt like I feel in love with the right person...just because we kissed on accident made me feel...out there but now I Kno he wasn't right🤧🤧🥺🥺

    Yes no


  30. xtina

    I'm in my first relationship atm, and I'm planing on leaving him, because I don't think I'm able to give him what he truly deserves. At least not right now..

  31. Kiri Edits

    Im going to send this to my best friend when he is in grade 6 and im in grade 5

  32. Lizzy Liz

    Happy birthday jhope ♡

  33. Priyanka Debbarma

    Jhope 🥰

  34. KXRT Vlog

    You should try 1.25 speed please

  35. Beyza Nur

    i love you Jhope💜


    slm beyza 😌✌🏻

  36. Hobi Hobi

    Found the song from J-Hope’s birthday live then the ad was ego and I think I fell in love with the J-Hope even more😭😭💜💜💜and this song is beautiful 💯

    Happy birthday hobi💜

  37. nays

    Im here after hobi's birthday live sfkskfksd my heart 🥺💜

  38. Electro nab

    Heyyo hobi's playlist check , lol

  39. pluto

    one of jhopes playlist!!!

  40. Marion Medeiros

    Who's here because of J-Hope Vlive?

  41. Potato Plays ÙwÚ

    This makes me think of both of my dogs that aren’t with me.. so it makes me cry but it’s a good song 😢😭

  42. awesome legend

    I totally relate to this song... I once had a best friend that would always be silly with me and do stupid shit tgt... he was always so nice to me but I wasn’t the same towards him... now he treats me like a nobody

  43. alanna shandy

    "Now im closing every door cause im sick of wanting more "-that hit different 😭

  44. Leah Bramall

    RIP Caroline flack 💔💓😇

    Jack Johnston

    Leah Bramall ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

  45. Melanie Jaime

    💫believe I’m what you can do💫💞💞💞💞💞🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  46. Rachel Stormont

    In my opinion the girl kinda ruined the vibe ngl 😕

  47. Luke Genaille

    And now I'm closing every door, cause I'm sick of wanting more, your were good to me, you were good to me yea, swear I'm different than before, I won't hurt you anymore, cause you were to me! Love that shit right there

  48. JO MAMA

    I swear- the "Hobi's" comments are slowly getting on my nerves. like- *_WE GET IT BRUH_*

    *-I wish you will find your chill-*

  49. America Atilano

    Who's here after tik tok?? No one just me ok

  50. Harikrishna Shrestha

    this song always reminds me of my love i guess i loved him so much that i had to let him go but i never admitted my love and reasons i guess i was scared but now i find mysrlf happier with other person
    even i am worried and have anxiety of all these things but you were good to me😑

  51. Maya Manga

    I just feel Lost.
    Sometimes I just want to turn into dust.
    Why I kept finding my self lonely
    Breaking apart Steadily.
    Why I kept running towards my devils in my head.
    Thinking how can I be dead.
    Para suicidal
    Fake friends
    Why would it not end
    God please be my friend.
    I don't want to hurt myself. anymore.
    Because Jesus I know you are more.
    I know you are Above all of that.
    You'll be my coat
    Into the cold and through the light.
    With you I know you already finished all my fight.

    I love u jesus❤️

  52. Rebekah Solomon

    lost my best friend 🥺

  53. Shahad Almahmoud

    Anyone else scared of change ? Like in general from school to university from a relationship to breaking up 🥺🥺

  54. help me.

    I'm so scared. I lost my sister.

  55. Wholesome Rin

    This song is literally exposing my relationship Jesus😔

  56. Lïly Ëllë Ïris Wãlkërs

    This reminds me of my ex best friend..😔

  57. Andrew Fred

    She was the best and was always good to me. I can’t believe I let her go

  58. Ethan Kelly

    I wanted to die I love this girl she helps me through everything I love her even though it's not how she sees me I hope one day I'll have a chance she helps me keep happy even with my depression this song hits my feels and is amazing 🥺❤️

  59. Tatym Walley

    i drive past the street we grew up on i look at our houses, hearing your little laugh. i feel like you where better before and now i can only remember your little laugh. i never notice that i cry everytime i picture your brown curls in the wind. its like a movie. it ends to soon.

  60. avakin nina

    Im depressed bc my crush died

  61. sinX6 Andersen

    Im crying now i miss my brother

  62. Sorrow R6

    Right person. Wrong time.

  63. Pretty Darnal


  64. KrisDnMuriel

    0:45 for you TikTokers

  65. Angèle Montadir Pigassou

    tik tok ?

  66. Milky Cookies

    who’s here because of kobe and gigi’s death just me okay......

    Sherry Ann Anthony

    Me everytime I hear this song I think bout them and starts to cry😢😔😭😭😭😭😭😭

  67. Paula Jayne

    i made a cover :)))

  68. Sharmine Cual

    Growing tired😭

  69. Claire Loves Coffee

    I met guy, loved him then left him because I wasnt emotionally stable enough to handle things. I love him until now, I'd been the worst. I want him back but he doesnt, after everything i did, he was good to me☹️❤️

  70. Sophia Zhang

    Until you ruined it each and every time, without failing.

