Jeremih - Ms. Parker Lyrics

[Chance The Rapper:]
Hey, Ms. Parker (Hello)
Can I shovel your snow? (Can I shovel your snow?)
Let me help you with the groceries (yeah, yeah)
Walk you to the door (Walk you to the door)
Hey there neighbor! (Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Can I take out the trash? (Can I take out the trash?)
Where is your husband? (I know)
When he get back? (When he get back?)

When he get back? (When he get back?)
Damn you so bad (Damn you so bad)
That's not your bad (That's not your bad)
That's just my bad (That's just my bad)
I can't help it (No, not my style)
I just need a solid (Took you down back)
Just hit me when your kids go to bed
Let's go somewhere, I can slide down your sled
I just wanna keep warm, I don't wanna hold your hand (huh-huh)
We growin', ain't getting younger, let's live it up in the bed (argh)

[Jeremih (Chance The Rapper):]
Ms. Parker (ayy)
I know our mhm is old (igh, igh, igh, igh)
When you bend that over, wanna see it now
I say uh-huh, good lord (argh, igh!)

[Chance The Rapper:]
Hey Ms. Parker (Hello)
Can I shovel your snow? (Can I shovel your snow?)
Let me help you with the groceries (huh, huh)
Walk you to the door (igh, igh, igh, igh)
Hey there neighbor! (Hello)
Can I take out the trash? (Can I take out the trash?)
Where is your husband? (huh)
When he get back? (When he get back?)

[Chance The Rapper (Jeremih):]
You know I've been a good boy (igh!) (good boy)
I know you got good toys (igh! ugh!)
But you want a real boy (more)
Singing ain't a good boy (ugh)
I know you need some extra sugar (sugar, sugar)
Fuck with me, I got the hookup (hookup, hookup)
Why you still down with that nigga
You gone every time I look up
When I when you, wanna owe you, wanna know you, want a young nigga
I guess since I was little
Better now I'm bigger
We just got to hurry up before he get close
I don't wanna turn your pretty ass into a widow

[Chance The Rapper:]
Hey Ms. Parker (hello)
Can I shovel your snow? (can I shovel your snow?)
Let me help you with the groceries (igh, igh)
Walk you to the door (walk you to the door)
Hey there neighbor! (huh yeah)
Can I take out the trash? (can I, can I, can I, can I, can I)
Where is your husband? (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
When he get back? (let me know)

Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now, woo!
What about, what about, what about, what about, what about, what about you?
Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now, ooh!
Get it now, woo, now it's your turn to
Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now
Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now
Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now
Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now
Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now
Get it now, get it now, get it now, get it now
Hey Ms. Parker

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Jeremih Ms. Parker Comments
  1. ManIDGAF132

    Why you have to cancel Milwaukee 😭

  2. Kat Isabella

    why can’t I find this on Spotify :(

  3. N JL

    Pls put on Spotify


    lol i thought i just couldnt find it

  4. N JL

    This needs to be on spotiffyyyyyy

  5. Silly SliverStar

    All I can think about is Peter's aunt

  6. Kroos Mane

    I need this song video for this December

  7. Siddharth Burman

    Hot garbage

  8. DaRealZ _

    Hey Ms.Parker Helloooo

  9. iiUnique21

    2018 anyone?

  10. Tasiojic Fufuxzj

    Chance buzz

  11. GirafficMane

    when u gonna let me fucc mrs parker?

  12. JoelH20 samurai

    This has barssss like if you agree

  13. Lera Valeria

    so fire bro like ooommmmmgggggggggggg

  14. The Beanie Weenie

    When your teachers name is Mrs.Parker this song becomes 500x better

  15. Melody Nwokorie

    get it shovel your snow?!
    hehe. :)

  16. Melody Nwokorie

    hey ms parker


    Hella catchy I keep hittin replay, chance, you did it again!!

  18. Tommy Dao

    Before I listened to this song my girl was like “you should listen to it, it’s a cute song. It’s about him helping his old neighbor with her chores!” After listening to the song, I think they wanna do more than help her with chores 😂

  19. EPICfiregirlz -roblox Girlz

    I heard this from my brother and i was like ''ohh that catchy"so i was serching for 'hey miss parker can i shovel you snow and saw this and i was like "\_(·.·)_/ im dancen"

  20. Andres Marín Gallo

    I just wanna keep you warm, I don't wanna hold your hand
    We grown, ain't getting younger, let's live it up in the bed

    Jeremih killin it as always

  21. Opticmage

    Ms. Parker and Ms. Jackson must be neighbors.

