Jeremih - One More Cry Lyrics

I've been looking for someone I'm gone for
What should I do in the meantime?
Say you can't live before I find you
Do you feel the same too?
Something that I ain't said in a long time
Front line I was fighting for you
Angels singing in the choir for you
If you wanna
Favorite poem I wrote if for you
Know you know it
Turn it into a song for you

Days go by, I try to bottle these tears inside
There's one more cry
I cry

[Chance the Rapper:]
Single-handedly I been taking real good care of me
That shit in my blood like liquor or Cherokee
You know black folk we don't go to no therapy
Tell 'em keep they two cents give it to charity
Go H.A.M. like Sara Lee
Watch it all go down the drain like merrily, merrily
Legally blind and my friends I see them barely, barely
They say let me holla at you guess that's why they call them holidays
But Christmas feel like Simba on a Father's Day
I'm supposed to be the strongest the oldest the leader of our country-ass family
The POTUS the podium come up to my shoulders
I'm short and I'm shook and I'm broke and my favorite voters can't show up to the polls and you still don't want me to show emotion and I refuse
'Cause I love you that's why
'Cause I want you that's why
'Cause I miss you that's why
'Cause I miss you that's why
Know I said that was the last one last year
But we both know you deserve one last tear

Days go by, I try to bottle these tears inside
There's one more cry
I cry

[Chance The Rapper:]
Every time I feel the grace it feel like God just said "Hello there."
Never been to heaven but I know I wanna go there
Carry me through cancer when my auntie didn't have no hair
Shook me when she left us but my faith did not go nowhere
I've been banging on my chest when I cry, flex when I cry
Beat a nigga's ass when I cry, dance when I cry
Feel like I'm the man when I cry
I won't let it go, don't hold it against me
My Auntie Kim told me punch you in your motherfucking mouth if you lie on me
Can't no pussy ass nigga ever never get down on me
079 they count on me
Tears raining down on me, to the ground on me
Me and God playing tips 'cause he never gonna bounce on me, won't bounce on me
Tryna find a button-up shirt for your funeral
Tryna find a bunch of answers only you would know
I'm just tryna play my part like a movie role
Need a bitch face-down like it's You-Gi-Oh!
I ain't tryna act hard, life's hard enough
God knows my heart when the cards is tucked
So I ain't never been scared of no groupie hoe
Though I walk through the valley like Coolio
I've been up for days
I ain't cry for years
Bitch I'm fucking serious
Let em dress where I get my dress
Are you okay sis? Yeah I'm lit
Had to let them live
Had to let them live
See you at the crib
See you at the crib

Favorite poem I wrote it for you
Know you know it
Turn it into a song for you

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Jeremih One More Cry Comments
  1. Marquise DeShaw-Injustice

    "And you still don't want me to show emotion, and I refuse; because I love you that's why, because I want you that's why, because I miss you that's why... I know I said that was the last one last year but we both know you deserve one last tear"

  2. Harrison Orr

    Few things:

    1.) Still bump this in 2019 and it’ll never get old
    2.) Probably my favorite Chance song EVER, not many people know about this song but everyone should hear it. Chance put his whole heart and soul in it
    3.) idk who the 43 people are that disliked this song, but they must not be human. This speaks to EVERYONE

  3. Lucky Penguin

    Don’t let this song distract you from the fact that the Seahawks didn’t run the ball

    Harrison Orr

    You already know that the Seahawks and Falcons play this song daily 😂 I’m a Falcons fan and I know for a fact that I play this at least once a week 😭

  4. Silly SliverStar

    2018 going on 2019
    And I still get emotional when I hear this song

  5. ThatGuy

    "Walk through the valley like i'm coolio."

  6. Tyler Compton


  7. Jastoneeq X

    Nice 👌

  8. Whit da Turnup

    I cried. Beautiful song.

  9. Scooter McGavin

    I too have “liquor & Cherokee” in my blood Chancellor 👌🏽

  10. Ethan Composto


    You’re welcome

  11. Manuelle Angelo Dela Cruz

    hola days

  12. Kobe Bozeman

    Came back to this song because the beat match up with Francis the Lights breaking up.

  13. Dameon Young

    Front line I was fighting for ya

  14. Wesley Barham

    The lyrics!!😭

  15. Wesley Barham

    This is the best song on the tape

  16. Thy Colourful Shadow

    Did'nt know how much i needed this😪

  17. Wtd MRD

    This better blowup💯

  18. King Bacon

    This needs to be on spotify ASAP!

  19. Lyrical Myracle

    So at this point this gon have to be tradition. I wanna be listening to their 6th christmas tape in 2021

    brian combs

    Lyrical Myracle chance.... pay attention to this idea....... plz... and thank you.

