Jeremih - Family For Lyrics

On the grind, where you at
Wanna give all I have
I'm so grateful
I can fight through the pain
'Cause I fight in your name
You're my shelter
I'm so grateful for you

[Chance the Rapper:]
For my house, for my home
For my chair, for your throne
For your love, for your mercy and grace
For a job or a dub or a odd or a slug
Or a bone or whatever you say
Hop in the whip and turn the heat up
Turn that seat hotter than a teacup
Please tell the car to turn the beat up
Evergreen Plaza, had the black santa
Look at us across the street, get my CD's up
Shout out [?]
Used to buy my snow cones, pay ya back tomorrow
Every time I go home, hear a bunch of sorrows
Grass is always muddy at the other party
Drive down to Blue Island for that flavor
Where they ain't scared to say the name of the Savior
Oh, we got some healing, got some blessings, got some favor
'Cause we got some gifts, we on the list for good behavior

Give you whatever you want
Ain't that what the family for?
All I know, all I want
Be around my family more
Be there whenever you want
You know what the family for?
All I know, all I want
Be around the family more

[Chance the Rapper:]
My cousin's not soft when skippin' frosh off
When he finally grew up, cut the block off and cut his locks off
One of 'em passing all her classes, I pass the hot sauce
Never become one of those knockoffs that rather not talk
I know I look just look my auntie, (love my auntie)
I'ma keep it funky, talk too much like donkey
On my back like monkey, (love my auntie)
On my line like laundry, she keep it a hundred
I'm the biggest brother, the biggest cousin, big on niggas' big folks
Just hit my jack like Peter Pan, that shit gon' never get old
They introduce the evidence, my homie might never get home
That's why we screamin' "Fuck the president" like Marilyn Monroe

Give you whatever you want
Ain't that what the family for?
All I know, all I want
Be around the family more
Be there whenever you want
You know what the family for
All I want, all I want
Be around the family more

On the grind, where you at
Wanna give all I have
I'm so grateful
I can fight through the pain
'Cause I fight in your name
You're my shelter
I'm so grateful for you

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    People coming back to this song after his last post on Instagram

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    i listened to this whole mixtape last year and i swear i never heard this song until chance posted it on his instagram

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    underrated song of his

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    Getting around that time again...

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    It's all most that Time of year again 🎅

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    Chance and Jeremih Christmas around the corner... Y'all gone bless us 3 years in a row or what fam?

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    Like if chance should release on spotify

  19. Demetrius Scott

    He Just Shouted out Me & My cousin name yoo 😀😀😀😀😀 i been tryna Link back up with my old friend can somebody please relay the messgas and tell him im alive and trying so hard to get intouch with him please !!!!

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    i swear half these views are me

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    This song is very relaxing

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    Third Story does a beautiful job in this - especially Ben Lusher in the first few verses!

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    The instrumentals on this tape are such a sweet sound to my ears 😇

    Ben D'Souza

    I want someone to make instrumentals of these songs so bad!

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    Good vibes all around, we need more of chance and jeremih in this world

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    A Lchemist he doesn't have a label that's why it's free but yea


    Max Caissie he signed to apple


    DrySocks he did a commercial for them and got exclusive hosting rights for 2 weeks for 500k, that's it, it's not a record deal

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