  22. Brian Johnson

    If she has a hubby wouldn't she be Mrs Parker?

    Madina Tyl

    Brian Johnson don’t be “that person”

  23. MiStiC

    When is this going on Apple Music?!??

  24. Jim Machine

    One of my favorite songs on the album

  25. Zhicong Xu

    you know i been a good boi

  26. Kenisha Lorvinsky

    You a real one if you know who "Ms. Parker" is
    (And if you don't your black card is revoked)

    N JL

    Kenisha Lorvinsky Friday

  27. Heavynn Calderon

    Listening to this after Christmas 😂😂

  28. T. H.


  29. Jeremy Smith

    Wow backdrop in southside chicago #Chancetherapper neighborhood. 🔥🔥never before seen portrait of Chance & Common on da 9 done by world famous painter. CHRIS DEVINS. CAMEO jen. Hudson

  30. Kevin Parker

    1.25 plz

  31. M Whitt

    My gfs last name is Parker. This is perfect

  32. victoria ctyji

    wheres your husband;)?

  33. victoria ctyji

    fav!! "can i take out the trash?" u two definitely did it!!

  34. Khalil Muhammad

    You could play this in any season and it would still be flames.

  35. Jaidon H

    Here before 1354222 million views

  36. 주르상

    ×1.25 🔥

  37. Jay Dee

    I love this song hella anyone else hear those car horns in the background?? It’s hella annoying

  38. Ronan Costello

    Why does Jake Paul have more subs then Chance?

  39. King Slim

    bruhhh...Dis 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  40. Eric Cotrofeld Jr

    Best song on the album!

  41. Something_Intricate

    This is EVERYTHING

  42. Keith Miller

    here since day one ☝️

  43. Magnus Monberg-Craige

    IGH IGH IGH !!!!!!!!!!

  44. Lyrical Myracle

    Everybody deserves a milf for Christmas 😄

  45. Jay Jr

    Waiting for the snow to come here to I can go shovel her snow and blast this while doing so....Hey Ms. Parker!!

  46. ronald chitauro

    Chance is the plug!!!

  47. SkitDity

    When this album gonna hit Spotify and iTunes?

  48. Aden Travis

    Cant believe they are giving this away for free.

    Joshua Jáy Douglas

    Aden Travis ukr...thts why i respect them🔥🔥

  49. Ron William

    Play it at 1.25 playback speed

    Joshua Fraser

    Ron William bruh sounds so dope


    "Hey Ms. Parker"😍....(HELLO)🖐"Can i shovel yo snow".....🔥🔥🔥👅

  51. yourriderdie

    Jeremih turnt up on this one

  52. Mike The Gringo

    This mixtape was already lit... Now it's Fire🔥🔥🔥

  53. IGGY Izziggy

    This is gold

  54. Cindy Cartilla

    Fireeeee 🔥🔥🔥

  55. fam gram


  56. Bbeecckk


  57. Mach The Shaman

    Fire 🔥
    Good vibes

  58. Samantha Zelaya

    This was unexpected but makes me so happy!!!!!!!

  59. Jotham Patton

    Such a vibeee🔥🔥🔥

  60. scarletgrace.

    idk. not his best album

  61. Oti

    love this

  62. Nolan Grieve

    This is sounds so much like a Childish Gambino beat

    Joe Prett

    Nolan Grieve lol the entire album does


    i cant seem to connect each other together maybe my ear is clogged up :)

  63. A KEENAN

    Chance has done it again.

  64. donovanng1

    Chance always manages to put me in a good mood!

    Uncle Ruckus

    chance always manages to put me in a coma!

    Christian Kilpatrick

    "I speak of wondrous, unfamiliar messages from childhood. I make you remember how to smile good" -- Chance (Blessings)

  65. Aption

    This sounds like something IceJJFish would sing 😂

  66. Cameron Dietrich

    this is weird bc i️ have a teacher named Ms. Parker.

    Eman the Heartbreak

    Cameron Dietrich is she fine

    Tyler Compton

    Hit dat


    Cameron Dietrich did you shovel her snow?

