Jeremy Camp - No Matter What Lyrics

I know that every time
I find the one thing that holds me back inside
I want to tear apart
And bring my selfish pleasures at your feet
Every part of me is an offering,
I will set forth and lay it down at your throne
Because I live for you alone

No matter what it takes I will offer,
Everything I am I give to you
Even unto death I will follow,
No matter what the price I will give to you now

I won't throw this time I have aside,
Your the very prize I have in sight,
You've placed this purpose down in me,
And it burns so deep
Let this life I lead bring you all the glory,
I'm entrusted with a gift that I can't hide
Revive my heart, revive my mind

To live is to really die
I will keep this steady pace,
Until that final day

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Jeremy Camp No Matter What Comments
  1. Leno1971

    I love that he's not afraid to use good guitars and drums. Great Christian lyrics and rock and roll!

  2. Valano Vryce

    Hmm, just wondering why a horror movie film advertisement is before a song such as this... Alas, as it is, good song.

  3. ButteWhat

    One of his many great songs! God has truly worked thru him.

  4. Felipe Porfirio de lima

    ñ paro de ouvir

  5. Felipe Porfirio de lima


  6. JayDFossil

    ;-) is what your going for, I think

  7. Balsam

    i really love this song !

  8. Avioto

    I agree. People who are not christian and are not listening to this music because of they are not are missing out ^^

  9. Jacob Kowalski

    I would start be inviting people to like a backyard get together. From there you have a little devotional and perhaps play some games?

    It makes it fun while God centered.

  10. Avioto

    You're welcome :)

  11. steven6666600000

    I love this song so much :D I'm going to try and learn it on guitar

  12. cindy tomasko

    jeremy , you give me hope thur your music to be closer to God. I seen you in concert and all of your songs touch me.. Thank you

  13. Cisco72

    This is a very powerful song!! The words say it all!! I did not know much about his music so I started to listen to him today much more and guess what, this song was a blessing!!!
    I feel like worshiping with all my heart and let everyone know that no matter what it takes I will follow JESUS CHRIST!! AMEN

  14. dawnsapphire

    this is a really good song! i <3 it so much! i actually love ALL of Jeremy Camps songs! =D and this song is so true too! No matter wat it takes, ill follow u LORD!

  15. Avioto

    I like the song as it is, but an acoustic version would be nice :)