  20. Undr Acheevr

    Dj Khaled said "Another One".

  21. Nassari Hyman

    "Christmas feel like Simba on a Fathers Day"

    Harrison Orr

    Got flashbacks of the movie when he said that 😭

  22. Carson

    chance chance bless us all Jesus

  23. Miss Original A Ras

    There is somethin amazing bout this melody and lyrics ✌💖

  24. Marscha P

    This song is truly a pre-christmas Gift✨

  25. HeartBreak Bonez

    This that old Chance I love it 💜💜💜

    Dayvon Simmons

    HeartBreak Bonez fr tho. Thinking the same thing❤❤💙👌🌊

  26. Filipi Kervin

    Preciso aprender inglês

  27. Ceut

    chance the duelist

  28. Ryan Matson

    A SECOND ONE, This year YESS!!!!!!!!

  29. Harry


  30. Alex Pelletier

    This album is so good

  31. fam gram

    This a good enough Christmas present

  32. egris tuarezca

    Tidal please

  33. A KEENAN

    Jeremih and Chance always make great music together

  34. Brandon Figueroa




    TOO REAL💯🙏🏼😢

  35. Austin Cali

    I'm from LA but I think its dope that it says for Chicago in the discription

    Edward Serfrosty Martinez

    Austin Cali says for Chicago cuz it aint pretty were hes from or in general

    Christina Schuster

    Cuz chance is from 79th in Chicago

  36. Crispy Donut


  37. Brendt Stephens

    My favorite so far!

  38. B P


  39. JVOTI

    Yoo what this man said @ 3:08🤔🤔😂

    Christina Hall

    Raheem Maughn 😂

    HeartBreak Bonez

    Raheem Maughn we all know what he said but the assumption is funnier 😂😂😂

    Dee Brown

    They claim he said “beat” 😂😂

    Shawn Thompson

    you look at the lyrics yet

  40. Aidan Davies

    This one goes out to Colm McCann 😢

  41. Eric Gaeta

    Already one dislike

  42. Landon Kirksey

    10 more songs I won't be able to stop listening to

  43. Chclr

    Best song in this album chance speaks truth and poetry wordplay so good lyrics so meaningful here before it blowsup💖

    BigTyme Rush

    listening to all the songs, at first i didnt like but your opinion pretty much changed everything for me lol


    Jericho Wagan thx mate chano is amazing 💕 merry Christmas

  44. iG3ntl3man

    Just lost my moms Thursday and this song gave me chills RIP Ma Dukes 😢😔

    J Calvin

    Im really sorry man ill be praying for you.

    Tyler Compton

    I'm sorry man😢💛may she rest in paradise

    Jeremy Wade !

    I just saw this and it looks like it’s been 9 months but I just wanted to let you know that no matter how much time goes by you’ll always have her with you . Much love man. I’ll let go of prayers for you brotha.

    Harrison Orr

    I’m sorry to hear man. I’m sure it still hurts, but I know she’s in a better place now. Keep coming back to this, it’s a sad song but sometimes ya gotta let the pain and sadness out. I’ll be praying for you and your fam

    Tron Ausberry

    Prayers man to you Nd your family 🙏🏾💯

  45. poky5y

    I love it

  46. Isaiah Cibrian

    ayeeee this is dope

  47. Justin

    3:08 Chance knows whats up

  48. Mosquito Térmico


  49. 김동오

    hey chance!
    I hope you give us more good song like sams drugs :)

    Im always waiting for your song!

    from Korea, south

    Brandon Yu

    김동오 I heard Sam does have the best drugs

    gerardo villalobos

    i support this

  50. AwallAka2piece

    Re-Wrapped!!! I Dig It Merry Christmas

  51. Summer McDowell


    Landon Kirksey

    Summer McDowell mixtape*

  52. Mia Aragon



    Mia Aragon he said he was on Twitter

    Nick Ceja

    You can download all this for free from

  53. Lucas Feliciano

    hey up on spotify please

    Sunshine Hyuck

    You can download the song for free on his website on the description. Chance doesn't sell his music so it's free.

  54. Jesus Garcia

    Beep beep lettuce

  55. Keiva Wood

    loving this Song!!!

  56. Nita

    Love you Mr Bennett❤

  57. brie S.


  58. Diler


  59. Mia Aragon

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ☺️ my wish came true

  60. 〖Mß〗 《ß》

    First comment

  61. DictatorKenji

    You are one of my favorite rappers!

  62. Logi -

    Merry Christmas

  63. Logi -

    Here before 50 views!

  64. Zaaria Johnson


  65. Armani Burks

    this is fire

  66. Mason Armstrong

    Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama

  67. Ashley Ramos


  68. Stephen Curry

    Quick AHHH for the boys

  69. DylanCrane