    Samuel Essandoh

    I feel bad for u😂😂😂unless she bad

    Captain Snooze

    You should help her with the groceries

  67. Purpose868

    Loving the vibes from this tune #RealTalk

  68. Angel Salvador


  69. Antonnacio Clarke

  70. Antonnacio Clarke

  71. Eman the Heartbreak

    for all the guys who have a crush on that milf next door lol

  72. Cease EEB BlueSummer

    Hardest song on the project forsure. Try to play it w out dancing!! might have tried but failed!

  73. Naven Kumaar

    I have 2 final term exams tomorrow and then I saw this..... Looks like I'm gonna have to repeat some subjects next year

    Jack Parrish

    Naven Kumaar tell us what you got when you get the results 😂

  74. Tyler Harrison


  75. Dé-Vonté Hunte

    Tell me when the kids gone to bed, so I can take a ride on your sled

  76. Ben jarvis

    Knew I'd love it since the second I heard it on the insta

    BigTime Business

    Ben jarvis same


    Ben jarvis omg same

    GapTooth Queen

    Saaaame. I had to find it!

  77. Denyelle

    hey Ms.Parker ;)

    Patrick Bello

    Denyelle hey boo ;)

    Patrick Bello

    Denyelle Can I take out the trash? 😅

  78. Do your magic Kiana

    😔😔😔 like can I get this on Apple Music??? I can’t get SoundCloud or download!

    Like why tf am I paying for Apple Music if I can’t enjoy your music 😔😔😔😔😔


    Tyler Mabins True fans would know this

    Do your magic Kiana

    Bloop don’t get booped....😂😂😂

    Do your magic Kiana

    Tyler Mabins Ik I just don’t have space on my phone to download apps to listen to it. And it hurts my heart I can just have it!!!!

    pj bower

    Kiana McClain get soundcloud

    Do your magic Kiana

    pj bower CANT YOU READ ... I can’t!!!!!!. I would love to but I CANT.. C A N ‘ T!!!

  79. Autumn Laudato


    J Bo

    Autumn Laudato where is your hubby?

  80. Sam guy

    This Mixtape Re-wrapped huh ?

  81. saul torres

    Hey there neighbor 🤟🏽

  82. doni

    Hey chance please come to Brazil!!!!!

  83. poky5y


  84. Noah Bro

    Hey Ms. Parker! Can I shovel your snow?!?!!! 😀

  85. Connor

    Love this! Please do more things like this but with Donald Glover A.K Childish Gambino. That would be amazing!

  86. Tyron Brewer

    Like if Chance is the GOAT 😁

    William sumah

    Tyron Brewer No.

    BenG Sanchez

    Straight up need my new chance hats


    Chance is the goat fym?

    Kermit The frog

    Tyron Brewer so truueeeee

  87. Summer McDowell


    Mr Panda

    Summer McDowell mixtape

    Summer McDowell

    if you listen to lil bit (interlude) it says its another album

  88. Aaron Kohutek

    Hey Chance this going on Spotify/Apple Music any time soon?

    Mike Coole

    You can download it off of Dat Piff

    Charlie Rowe

    On Friday this is gonna be everywhere ((Spotify and Apple Music))

  89. King Kobra

    aye who here from chance's insta

  90. Marc88


  91. NahumTheLemon

    I need me a ms parker

    Matthew Acevedo

    NahumTheLemon it's you again...

  92. BullBreezy

    She must be bad af


    You've never seen Friday? She IS bad af lol

  93. Jon-Andre Facey


  94. deepgnome

    Yoo chance out here happy holidays

  95. DanZWERVY

    Yes chance

  96. Diamond Douglas

    Aye a christmas mixtape

  97. phrog sittin

    Chance is the best! 🤟🏼

  98. Braxton Chambers

    I Went Back And Watched Friday And Ms Parker Aint Even All That Fine

    Chance The Kitty

    Braxton Chambers I am really surprised to see that you're the only comment that got the Friday reference

  99. Christian Kyle

    Where is this on spotify

    Colton Backer

    Christian Kyle It's a mixtape probably won't make it on Spotify.

    Christian Kyle

    Bdog Vlogging teah ik, but I saw on chances istagram of the video off him and jermih showing Spotify logo, and a bunch of other music apps


    It will be on all streaming services Friday