  71. kendall naber

    i started crying during this

  72. Aiman Ziad

    College just ended, and I'm missing all my good friends. We're separated by some good distance now, and the thoughts of no longer spending times on daily occasions, sharing the same living space and memories hurt me bad.

  73. Mia Loves

    This made me cryyyyy

  74. Byun Juliana

    Leaving isn't better than trying growing , but I am just growing tired...

  75. _a-k_ 20k

    I'm sorry mom

  76. Young Yazzy

    i finally said goodbye to my Ex and it hurts so bad

  77. Ruby Louise

    1:58 Is the best part ♡♡

  78. Heather Duke

    guys bo oofense but who is hobi???

  79. Dea


  80. Lynn Hunter

    If you love this song!

    Comment no hate 💗

  81. Robloxia Train Productions

    This song is my life. Sadness that never gets filled with happiness.

  82. dIAbOlUS TV

    Dis shit hits harder then naruto dying.

  83. Marina Mohd Azmil

    our memories bring me here :'

  84. Genny Robles

    This song hits hard 😔😖🥺😣

  85. Ros Yuldash

    I'm sorry you good to me🐒

  86. Corey Earnest

    You are good to me Manny

  87. Mary xD ;]

    A few months ago my boyfriend and I broke up. He was the most important person in my life. My first real love, the man I genuinely adored. I've never had the courage to share my feelings after we went on our separate ways. So here it is.. My love, if you ever come across this.. I'm sorry it had to be like that, I'm sorry we had to end like that. You were good to me. I appreciate everything you have done for me, I love you with all of my heart. I wish things would've gone differently. Deep down I know that you were the one for me... it's too late now. And I'm not going to lie.. it hurts. It does. I know there is nothing we could do about it, it was out of our control. Maybe someday, somewhere our paths will cross again but until then.. I wish you all the best, I hope you achieve everything you have ever dreamed of and everything you have passionately talked about.. because you deserve it. You deserve to be happy more than anybody else on this planet.. because you were good to me. My only regret is that life has not been good to us. I love you, goodbye.

  88. OhShIt aRaT

    This makes me think of my ex
    "you were good to me"
    "you'll see that I'm sorry, cause you were good to me"
    "and now I'm closing every door, cause I'm sick of wanting more"
    "swear I'm different than before, I won’t hurt you anymore"

  89. winter wolf

    "I know it's easier to run after everything I've done" that hits different 😟

  90. lisette

    growing, but i'm growing tired...
    and i'm still scared of growing old...


  91. Cassidy Tebaqui

    I’m so done with life I’m so serious about this 😭😭😭

  92. The Pessimist

    Loving this in 0.75 playback speed 💛
    Really gets to my heart.

  93. Jerrylee Vazquez

    It makes me cry because I like someone that doesn’t like me back lol

  94. Sakshi Saha

    Anyone here after Kobe and Gigi died?...

  95. v a ñ t a é b ö ó

    *when this video has a lot more views than the original mv*

  96. Sajda Hassan

    tiktok anyone?

  97. God

    I'm here because of legacies.
    This song is amazing

  98. Todoroki Shoto

    I was writing this depressing song that was in my head for so long In a paper and then my class ended I folded the note and put it inside my computer and went to get my backpack 🎒 but keep in mind that the boy that sits next to me is those kids that get in trouble every day in every class at every second ok I didn’t check my computer to see if it’s still there (the note/song) and went to my next class this boy let’s call him ( Ace ) yes the trouble maker came late because he was with the counselor I thought that was weird so now a few minutes into class I get called to the counselors room I was scared I’m that girl that’s good and doesn’t get in trouble my best friend his a guy looks at me like wtf do the same and walk out of class my hands are sweating and I feel my anxiety coming so I stop half way and breathe 3 times deeply and keep walking when I get there my song is there and I’m like wtf they gonna think I’m depressed of something but no I’m not at all I just happened to like those kind of songs and this girl that is in my grade let’s call her Ella well Ella says I know who brought it I said who and she said it was Ace he looked worried I was like TF sis and she nodded her head. Now me and Ace are dating and he got into an accident 2 days ago I’m so sad and depressed I can’t anymore I sent him this song and then he FaceTime me I was crying tears of joy and sadness my last word to him were I love you dum dum and his was love you bunny ( he called me bunny because I loved bunnies and I had this hoodie with bunny ears ) well yeah he died yesterday I miss you 😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️

  99. Nicole

    I'm here early :) Ready to listen to some amazing music, thank you Gold Coast Music! <3

    shelly baker

    and im only 13

    0 subscribers 0 videos

    @Chad The Chameleon u don't got 1

    Estupida Perra


    Angel thingz

    @Chad The Chameleon Bro don't be immature act right.

    The Unlimited CrashDolls

    @Gold Coast Music hi